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Chapter 14

When the law is made of disorder there is nobody that cares who got away from what and who is related to who. So the doctor was really the child of the grandfather and the doctor has a child by a whore whose whereabouts was not known.

You see when the father then turns and gets married to his own family member there is something amiss I knew about that marriage why marry into the family again? You see when a man reaches a certain age and he is no longer the man he had been he goes after the things he liked to have as a youth and that must have been incest or something?

You know he threw us aside and mated with that?

He said my mother’s breathe smelt and he went and did it with that whose mother said I was nothing fit for purpose but for doing the cleaning after them and their own kindly selves? You know that is not kind to say you say it anyway to the child and the child now repeats it back to you all.

They sent a doctor from the town who was such a good doctor indispensable. He had seen his daughter engaged in happiness. That her happiness so complete on that day hugged him and sent his senses singing.

We are all human so we need law and order not to mate with our own kin.

In them parts of the towns in the 50′s anyone who can read or write a prescription and add to that a dosage right would have got to be a doctor. The thing was not many doctors because not many had training. The chemists did not have anything but aspirin. Chemist sold out on aspirin.

I thought you were mum.

He said she is mine. Why did I breed her if not for myself?

Mother said she helped him out. The thing was she gave him the gift of entry his name now Dr Barbarous who in London now as the good doctor looked after me as a child. Mother said he unlucky with his child maybe this one better for them both his wife came over too? Of course she had to nobody else’s wife.

He stitched me up right proper and turned my insides out so I am incapable of enjoying sex. The pain is so bad it is painful. I had seen him looking for a needle to stitch me with but did not think on it as me sleepy. I had been near nine years old.

Money talks if you have money you can become anyone any faith and people will follow you. When you are bankrupt then you are sorted thrown out of the window and we can do what we want because then we are not paid. Boss means boss because he has the money. We do what the boss wants if he does not pay we hang him drown him in his semen and shit him inside his cubicle.

Sorry if you do not have any means to pay for it then you are not it.

I will do anything for money because money is everything.

When you earn your money you can tell me what to do not before.

It is a delicacy which the Cypriots have acquired to mate within their own families.

“She has more money than you do? What she is our boss let us go and meet her.”

“How much money do you have?”

“A lot more than you do know and do not know now makes sense.”

One does not know the links and ties of what one knows it is the chain in the jigsaw which tells the story and the story was mother Zeks a nurse who had helped my country man come to this land because they were banned from practising in Cyprus.

“Then we do as you say.”

“Your mother is a whore and your father has married his own family?”

“Well there is no law against marriage to a niece is there?”

“We are now all gay with rights and everything?”

“Yes we are.”

“We are Murderers?”

“Of course we should not be.”

“No longer who has the most money wins?”

" Because go to Las Vegas.”

“No we will go naked then.”

“Not on we now have a different show?”

“Who has the most money?”

They got away with it.

“We now into royalty dues and summarising the whole thing are?”

“Swapping and changing?”

“No we now have some rival?”

“We have the best actors to act in our various parts before we had to do all the parts ourselves.”

“I rejected you for a reason you did not belong to me.”

“I honoured you like a daughter and you cast me off.”

“Not true sport?”

“Now we do the sporting industry.”

“Are you into drugs?”

“We now become doctors of chemistry.”

“We need law abiding citizens to oblige us in maintaining law and order in a land without law and order.”

“Even the government is corrupt.”

“Where to ?”

“We are now into swapping planes?”

“Not swapping the face surgeons.”

“They make a mint.”

There is nothing to say but I am nothing with you and there is nobody but you but then take a another look your over filled book keeping from the past did me dishonour and disrespect and you made fun out of my naivety and all that.

“Hair industry is best?”

“Yes her hair is a mess.”

“Well you go to that one.”

“We are now into oil rigs.”

“I best not to do cod liver.”

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