For The Love of A Vampire

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Chapter 9

Teya moaned as Ken’s hands massaged her back inside the tub. She sat between his legs while he rested his back against the tub. He had insisted she take a bath instead of a shower, as he knew that she was sore from his persistent love-making.

He wanted to learn as much as he could about her body during their first time. He noticed how she liked a slow, hard pace instead of just a fast one. She was more sensitive on her right breast than her left. He learned where her G spot was, which caused her to come all over the bed at least five more times.

He pulled her against him so she could rest against his chest. He was hard again. She blushed.

“Again, Ken? We’ve done it like five times already,” she said, although her body was already on fire. She melted against him.

“I know you’re tired, baby. I’m just addicted to you. I don’t think I will ever get enough of you,” he replied, nibbling on her earlobe. Teya closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his mouth on her.

“You are so perfect,” he whispered seductively. She smiled.

“Only for you,” she replied, turning to face him. She placed a series of kisses on his chin and mouth, before suggesting, “Let’s go to bed.” Ken agreed, and he helped her climb out of the tub. He first dried her off before taking care of himself. He watched her grab some underwear and his T-shirt to go to bed in. Her movements intrigued him. The way she walked. The way his T-shirt fit so loosely on her small frame. Her scent mixed with his. They all fit. Somehow, Ken fit with another living being. And not just any living being—Teya Daniels. How did he get so lucky?

He walked barefoot toward the nightstand, still naked, unembarrassed, and grabbed a box he had placed there. Teya’s heart began to pound as he opened the box and sat next to her on the bed. Inside was a beautiful medallion with symbols around the circle. In the middle, a beautiful stone that looked a great deal like a diamond, sparkled in front of Teya’s face.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, awestruck as Ken held it up.

“It was my mother’s. She gave it to me as a baby to protect me from harm. Or so Rosa told me. Now, it will protect you,” he said, starting to hand it over to her, but Teya declined.

“No, Ken, I can’t accept this. It’s all you have left of your mother,” she said. Ken smiled at her modesty.

“I want to give you the world, Teya. You are worth so much more to me than diamonds. I think my mother would have wanted you to have this,” he said, placing it securely around her neck. “It will protect you from everything. If necessary, I hope, even from me.” Teya sighed, knowing there was no point in arguing.

“Why didn’t you wear this to protect yourself from Allen? Maybe he wouldn’t have been able to hurt you so bad,” she wondered. Ken frowned.

“It was taken from me as a baby. I didn’t know about it until much later, and even then, there was no need for it anymore,” he explained.

“Was Rosa the one who kept it from you?” she asked. Ken nodded.

“She’s the one who told me about my mother. Maybe she was just following orders, but I didn’t know anything about it until a couple of years ago. Then I decided to keep it for someone special,” he said, pulling her down on the bed beside him.

“Rosa knows a lot about your past. She didn’t seem so bad,” Teya said, cuddling up to him.

“Rosa isn’t anything like Allen, but that doesn’t mean she’s innocent. She is the only one Allen will reason with.”

“Why is that?” she asked. Ken hummed thoughtfully.

“In all my years with them, I never thought to ask why, but my theory is that once, a long time ago, when Allen was human, he and Rosa had a thing. Maybe they even a loved each other at some point,” Ken said, pretending to throw up as Teya grimaced.

“Allen? Love? That doesn’t sound right,” she said. Ken laughed softly.

“My thoughts exactly. So I dismissed that theory for a while. But then I see the way Rosa looks at Allen. Hurt and pain reveals in her eyes. So I go back to that theory. Maybe Allen did love Rosa. Otherwise, he wouldn’t listen to shit she says. I bet Allen hates that. He is a man devoted to power and control. He probably did something to hurt her just to push her away,” Ken replied.

“Why continue to stay with him then?” Teya asked, beginning to feel sorry for Rosa. Ken shrugged.

“Allen has something over her head, like he does everyone except Salina. I remember them arguing one day about how Allen was treating me. Rosa seemed like she was in tears and she said, ‘Just like you did him.’” Teya thought for a moment.

“They had a child together?” she asked. Ken shrugged again.

“If so, Allen killed him. That would explain why she takes care of me. She was afraid of getting to close to me because she desperately wanted a child—the child Allen wouldn’t allow her to have. She isn’t a bad person. I only despise her because we’re the same. Stuck with a madman, but she had a way out. She could’ve left,” he said. Teya shook her head.

