For The Love of A Vampire

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Chapter 8

Ken waited patiently as Teya showered, contemplating the events that had transpired. The vampire hunters, Allen, his past, and how they were all connected. Markees had investigated his house on a hunch that he was a vampire, but he’d still seen Ken in daylight. That didn’t make sense. They couldn’t have associated him with the vampires.

Hell, he didn’t even want to be associated with them. He mostly hated vampires, so what could’ve possessed the man to send hunters to his house? Was Markees’s small detector buzzing worth the home invasion? What the hell were they looking for? Nothing made sense. Nothing was adding up.

The shower stopped running, causing Ken to become alert. He sat up on the bed, anxious for her to walk out. He could smell her already. The vanilla soap she used invaded his nose. He was holding his breath without even realizing it. She opened the door to reveal her sexy lingerie: a see-through nightgown, laced red and black with matching undies. His cock was at full alert, pulsating with need.

“Ken, I’m so sorry,” she said shyly, looking away from him. He patted the bed beside him.

“You’re already forgiven, baby. But you must understand that you are the only person who can make me worry. You scare the shit out of me, Teya, and I don’t like that. It’s a new feeling for me. I never want to get used to it.” He tried to keep his voice straight. He wanted to demand she stay away from Markees, but he knew that would never fly with Teya. She was her own person, and controlling her would only push her away. He grabbed her hand as she inched over to him and placed it on his chest. His heart was beating regularly as blood pooled down.

“So does that mean you feel better tonight?” she asked, curiously. Ken smiled.

“No, this means my heart beats for you, Teya. You have my heart. I am lost without you, do you understand me? Lost. I can’t go back to the ice-cold world out there. I can’t. You are my soul. I don’t have one without you,” he said. Teya blinked back tears as she saw the sadness in his eyes, a world of loneliness and pain. He would not live that life anymore. Guilt showered her as her mind began to take a turn for the worst. If she died, what would Ken do? She grabbed his head and held it close to her heart.

“You’re not alone. Not anymore,” she said. Ken closed his eyes, devouring the moment. His heart felt full with her, and only her. He pushed her away gently in order to kiss her, pouring out everything he had. He left her breathless.

“You wanted to know my past before, and I didn’t get the chance to tell you everything. I need you to fully know me, Teya. I need your true reaction to my past. My soul is gone,” Ken said. Teya wanted to object, but he stopped her. “I have to tell you this. Please.” She took a deep breath and nodded, making herself comfortable under the covers. She knew he was traumatized by the look in his eyes. His face was emotionless—only around her did he laugh or smile. She gestured for Ken to lie down next to her. He did, laying his head against her chest. He found himself drifting to that five-year-old boy who desperately needed this.

“I told you about how I got the money from my underground fights. One day, I had just come back from a tournament—I’d won a hundred thousand dollars by beating thirty grown badasses at their own game—and when I got to the hell-house, everything turned for the worst. I wish now that I’d never gone there.”

Eight Years Earlier

Ken cautiously walked onto the porch as the woman followed him.

“Hey, kid!” she called to him. “I saw your performance today. I’m impressed.” She stepped closer, and Ken went stiff.

“You can’t be here. Please leave,” he said. The woman held her hand out.

“You’re Ken, right?” she asked. “I’m Carol.” Ken squinted his eyes and slapped her hand away.

“Leave!” he bellowed, pushing the woman down. The woman’s eyes went wide. She stood up, brushing herself off.

“Look, you little shit. I want in on that money. You need financial support. You don’t look any older than fifteen. How did you beat my brother?” Carol replied angrily. “We needed that money!”

“I’ll give you all the money you want if you just leave now,” Ken begged. The door behind him swung wide. The sun hadn’t set just yet, but it was dark enough for Allen.

“Ken, don’t be rude. Invite your guest in,” Allen said. Ken’s stomach rolled. He turned and looked viciously at Allen.

“Miss Carol was just leaving,” Ken insisted, glancing back at the woman. She stepped closer.

“Is this your son?” she asked, squinting through the darkness to see Allen’s face. Ken was screaming on the inside, but remained emotionless on the outside. He regretfully walked into the house with Carol following behind. There were no lights on, but Ken and Allen could see very well. He looked dead into Allen’s eyes, begging him silently, and received a smile in return. Ken swallowed the nauseous feeling in his stomach. Carol placed her hands on her hips, waiting for an answer.

“No. I’m his guardian. His father died several years ago. I’ll take full responsibility for whatever he has done,” he replied.

“He owes me some money,” she said. Allen smiled.

“Come into the living room,” Allen said as he lit the candles. “How much?”

“A hundred thousand dollars,” she replied. Ken tried to walk by the room without notice, but Allen yanked him inside.

“I told her I would give her all the money,” Ken said, defending himself as Allen squeezed his neck. He winced.

“Oh, you’ll pay more than that,” Allen said, smiling evilly again. He closed the living room door and locked it. Carol was afraid now, and she backed away slowly.

