Princely Sum

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I am the king of them all the greatest of them all the fools dare not stride when I am near and when they come near me I am the king of wishful thinking. I might be in the wrong book but is this about Look when life throws things at you dare you throw them back? I mean it can throw a whole lot of things into your basin and then you end up with a full sink. I meant nothing to anyone and now look what I am is a fulfilled nothing with nobody asking after my health, except the good psychiatrist who is always asking after my health and it is nothing he does not ask me how much wealth just my health I think he is crazy but so does he. I think this book is about things like sexual takings and all that so we must start straight it is about that, Now we are all in the clear let us gallop to the chase.

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Chapter 1

The chase was such, the king was chasing her and she would become his whore. It was 1765 or was it later she could not say. She was only an ignorant peasant girl. The king has ten bastards and you are going to give him the 11th. Is it any wonder that the kingdom was going to the dogs?

“Look out honey I do love a chase.”

“You sure?”

“Yes my pretty?”

“I am not a maid!”

“We’ll soon see what you are.”

“I am the daughter of humble parent’s sir!”

“Humble are we?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then please me!”

“I only please myself sir.”

“You become one of those cursed bluestockings you wench?”

“Oh I don’t sir. I am moonshine sire.”

“What is moonshine to you slut?”

“It is blues sir. I have a disease?”

“You don’t have the smock?”

“Aye sir!”

“You lying wench I do love a chaste wench. Come to the stable and I will give you one.”

“I’ve had a going over with the stable boy sir.”

“I don’t mind who you had with as long as the stable boy is dead.”

“Aye sir he be dead and gone sir. “

“What and you in the hay with the king that is good news isn’t it you girl?

“No sir.”

“I don’t like that word mistress.”

“No sir.”

“Look come here and let us makes love.”

“Why sir when it is not one but many with the VD and the non virginity!”

“I don’t like the look of that.”

“Thoughtless sir I am condemned if you do and condemned if I don’t. Thought should warn you sir.”

“That is a good wench. I’ll do it anyway.”

“I am no more sirs.”

“She was telling the truth the damn wench she was telling the truth. Not even a skin between those lovely thighs. I’ll roll some more and then we can all have a go between those lovely thighs.”

“Aye sir I am dead now?”

“That is correct you wench. Lovely as you are you’ll be dead and gone from this earth by night fall.”

“My captain has deserted the ship and sir.”

“Your acceptance is intolerable.”

“Why Sire?”

“Mightn’t you have waited? For me the king? How come this is is the cloth of me? I did nothing to earn it sir.

“Nay sir got impatient.”

“Look why don’t you call me your grace?”

“Yes your grace.”

“Oh the devil may take care to calm these urges.”

“Why sir?”

“Your grace if you please.”

“Why sir?”

“Just does it damn you? Say those words with the comely countenance of a maid.”

“Not a maid your grace.”

“Sharing you with a stable boy you fool I could have made you into a king’s mistress.”

“What a pity sir that you can’t.”

“You take the fun of the fair too far my dear urchin.”

“Love you your grace.”

“That is what I love about these encounters they are so natural close to natural thoughts and feelings it is what we are all about.”

“You should take a walk sire it will ease the tensions of too much indigestion.”

“Look I will not be trifled with. Guards kill her.”

“Lord is my shepherd I will not wander thy kingdom will be mine.”

“She has cursed this king made him go too far. This is what happens to commoners who don’t wait who are whores.”

“Spare this sinner sir.”

“Beg my pardon first.”

“That I do sire.”

“Kill her anyway.”

“Ransacked and abused I will not die in vain.”

“Death to all sluts.”

“Ruination to your line your grace. May you and yours know nothing but fear? The madness that is beguiling may it be yours your grace.”

“I will not be spoken in such a tone.”

“Nothing more to lose your grace.”

“Where did you get all that book learning you fool?”

“I have not always been a maid your grace.” She spats the words out.

“Let me see you and your naked splendour my God I am old but these breasts are sure to arouse any man but I am king and shouldn’t trifle with such monsters.”

“Demons will beget you my lord?”

“No dear child they are after you.”

“No it is obvious who else will die.”

“You a witch? Is this some witchery with the broomstick and such? I will have you crucified.”

“Cuckold and hounded I be your grace.”

“Only men are cuckold you are not a man.”

“I have the heart of a man I am more than a man I am a woman your grace.”

“So you are my dear fool so you are. Go and enjoy the sun like the rest of those wise ladies. Go and enjoy the time left to you in peace. You have unseated me a connoisseur of women I have never met the like of you. I kiss the hand of the stable boy who was the first.”

“I curtsy my King to you.”