“Maybe she wanted to stay and protect you? She didn’t want to lose another child,” she suggested. Ken nodded slightly.


“I think you should become closer to her. You guys might actually find some common ground, and you might be able to find a way to get rid of Allen,” she said. Ken laughed, pulling her close.

“Still fixated on getting rid of him, huh? Don’t worry, I am too. I’ve even thought about stabbing him senseless in his sleep,” he said.

“Is he aware while he sleeps?”

“Allen is very wise. He taught himself to wake if anything alerted him, no matter what time of day. I couldn’t make an attempt. I’m not strong enough,” Ken said, kissing her neck. “Besides, I want Allen to suffer. I want to break every bone in his body, remove every vein, and rip his heart out. Killing him any other way would not be justified,” he declared. Teya sighed, wanting to change the subject.

“Your mother must’ve been a sweet woman. Your father must’ve really loved her,” she said. Ken’s face went blank.

“My father is a prick, Teya,” he said. Teya shook her head.

“He couldn’t be to love a human. I’m sure it wasn’t his intention to just kill her after she just had a baby. If he was anything like Allen, he would’ve killed her right after sex, but he didn’t. It takes nine months to make a baby Ken. Maybe Allen felt the same way about your father being with your mother as he feels about you being with me,” she hypothesized. Ken remained quiet. His father was as much an enemy as Allen. He’d allowed his mother to be killed, and then handed him over to that son of a bitch. His father was not a man he saw in the light, or would give him any benefit of the doubt even if there was some truth in Teya’s words.

“How did he die?” she asked, her voice bringing Ken back to reality.

“The vampire hunters probably caught him. Maybe it was even Ross,” he said. Teya sighed, hating the way Ken dismissed his father. She couldn’t believe him to be the bad guy when he had a human lover.

“I’m sure he isn’t that bad,” she murmured, growing quiet and allowing her exhaustion to take over.

“I love you,” were the last words she heard before she went to sleep.

Ken laid there beside her all night, thinking about the vampire hunters, his father, Rosa, and Allen. Could Teya actually be right? It was something he would have to investigate.

He woke Teya with a series of soft kisses. She finally stirred.

“Time for work, baby,” he whispered into her ear. She snuggled closer to him.

“Already? But I’m so comfortable,” she said. Ken smiled.

“If I had my way, you wouldn’t be going anywhere,” he replied seductively, pulling up her shirt. Teya laughed.

“Have you always been such a horn-dog?” she asked. Ken laughed again.

“Only for you,” he said. Teya pulled away from him, still laughing.

“Get some clothes on and take me to work,” she teased before heading into the bathroom. She left the door open, making Ken incredibly happy.

“Teya,” he said, his voice raspy and husky. He walked towards her, allowing his erection to guide him. Teya placed her brush down, and turned towards him, which proved to be a big mistake. One second Ken had been in the bedroom, laying on the bed, the next he was in the small bathroom, driving Teya out of her mind. His mouth and hands explored every inch of her body, and his fingers probed inside her.

He lifted her onto the counter and relieved himself of his pants. He thrust inside her with desperate necessity. He had never wanted someone so badly, or needed anything so much. Teya screamed with pleasure as she held onto his shoulders for support. Her muscles spasmed, and her womb clenched. She finally released, sending her soaring into the heavens. Ken groaned as she gripped his cock with her orgasm. Without warning, Teya bit down on his shoulder, desperate to keep from moaning out loud. The sensation sent Ken to new heights, and he thrust one last time before erupting inside of her.

He slowed his pace before finally pulling out.

“You horn-dog,” she teased again, trying to catch her breath. Ken laughed as he helped her off the counter.

“Only for you,” he reaffirmed, grabbing her bare bottom, giving it a squeeze, and causing Teya to jump. He kissed her one last time before he allowed her to shower and prepare for work.

Ken continued his investigation of the police station. Leslie’s murder wasn’t the top story anymore. The police had moved on to the cruise ship that had been attacked. He growled low as he sensed one of the hunters who had raided his house pass by, talking to a regular officer of the law.

“We need another warrant for the estate on Narrow Drive,” the hunter said. Ken’s eyes narrowed. That was only a street over from Allen’s hell-house.

