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It is a bit political and a bit impolite and a bit satirical and like anything else it is never what one is supposedly doing but entirely something else. Why does it not come through as some honesty We are today in these times all dishonest we behave with the true bravery and brevity which is our lives we do not come across as anything but likeable but what do we have as a caring situation is ourselves our jobs and our joys. We lived to tell the tale of some barbarism and we now no longer are nothing but trying. As if this was not enough we do not know how trying we are. We have no adults to tell us we are all living our dreams and it is making us look and behave like some fiends. We love to be ourselves because nobody is like us is there?

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Chapter 1

This is now in the time of the good fights and the good wiles of the Muslim suffering. When mostly we have become dispossessed and become the evil things which nobody has time for. The immigrants the ingrats and all that is the things we are now. We have left our good homes to go and seek work and what did we find nothing.

Discrimination so bad it sent us on the flames of service and made us servants. Oh us and we are to blame or our families are because we are not allowed to make decisions at all. Look dears just do the job elect good government and then make sure they do not steal everything and you will be okay.

“It is not that simple.”

“Well then come out and suffer.”

We known as the thieves of Baghad when we met our match with the good wiles of them who are our most senior in educations. Look we did not mean to become the second felons in the world we were the first to begin with it was only later much later that we became the second persons of interest. We discovered that what we choose to disown which was education meant that we did not could not rob with the might and the power which we had done formerly. I mean it is a sorry story is it not when the good things came to an end and made us eventually poor?

The codes which the English empire used to swindle, coax persons of interests, our soccer times would never have benefited from such a poor exhibition but we do not repent because we now the starry eyed individuals and we dare to look into our souls. This is because we have such a good sense of fun. The mainstay of their jokes and all that were the little people who they patronised from their travels. Like anyone else we realised that our riches were to blame for our sorrows and we got rid of it very quick. They gleaned certainties and factual information which they then used to perish the state within.Now we have apartheid and it means we cannot use our own language. It means that we do not exist it means that the Palestinians if they ask for something will not get it if they say they are Palestinians. It is rotten that is what had happened in South Africa that is why Nelson Mandela happened that is what it is. Human rights violations and all that? Well come on sir it is that it is okay because we are doing it if some other persons had done it they would be in some sort of wrong doing. But do not worry yourselves we are in the right.

“There is too much politics in this novel why not write something romantic?”

“There is not enough politis is there?”

“I said too much politics not too little gone deaf when she wants to be.”

“Look there is no point in wearing a see through dress when I have visitors.”

“Husband will be here soon.”

“Not true don’t you remember it is over between you?”

“We have been having an affair so long forgot.”

Back to the forefront of our doomed selves when we were truth and understanding and people who had a conscience. Now we have impulses and reflexes and nothing to do with being good or pure and our natural instincts are encouraged and not only that we have the thought permanently on our minds.

Because of Brexit we are now in danger of being the poor relative of Europe.

It was upsetting for everyone to think that England could now be poor and in isolations. The head of the teachers department said it was most bad thing that it did happen to them that now they in some sort of sorry situation that they had to bow to another nation not their own.

It had been due to the Henry the eighth he had been ex communicated which meant him already in hell. His descendents too would end in hell that is what Rome had decreed which sent chills to his heirs. This is what could be the beginning of this madness could it all have started like that? Henry the 8th’s hell was certain. But his heirs could and did escape by name changing and all that. All being certain he did not have the right madness he got too old fashioned being this wild man king.

When law and order is not there people behave like pigs when there is no money and there are the British rule that come and handle us with care and authority we behave like the animals we are. I mean not to harm you but I need to hear your story I know I should not be here having this tale of sorrow but I mean to hear your tale and to make wonderful work of the imaginings of my own. The thing was we were known as the little people who did not do well out of a treaty and when we were left to die of starvation we began to assume such failures of the imaginations as persons of intense disappointment and malnourishment. The poverty was we began to rape our own.

The British soldiers looking on amused because we did not know their kind and the many wool gathering that they sent the wrong signals. They do not care whether we live or die or miss approbate the entire island as long as we leave them to live on this Island and make they happy with their mistresses and wives.

And give each other the times which they only have in Sade the thing is when there is nothing the matter with ourselves and we are as good as the ones who got away from committing crimes against human decency when there is no human decency laws to commit an offence against there is this good thing not going to happen. You see I do not want to behave in anyway improperly there is nothing that makes my meaning anymore but the times I spent wallowing in guilt and such because I thought I had let myself down.

You know my own name is Sadi? So someone had given me a copy of who I am. I am Sadi the sadist the woman who will do what I should be done to. This is your name Sadi the meanness of that name because none of my family had that name at all. In what does it say about the adults who put the audits to my name why was I set up to do such a terrible thing with a name such as Sadi? I mean the debauchery in the wholeness of the unholy acts of this type of unnatural nurturing.

So much to my sorrow there is not much else that can begin this tale of woe or sorrow or whatever. I cannot name but the few things in the last wails of my doomed ancestry when the doomed calls became the scratching on the walls.I scratch on the walls and hope that someone might hear my prayers.