“I can come back another time,” she said, frightened. In one swift movement, Allen was upon her, slamming her hard into the ground. Ken quickly made a run for the door, but Allen grabbed him again and flung him across the room like a dishrag. Ken hit the wall and slid perfectly on the couch. His eyes and hands twitched from the impact. He heard Carol scream as Allen approached her again. Allen proceeded to grab her throat, choking her until her screams became gasps.

“You’ll shut the fuck up and enjoy what’s about to happen. We’re going to have some fun before you die,” he said, as he started unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. He dropped Carol on the floor violently and began stripping her clothes off. She screamed as he ripped the material of her dress to shreds. The fear in her eyes enticed Allen even more, and made Ken even sicker. Why couldn’t she have just stayed away? Now she was just another victim Ken felt responsible for. He cringed at the thought of everything Allen would do to her.

His eyes went wide with fear as he heard the first collision of the belt buckle against Carol’s naked body. Her scream rang throughout the house. All he could do was look away and try to block out the sounds with happy thoughts. The next belt buckle connected again, piercing Carol’s exposed legs this time.

“Stop! Please,” she cried. “I’m sorry. I don’t want the money anymore!” Allen just laughed.

“We have no use for the money,” he said, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her up against the wall. “I told you we were just going to have some fun with you.” Spreading her legs apart, he grabbed his penis and inserted forcefully into her channel. She screamed again as Allen pounded into her with no remorse. Blood trickled down her legs and arms from the blows of the belt buckle.

Ken covered his ears, trying to shield himself from the sounds. He couldn’t concentrate on his happy place. Where was this man’s heart and soul? He was so evil that made Ken sick. Allen was truly the devil himself.

Suddenly, the screams stopped, and the room became eerily quiet as the pounding stopped.

“Let’s bust your cherry, you little shit,” Ken’s eyes went wide with fear as Allen walked over to the couch, dropping the weak Carol on the floor in front of him. He grabbed Ken by his hair and dragged him over to Carol, throwing him down next to her.

“Pull down your pants,” demanded Allen. He shook his head. Allen swung the belt and hit struck him in the chest. Blood spat from his mouth. Reluctantly, he pulled down his pants, simply obeying. There was no defying Allen, who stood over him smirking.

“Now suck his dick, bitch,” Allen ordered. Ken looked down at Carol, beaten and tired, her eyes pleading. His eyes apologized as they exchanged looks. He closed his eyes and bit down on his bottom lip as he felt her hot breath on his penis. He cringed as her mouth soon followed. Allen whipped her with his belt as she sucked on Ken’s innocence. A few minutes seemed like a lifetime as she tried to concentrate her mouth on the task at hand while her bottom was being painfully whipped. Ken just counted in his mind, wanting the humiliation and depravity to stop. Eventually, Allen pulled her away, getting new ideas.

“It’s your turn now,” he said, sitting her down on Ken’s shameful erection. Ken hissed and cringed at the feeling of Allen’s seconds. He wanted to puke. He looked at Carol; her face was swollen and her body was bruised. Ken wept on the inside as his hands traveled up her arms, slowly making their way to her neck. Before Allen could stop him, he apologized to her.

“Forgive me,” he begged, touching her face as she rode him. Closing his eyes, he twisted her neck until it snapped. Her body fell backwards onto Allen’s feet. Of course, he wasn’t pleased.


“He beat me with that metal buckle until I was nearly dead. A part of me wishes he had,” Ken said, looking distant as he laid in Teya’s arms, listening to her heartbeat. “I sat in that house and locked myself in my room for months. Maybe even a year. Rosa came in to check on me from time to time, but I locked that fifteen-year-old away in a dungeon. I never revisited him until now.”

Tears for the poor teen rained down Teya’s face, falling onto Ken. He sat up to comfort her. He caressed her cheeks and wiped her tears away.

“Please don’t cry for me. That was eight years ago. Allen has a hard time forcing me now, and nothing he does phases me anymore.” Teya still continued to cry. She fell into his embrace, startling Ken a bit, crying on his shoulder. He tried to soothe her, slowly rubbing her back.

“Teya, can you accept me knowing what I’ve done? Knowing that I was forced to rape and kill that woman?” he asked, tightening his fist over his heart. “I’m a monster, Teya. Can you love a monster?” Teya shook her head.

“You tried to help her, Ken. Allen forced the both of you. You were a victim just as much as she was,” she told him. Ken closed his eyes and sighed.

“I’ll never hurt you Teya, but if it comes to that...” he started to say, but was unable to finish.

“Don’t talk that way,” she objected, grabbing his face.

“Call Markees if I ever lose my mind. I’ll have enough sense to turn myself into the vampire hunters,” he said. “I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you.” Teya sniffled.

“I love you,” she said, wiping her eyes. “You are not alone.” There was a painful tug at his heart. Love was as strong and as powerful as he’d dreamt it to be. He saw himself as a monster, but she loved him anyway, as if he were some kind of hero. In that moment, everything was perfect.