“Lady Gunther’s house? Look, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, or what the hell your organization authorizes, but we can’t just give you another warrant. The last house had nothing but false leads. That owner could sue us,” another voice said. Ken viewed this as the perfect opportunity to reveal himself.

“And I believe I may do just that,” he said, with his voice was low and menacing, causing both men to turn suddenly. “My apartment was raided, and I’ve come to file a report.” Both men looked absolutely busted.

“Where’s the chief of police?” he asked. The officer panicked.

“No need for that, sir,” the officer begged. Meanwhile, the hunter turned to size up Ken.

“You couldn’t have been the owner of the house we raided. Our boss gives us accurate information, and you don’t fit the profile.”

It was so bright outside that even the snow glowed. It was clear that the hunters weren’t explaining their true intentions to the police, meaning that the police department had no idea what was going on. Ken pulled the sheet of paper that he’d found in his apartment out of his back pocket. It read property off VHA. The vampire hunter sucked in his breath before sprinting out of the police station. Ken sighed.

“Why do they always run?” he asked himself, before immediately pursuing the man. He easily followed him to a van parked in front of the station. Ken snarled at the all-too-familiar scent that filled the air. Markees stepped out of the van as his companion pounded on the window, only to see Ken waiting for him.

“Ken?” he asked. Ken squared his shoulders. “What’s the problem here?”

Ken’s predator instinct showed. He didn’t trust this man. Markees was after his heart—his woman. He would not allow the weasel to take his soul away.

“You know damn well what’s going on,” Ken replied. “My house was raided, and I want answers.” Markees glanced back at the other man, who kept his hand on his gun, ready for any attack. Ken continued to stare at Markees.

“It’s true, Markees,” the other hunter said, and showed him the paper. Markees cursed aloud.

“Look, I didn’t know about this,” he explained. Ken squinted his eyes.

“Bullshit. You are the only person who ever comes around. Why would I ever come up at your little vampire office?” Ken said, using the word vampire like it disgusted him. Markees cursed again.

“I’ll talk to my boss,” Markees promised, but he was still puzzled. He had never told Ross Ken’s name, so why would someone raid his home? Ken saw the confused look on his face, but he continued anyway.

“Someone’s going to pay for the damages to my home,” Ken snarled. “It had to be you, you son of a bitch. Don’t lie to me.” He walked closer to Markees, fists ready. He punched him square in the jaw, barely utilizing his strength.

“Stay away from Teya,” he threatened. Markees rose to his feet. He was pretty strong for a human, Ken had to admit. The other hunter aimed and cocked his gun.

“Hold your fire!” Markees shouted. He could see that a few police officers had started to rush to the scene. He stood face-to-face with Ken, refusing to flinch.

“So you’re a big man, huh? You just go around hitting people whenever they say something that you don’t like?” he said, pushing Ken. Ken didn’t even sway. “Did you hit her like you hit me?” Ken laughed, somewhat unexpectedly.

That’s what you believe? You think I hit Teya?” he asked. Markees raised his eyebrows.

“Well, didn’t you? Because I’m not buying that “someone broke in” bullshit she told me,” he said. Ken smirked.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you? The helpless girl running into your arms, and you saving the day? You’re more stupid than I thought you were,” he laughed. Markees let out a sigh of frustration. Ken could tell that he was fighting with his self-control.

“If I find out you hurt Teya in any way, I’ll kill you. Your home being raided will be the least of your problems,” Markees said threateningly, before turning his back on Ken.

“Likewise,” Ken responded, before walking back into the police station.

Teya was all smiles and sunshine as she worked the front desk at the hospital. Her co-workers couldn’t help but tease her.

“Teya, what did you do yesterday that’s got you smiling from ear to ear?” they asked. Teya blushed, remembering the events of the previous night. “Could it be because of that hunk of a man you’ve got?” Teya smiled.

“Maybe,” she replied coyly, eliciting giggles from the other women.

“I’m having a party tomorrow night at Club 89 for my birthday. You and your hunk should come!” one of her co-workers suggested. Teya thought it over. She was hesitant, because going out at night was so risky. She twirled the medallion around her neck, weighing the consequences.

“I’ll have to make sure my hunk doesn’t have any other plans and let you know,” she responded, giving the most truthful answer possible. She thought about it up until lunchtime, but her focus was gone the minute she walked into the lobby. Her smile faded as she witnessed several women gather around Ken, performing their best flirtations. Her insecurities began to spark jealousy as thoughts of Ken doing to other women what he had done with her last night crossed her mind.