“Imprisoned are you?”

“No just too lazy to get out.”

So when the lady of the manor said to my dad, “My dear man we must get you a brain.”

“I have one madam.”

“No a real one.” She insisted he had slept through his college years with some bird or other to augment his meagre income. Because he a grand doctor in the making and not now was not to his taking his Ati mother did not could not afford the time away from the card game to give him the money to pay for his tuition fees.

Now we have artificial intelligence for the players in the game when we can use robots to reboot our intelligent selves. Because we are now too tired from talking and want to sit down and talk to an unemotional robot that does not really care. It will replace prostitutes and all that and maids and make our lives straight again.

You see when we give ourselves away when we feel for things disaster happens and it has we gave too many information out and now we fear to let it all out.

No more feelings no more at all.

Another thing is when we have no more to fear for robots are discreet that means we can do anything to them and they will not misbehave.

Someone is poisoning her against society you know why she so angry with society and the high ups? Well first I am not a robot second is that I was a maid and maids are always grumbling about their ex employers and their former masters.

Look one has to behave like a writer and you do not care where is this plot taking us into? I am a mere writer who has read a situation and come up with the nothing more than this anguished almost farsighted feeling that society has failed that humans have failed that we are all failed beasts who now wear the suits but have nothing to offer anybody.


Nothing because they do not give without taking and giving loving is about giving and there is nothing but rules and regulations and never giving. That is why it is never going to be love between me and the aristocracy or the middling classes that is why there is no giving without giving there is nothing on offer but what that one sees that man sees what he wants to see and me in my nothing on and me having the pelvic control and this puts me in a rage of behaving which makes me mad.

There was this Lewisham incident when a mad man died?

Look that is only someone doing what he was supposed to be doing.


“Well think about it there are certain compensations for being like that a council home and all that and who got him the PIP sorted and all that these are where the mafia steps in is it not true?”

This is now the thing to look out for because they want to do something there is nothing a grateful mad person would not do for the boss who settled him down and his loved ones. Or for that matter nobody likes to starve and why should they?

PIP has been and maybe someone else might do the same the gratitude of the mad is never ending and they have greater number and much to be thankful for.

This is not a game?

But why did the government think as such? Look takes the income away and then what happens? The Mafia waltzes in singing guns and roses? Well now who is looking bad it is the establishment when there is poverty who walks and takes over criminals. We’ll see you when I can pay my rent but the rent is due so what does he do he goes to this other dude and pays off what he can for a favour and he has to do this other favour because if he does not he would be killed nevertheless.

So vulnerable have died and will die because now the mafia are sitting on them. The giant machine with the machine gun was the government when they let all the mad people down and now we have to do what we are told.

So this is a mad woman?

“I was certified and can prove it I am also psychic. Look let me look at my crystal ball and see the truth in the matter.”

“What is the matter with you all?”

I can hear the laughter and the singing the dancing has got too much for the likes of mankind and there is nothing this meaningless world has but the love and the word love which is meaningless. Acts without reason and why is there no reason because love has been and done it for me there is nobody like me and there never will be but when that happens it is a pride before a fall. Man falls when he says that.

There is a giant machine which has to be fed patients. A man killed another man with a knife would thirty nine times and Sane goes on television and speaks says empathises that it is the mental health issues which the family noted. Most of the starved poor were without their money and now there is surprise that in that part of the world there is dissatisfaction but we are a liberal country. Of course take your robot to bed my dear.

The thing is we have the mental health institute outside now and errors do happen in hospitals so if the hospitals are in the outdoors well it is a fact we can take the pill and we don’t the nurse made a mistake and he has the man is not going to kill his parents that we made sure of but we did not have the public in the hospital to be made aware of that he would kill in a road rage.

So he stabbed someone all that times and the parents knew it all along. So how come he is mad? What did the parents do to this man in the first place? Where is he in the relationship with his parent’s? According to research done by Lang it is the parent’s fault that he is mad in the first place. And he made no error of judgement at all we have the identical symptoms the identical cure the same things happening and we know because after we graduated we read the books.

Before we were listening to the lectures which the tutor had been giving and his or hers paper on the subject. Otherwise we would not have graduated. After pub night and the listening on the laps of the Gods we then have the dismissive books in writing which we made great efforts to read as this made our life’s work more real. Our God is money to list such a thing as that. We spoke to a few schizophrenics too most of them do not want to murder anyone at all which is not real is it? Most mental patients live at home with their mothers who pay the council tax and say they should do as they are told. When they become psychopaths, not all of them some become good carvers and all that but that is not in this script. Who do they carve their husbands or their spouses or their meat? In films they all have the psychopaths as schizophrenics? We do not know what made this poor man kill this other man but sometimes drugs can induce a wild excitement and mixed with the voices they can cause that type of violence to be unleashed.

“I made a folly out of myself over a pretty girl.”

He is very sorry he was very sorry.

We too are very sorry indeed and in our sorrow we go outside into the air and look at life differently.

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