Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 12

Life is poisonous. Something is poisoning them somehow she is being groped and killed maimed made into something she does not like or want to be. Your life is one of that behave with fortitude and it will be more pleasing on you. That we loved you once because you were a good girl now no more and without that goodness what is the use of you but of that? Behave with fortunate self restraint as they go into you and maim and maim you some more because destiny is what is the keeper of us all. Do not meddle in other peoples lives it can go wrong and rob you of everything. My mother said to get things done better not mess around. keep the house clean and tidy and do the laundry and then when add to the mess it is over for me.

That it poisons his glance when he sees something thinner than me that I know his former life was practical with his gay wife and him having both sexes. That he had led an adventurous life within that sphere but not for me not for me. I am old fashioned that way I dislike him I dislike his past I do not want that anymore I am through again and again I want normal behaviour and I end up with that?

The thing was there is nothing the matter maybe it was some sort of gay joke or something put upon by the wives of the neighbourhood who have to live with these types.

In some cases the wife has a fling with another woman and gets the roof done for free. Otherwise one pays for the roof through the money bags which is the usual manner but these days it is banter with sexual favours and we can get you a house a car and then when we dislike you we take it away.

I miss Fiddle you know his food carvings and all that he had the right attitude and mattered not at all but we all miss him because he messed up like nobody else had and he did not end up without a child without a wife and all that? I am a bit like that I’m I not?

He associated marriage with food poisonings which meant he now no longer undecided. He knew his stomach comes first. He had to be a diabetic of course he had to eat constantly. He could get sex any time food was like a gold to find it agreeable. Not much food agreed with him.

“I did not like to work.” Said Zeks, “Never did and when the only job I did was sweeping the floor in our house that was the real job of the house and my daughter has taken over that job sweeping the floor in the cafe kitchen and that was her job? Of course because that is what she did too.

One mum to another why do people behave in that way from child to child the question is asked and from the mother to the child the sweeping is done by the heir now and that is the heir.

“Why she did not say a word to me.”

Nobody told me who I was and why I was treated differently nobody told me about the past the future and all that nobody said a word except to be careful at all times.

“The doctor took it into his head to save her leg.” Mother has a bad leg and she is in mortal fear that her leg can and should be not amputated the other one is below the knee amputate.

But we were happy before she took to having the deeds to everything we were happy sorted I made sure of that but she wanted everything for the family her own family which did not include us.

“She had an amputation and another would be deadly.”

“Well dad no use thinking she is a football.”

“I did want to kick box her head in.”

“Well it is a difficult decision but the thing is it is against the law.”

I looked very like that star Turkan Soray and me thinks mummy said very nice. She a fan of the actress well it took care of my looks.

Well mummy a true lesbian and she a fan of that film star. Well you see the two won’t mix? Well it is obvious one has to make the adjustments. I did not do not much but had this and that to tuck. I thought tuck and tuck and tuck duck and tuck and tucking shop and this to tuck in and that to tuck out.

I think mummy just likes to look at girls just so.

Hemlines the thing to sing at the choir and to take on this and that. Tuck and dip and tuck and skip. Well at last I did not look like her. I mean Turkan Soray. No I looked just like a Edna Sharps plus her Stan at the coronation street.

Went to night school to improve my mind I had to learn something in order to chat about them things when we did in the spare times we had,

I am now doing catch up time to catch up on what life I have lost the catch up time is the best time to be catching up on everything one has ever missed.

Caught fires aside there is this tingle which they now all feel. It is so exciting to be like what they are feeling it is like having the grand finale on someone falling down a sporting match a grand tour and all that. Otherwise life is beastly dull.

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