She started to frown until Ken’s eyes drifted towards her with desire and love, and he instantly dismissed the women. Her body reacted instantly to his gaze. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close. He gave her the most passionate kiss she had ever experienced, without a thought of the world around them.

“Missed you,” he said, smiling at her. “Lunch?”

Teya smiled and took his hand, leading him toward the exit. The women frowned as the couple walked out of the hospital. As always, Ken chose a new restaurant to drive them to.

“How has your day been so far?” she asked curiously. Ken shrugged.

“It’s been eventful, for sure. What about yours?” he asked. Teya sucked in a breath, causing Ken to worry. “What?”

“My co-worker invited us to a party tomorrow night, but I’m having reservations. The last time I was invited to a party, my best friend was killed. I can’t do that again,” she replied. Ken sighed. He knew her fears and her pain.

“You know you didn’t cause Leslie’s death,” he said, grabbing her hand for comfort. “I blamed myself for not being strong enough to stop Allen, but I won’t let him hurt anyone else now. I don’t want you to be afraid to go out and live your life, no matter how much I want to put you in a bubble,” he said, half-joking, to ease the tension.

“I don’t want to hurt you either, Ken. But it’s not me I’m concerned about,” Teya protested. Ken smiled.

“I’m honored that you feel worried about me, but I’ll be alright as long as you’re alright. You are wonderful about caring for others, Teya. It’s one of the reasons I love you. You deserve to have fun, just as long as I can have it with you,” Ken told her. Teya laughed at the last part.

“Who else would I take?” she asked as Ken pulled up to the restaurant. “Your friend Markees. I had a run in with him today,” he told her, and her eyes widened.

“Why? Ken, what did you do?” she asked. He smiled, showing his teeth in an attempt to look innocent.

“All I did was gently punch him. He’s fine,” he joked, stepping out the car to open her door.

“How did you two run into each other? You guys don’t seem like the type to cross paths at the mall or at Starbucks,” she joked, making Ken laugh. “I’ll explain it when we get inside,” he said.

They sat down in a booth for two as the waiter walked over to them. Ken instantly noticed the waiter’s obvious attraction to Teya.

“Can I get the hamburger with bacon?” she asked sweetly. The waiter smiled.

“You sure can. One hamburger for the pretty lady. And for you sir?” he asked. They both looked over at Ken, who was trying to look as intimidating as possible.

“I’ll have the house salad. That’ll be all, thank you,” Ken replied, shooing the waiter away rudely. Teya kicked him gently under the table.

“Don’t be mean,” she scolded. Ken frowned.

“He was flirting with you, Teya,” he replied defensively. Teya laughed as his frown grew. “What’s so funny?”

“I’m sorry. I’ve just never seen you so jealous before. It’s cute,” she said, leaning on the table close to him. “Do you know what I have to go through at work with the women who flirt with you?” Ken thought for a moment.

“You call that flirting? I didn’t even notice they were talking!” he said. Teya laughed again.

“Sure. Now tell me what happened with you and Markees,” she said.

“Ah, yes. I went down to the police station to search for leads on Leslie or the boat, and as luck would have it, a vampire hunter was there asking for a warrant right down the street from Allen’s house. I used the opportunity to file a complaint about the raid on my apartment, and the hunter took off, running right to Markees. He claimed he didn’t know anything about it, so I punched him for lying,” he explained. Teya grabbed Ken’s hand and looked into his eyes.

“Maybe he didn’t,” she said. “Maybe Ross did it without him. I’ve talked with the man. He seems as though he doesn’t wait for anything, especially something big like this. His hate for vampires...” she shuddered at the thought of his cold hands shaking her.

“That may be. But either way, he initiated it Teya. He used you to get my name, which makes him just as guilty as Ross,” Ken said. Teya sighed and held her head down.

“That was my fault. I wasn’t thinking,” she said. Ken moved instantly to sit next to her in the booth.

“I’m not blaming you,” he told her, wrapping his arms around her and snuggling her close. “I think Markees really has a thing for you. He stepped into my face after I punched him and asked me if I’ve ever hit you,” he said. Teya sighed.

“I’ve told him you would never do that,” she said as he leaned down to kiss her forehead.

“Something isn’t adding up,” he said.

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