Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 17

Uh and hum and there is the sun and it goes on and there is the sky whenever there is the blues I cannot make out the truth. Look it is submerged in the sky with Lucy and the pie.

They are all naked in Bedlam oh yes. The feeling is there is nobody swimming in Bedlam? Sun tan lotions? Not on your Nelly we are having breakfast makes my wife’s cooking seem bearable in comparison and now I can safely tell her cooking has improved on me.

Has he gone out of his mind? No not at all he is missing his wife. After today’s cornflakes he is feeling sorry he ever been. When he has been? To this motel he does not like to think himself hard done by. He should have made off with the Mac’s Big Macs. He does not wear a raincoat. It makes him look not fabulous.

I was as if wondering what to think we are all now in the showers having this shower. Well what else we are so clean we can spit on them who do not have a shower. Has anyone thought about the rooms one is living in?

I mean no disrespect but who is showering all day and not living in the clean rooms? We are. No way. Look who has cleaned or dusted their bedrooms did their clean jet set added lustrous to the oven? Well no if I clean the oven or the gas hobs my boy friend asks me to send for a engineer.

“Well I will not harm them good gas stove will I honey?”

I am trying reason and tactfulness to my bearing. He thinks overbearing nature but I am behaving nicely towards his prejudices. He does not have any pride his own selfish interest is intent on living with the dust and the grime. He does not note his own space. The poor dear when I remove something he is standing over my shoulder asking me in a polite manner what I am doing?

“What are you doing?”

I am over rated as a author on discourse and method but what if it is true?

“What is it to you what is here in my space it is every time we make love you change the sheets?”

Look why is there such a thing when they say they will play football with these guys and then why the haste what if that is a normal reaction but they do not want them football hooligans in Moscow that is why they are going there to give them hell. Law and order what is it all about mayhem.

“We are not dirty I had a wash.”

“I do think sex smells are nastier than anything makes me go off the idea.”

“What I love a lovely smell of the bodily odours reminds me of horses.”

“Even stables and chicken coops need to be clean honey.”

“No way I am loving the smells of bottoms.”

“Gently does it to make a point. Gently I just had a clean done.”

“You have cleaned the kitchen floor?”

“I did.”

“Guilty as charged” they all cheered.

“This volatile world will become impossible with such a attitude.”

“They destroyed the clean atmosphere.”

“The surfaces which I have just done are clean sir?”

“Did you also do them?”

“The things under the dusting boards”

“With the duster which you have just soaked in the sink”?

“Yes to get the dirt out of the duster otherwise no point.”

“You did not shine the mirrors?”

“No the cleaning agent did not say that.”

“Did you also do the garden?”

“Yes I did some garden work.”

“I am going to hospital.”

“What is the matter?”

“My heart has gone down a level or two,”

“Is it something I have just done?”

“Do you think I am a man who needs a serving wrench?”

A maid is forever.

“No not at all dear.”

“You are always showering the washing machine is not on because only once a day in fact twice a week. There is too much on the electric bill.”

“Do you need something else?”

“I am giving the nursing staff that looked after me a microwave oven as they need to eat at night the poor nurses only get cold food at night. Except for hot tea and coffee they do not hot stuff at all.”

“They have nothing to eat at night?”

“No they are all into tea and coffee.”

“They are bananas.”

“No need to eat such fruit.”

“It is distressing how much food you need to eat.”

“Animals feed less.”


How to make a male soufflé as it is known as, say to him behind and in front the private things you do in bed and tell him what a tiger he is. Tell soufflé to make his best things in front of his former girl friends and tell him he has the hottest bed manners ever.

Girls can castrate a man just by doing that. Castrate his liking for the things common things. The beastly look of sex in the womanly eyes as if the eye of the tiger has gone to sleep. We do it best in the heap hop jungle it is making the flamingo outside the right side has left this sleepy male has begot his side and he looks like a kitten fed and watered down. Like something who has fed too long outside and poisons has in his hide. He now so sleepy walking in his sleep might even is the bearer of bad tides and grief. There is no more about this than his passions spent he is no longer the man he is now the fed. He has fed on poison too long he has now gone into labours.

“There is the Labour exchange?”

“No the betting shop.” Abdul has gone to the betting shop with our money.

“No one is in the office.”

“His lines too long he will not ask for anything but to be what?”

“I do not think he minds now what he has in his bed.”

“As long it is long and thin?”

“Largely it is not on me to add to the list.”

“He has the right ordeals give him another one of them long thin ones.”

“I speak the truth the true meaning of behaving like a slut is to look good while speaking his lies.”

“Lies we are lied to.”

“Who has hurt you tell me who has tossed you aside who has made me unmanned me what has happened to you?”

“Do not ask me such a stupid question when you know the answer.”

“But I don’t know the answer I don’t.”

How many lies has he told? But he does not know the answer.

“We do like ourselves too well.”

Abdul is gambling the money and blackmailing us and then balancing the books so he can become the clerk the jury and the judge as well in order to romance his way to our doom.

“Only fondness speaks.” Said my sisters and mother that they were not that good and kindly disposed toward me that I was over reacting as usual it is a bit of fun and why is the frustrations felt when there is nothing to fear?

Actions speak loud as storms. I am going with the lantern and I see many secrets many deeds and much to worry over.

“Odd and old woman old wives tales that the marriage bond is sacred when there is nothing in the bed but him.”

“Active with the conceits why should I care when I had nobody but the man in my dreams?”

“I am telling you because you are a fool.”

“I am hopeless?”

“That too I am a woman and I want a man without the stings which mother Gold put me through the thing is he is the one for me he makes me think and be and I am alive with that more alive as if he and I were in a film.”

The lantern finds she in passions not spent added to this she is not behaving well. What should a proper widow be doing? What did the wife do and why is there too much passion suddenly the lantern is spot on.

“We want a Nan?”

“Well children you will not get that.”

“You will be lucky if you have a home from her and that is certain.”

“Certainties are the exposures to ills and why does he now live with my Tom?”

“We all behave nastily.”

“We with the older women mothers and wives who have been neglected and left behind and we must now feed them and cherish them.”

It is a odd situation is it not?

“We are now worn out carpets.”

“Look them beings in their good tidal looks.”

“I can out think you all.”

“In this altogether of meaningless meanings it is such a mistake.”

In passions she might have done the deed and not thought about it at all. The deed of murder is the power and the glory, the deed that would have sent me over to the cuckoo hospital forever and good.

“We are full of meanings.”

“Too many meanings in life it is that simple there is not just one thing that is within the meaning there are many things hidden even from the self and what we desire sometimes is like more sweets to the sweet and we must have it.”

“It is over the moon.”

“Love does not live here anymore.”

“No not like the cold moon no nothing like that but hot as in the sun and the rays can burn one out.”

“We live we earn and we learn.”

“We believe in our own destiny.”

How torments are made how not to behave how to believe in the future and what not to say to anyone who is unmade like me? I am without that goodness I am now filled to the brim with witticisms and sadness no longer a child but somehow this wit.

“Our destiny is our whole being.”

“Behave like a lady.”

“But I am not a lady.”

You are within inch of being sacked.

“I am so sorry.”

“We do not want John here?”

My lanterns have gone out.

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