“I’m in love with you, Teya Daniels,” he said, grabbing the nape of her neck and pulling her close to him. He devoured her sweet and salty lips, feeling overwhelmed with her love. He gently laid her down on the bed and kissed the tears away, all the way to her neck. Teya shivered.

“I want to make love to you tonight,” he whispered seductively into her ear. “Can I?”

Teya’s womb clenched as her body melted from his words. She nodded, a smile crossing her face as she did so. He looked down at the thin gown, gently stroking her breast, caressing the nipple into a hard peak with his thumb. Leaning down, he placed his mouth on the other breast, licking her nipple like a cat until she was whimpering.

The lace was easily torn from her body in order to give him better access to her luscious B cup breasts. He took his time providing slow and torturous pleasure, causing Teya to wither. Her hips writhed under Ken as the deep fire began to build inside her. Ken worked his way down to her stomach, loving the ways her body responded. His gaze caught Teya’s and he saw the desire in her eyes. His cock jerked, but he easily controlled it, wanting this night to last forever.

“I love this underwear,” he commented as he stared at her liquid heat. Teya shivered as he placed kisses upon the underwear, trailing his way down to where they were most damp. Before he undressed her completely, he rubbed his thumb across the spot in the underwear where her clit resided. She moaned softly and wiggled with the sensation.

Ken expertly yanked her underwear down with his teeth, almost losing control as the scent of her sex hit him hard. He dipped his head to taste her. Teya held her breath, trying to protest, but no words came out as he licked her clit for a taste. She moaned louder than she wanted, and she arched her body to give him more access. He moaned as he savored her, a taste that resembled spicy honey.

“Tell me, Teya. Tell me what you want me to do,” he said, giving her another lick and enjoying her reactions and moans. It was hard for her to gather her thoughts to speak.

“Don’t stop,” she finally managed to blurt out, gripping the covers as she said it. He obeyed, spreading her lips apart to gain better access. He inserted his tongue into her vagina, lapping all of her sex into his mouth.

“Oh, Ken,” Teya moaned, throwing her head back on the pillow. His tongue was doing amazing things to her body—things she had only dreamt about for the past three months. Her hips began to buck uncontrollably as that fire started again, ready to combust, starting at her toes and climbing up her legs. Only moans could escape her lips as the pressure reached her core. Ken’s licks were intense, and every touch felt a thousand times stronger as her flesh became more sensitive. He flicked her clit with his thumb and used his other hand to massage her breast.

Then it happened again, more intense than the last time he’d pleasured her. There was a pounding in her head, and something magical started to happen. She moaned loudly—almost a scream—as the orgasm took over her. Her muscles convulsed as Ken continued to feast on her, until eventually her orgasm subsided. She tried to catch her breath, but she was drowning in a sea of pleasure. If that was just his tongue, imagine what his… Teya’s thoughts were cut off as Ken stood up to remove his pants. His erection was full and intimidating. She watched as he got under the covers and crawled up to her. She felt her legs quiver as she saw the pure desire in his eyes.

“Wrap your legs around my waist,” he said, in a voice that wasn’t his own. He was so hard he could barely think straight. She did as he instructed. His cock jerked as the tip felt her hot entrance opening up for him, ready.

“Tell me if I hurt you,” he instructed, and he kissed her softly, distracting her from the pain as he eased the head inside of her. Teya moaned in his mouth, causing his cock to jerk again. His hips began a slow rhythm, allowing her time to adjust, and he slowly inched his way inside her more and more.

“You are so beautiful, Teya,” he said, moaning as he pushed against her, his lips kissing down her neck. He began to pick up the pace, and her moans grew louder. She was slick and welcoming. Nothing in the world had ever felt like home to him, except her. He would be forever addicted to her. There would be no Ken without Teya, and vice versa. Teya was meant for him. He may not have been sure about anything else, but he knew he would forever love her. Pulling her close, he held her in his arms gently, and she wrapped her arms around him. They were connected in every way possible.

He watched her reaction as he thrust into her a little too rough. She gasped at the abruptness, but held on tighter for the next thrust. He smirked, and continued to thrust into her. The headboard began to rock against the wall from their love-making. She started moaning louder, clawing his back, and pushing her hips forward to meet his. There was a roaring in her head again as she jolted, letting out a pleasurable scream that shook Ken.

Her muscles clamped tightly, choking his penis into submission. He threw his head back as they both came hard. Ken tightened his fist on the pillow next to Teya’s head. His hair clinging to his face with sweat. His head dipped low from weariness. Teya pushed his hair back so she could see his face.

“Ken…” she said, a grin across her face. He lifted his body slowly, catching her smile. His heart gripped tight again, and his cock jerked inside of her still. “I love you.”

Ken couldn’t reply back. He had to show her through a series of soft kisses on her mouth and down her throat, all while he rocked his hips to build himself back up.

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