That is a wench who was ill born. Why a magnificent half an hour. It passes time it makes life roll more merrily.

“Kill her fools.”

All this a gossips child. I chide the hour that begot my own flesh and her flesh together. No possibility of a child is there? I must do it again and again to have a child I am too old too tired. The state must be managed somehow. These are the pastimes of fools my foolishness I have no reason to kill yet that is the fun of it to pass the time.

“Wench is gone.” He pauses and then he shouts at her with all his spite.

“If you can run then the archers won’t get you.”

“I am standing still your grace.”

“Fight damn you.”

“I am not fighting your grace.”

“Then so be it archers arrest her put her in the tower with the rag bags of yesterday with the rats of tomorrow with the people that are dispensed with lives lost that have lost their virtue.”

“Live I want to live your grace.”

“Nay you won’t you fool.”

“I won your grace this is my victory is it your grace?”

“Yes to live a moment each day that is your victory to conquer the earth that is mine.”

“I want to die your grace in the honourable defeat of my life in the hands of the king let this not drag on let it come to a full stop now.”

“There is no full stop.”

“There must be a reason for all this your grace?”

“Nay there is no enmity it is no personal dislike that I hold against you it is a fact of life that is all a king must have all that is in the kingdom. It is the king’s due it is what is due to a king.”

“I will die in the fields your grace and there will be my grace just there in the hollows and the fields and when I expire your grace I will haunt the castle and the tower and all that are your footsteps will be unmarked and I mark the curse on you and yours that forever you’ll be dissatisfied. I will haunt you your highness.”

Starts to laugh as she takes from her ringed finger the poison and swallows it.

“She talked too much.” Said he the king.

“Aye.” Mumbled his man servant and they left her there for the dogs to lick. For the vultures to pick for all to see an unchaste maid.

Stable lad came from his hiding place when all the king’s men left the king was frolicking with somebody else he had already forgotten. The stable lad buries her and he is wandering to this day unhappy where did his love go and why had she not held her tongue?

Life is made up of series of running’s, run towards love and love towards the unknown run away towards the obvious and run from the obvious. I have ovaries I ovulate and I run towards the menopause only to fall in love. Why did I do all that I have done? My dears it is obvious it is so obvious but I understand you lot are not as genius as I! You lot don’t see you lot are merely intelligent with the IQ covered up in work. I am surrounded by me with the intelligence and the good fortune to see beneath the veneer I have the obvious good charms yes? I have the obvious little greyness between the teeth. I am also so charming and good mannered and I do all that without any effort? Look why are people after me? To kill me, yes, but why are they after this charming little me that I am? I know too much I know too many secrets. I am also careless as to how it might appear to other people.

I have the little unlucky luck to see to things that make others feel ok but are inappropriate, even disgusting, I witnessed a murder. I am to be murdered. What is this thing that I see? See to it that I see no more that I AM satiated. My curiosity satisfied but the more I shut my eyes the more I see. I witnessed a murder and the murderer was there oblivious to the fact; gradually dawn on each of us that we had been one a witness and the other a murderer.

It is strange you see to see a murder done. In the front room with the doors shut and you within there so good to each other that it is sickly. You don’t expect to see it in front of you like it is. To see in one’s living room the princely deed. Even Hamlet did it at a party. You don’t expect someone gloating to be there beside you looking satisfied with him because he has done something. It is such an ordeal to be over this to be seen no more to see nothing but disgust written on his face, as I said things to him. Do you love me? Yes, you fool. But he did not.

Where is Rome I wondered and if I wandered into some kind of hell. He treated me as if an idiot I treated him as if he was a man. He did not like behaving like a man. Manhood is associated with desire and the passions which he had a lot of, but I wanted temperance and humour. This only made me cry. I felt unsafe with him as if I wandered into some sort of shit. There were so many incidents of peopled lives with the people uncoupling and re-coupling as if they were so good.

I thought it is over between us he seems to have cared for the guard’s wife. I could not see what a guard had to do with the Prince. What can a guard have to do with a prince? The princely sum the wife the king and the tiresome urges he has.

The bondage of a man in the thrill game the game of chance is his weapon. He has to have everything. Something for nothing is what he is after. The times are changing as I ring the bell. The puss is in the garden and the well in this land is drying. I am crying my eyes out between laughing at selves which have taken me decades to decode. I live alone whereas people live in companies. I live decades behind whereas I should be alive to now. I am homeless sat in my situation eating fatty foods because there is no other form of protest. The bondage of mankind is the yoke in my neck. My neck is the noose things go into. I fear to get laid because it always ends in disaster and disasters come upon me like a candle drifting along the sea as it crashes onto my mind.

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