Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 19

How I got laid and then to rest and the rest of our lives made into a mess. It is a massive hit it is indeed what to do when into mating do it often and with as many. Monkeys do it too don’t they? We are sensible people grown ups. That lets me out.

Give me a more chance there is no choice is there? Look that man is a shit.

How did it happen? She tried it on to artificially inseminate me. It was artfully done. She got inseminations in the hospital by someone called a doctor. Who did a lot for Jane? How is Jane coping everyone needs to know because Jane is the victim here her husband has left her with her life style unfinished and her jobs half done. She is coping very well. Passport office needs to know about this and did her card pay for the doctor to get her inseminations. She is a officialdom and has nothing to declare but her privileges and why does she muck my life why does she come and take whatever I worked for? One does not know what a green card can fetch.

What is happening to me why I am so bitter that my sweetness has left me fled from me as if it has not been and I am now the former victim out to seek revenge you see revenge is that sorry thing which states plain as plain it is that?

That after the drink and the wiles of the witticism at some official do which I am repeatedly expelled from because was not nice and kind to Jane. That number one so because I did not get along with Jane I am constantly fired.

Was she insured? What for? Well she can claim some money. For what? Well you got to get your kidney stone done and get inseminations instead. It is no deal a raw deal. The doctors a pervert.

The besotted man does not reason well let them get on with it? So now we are getting on with it.

He is not real. He got her pregnant.

We have the capability of destroying the whole thing and it will come down on our heads don’t you just feel it?

No it is not he a she. Why she do that for?


No she just got carried away by love.

What love?

Love actual love. I do not like a woman to be my inseminator. No a termination would do best for her. Poor Jane is she a lumber jack now. All them can place her in the pregnant manner.

Does it mean post man’s hat. Mad hatters party. Little women. Look it is not easy being this woman wanton and cruelly involved with the acts of mankind. Well leave it alone then. It is a way of behaving well nastily.

“Nasty is not in our nature.”

“We do not have nasty natures.”

“Poor Jane.”

“What a woman doctor got Jane in the family way?”

“Alas it was not love. It is lust.”

“Look it is over in the bedroom fussing.”

“My life now that much more complete with this revenge in my soul.”

Likely lad’s ladies- Ladies please.

“What pleasures for?”

Jobs pressured.

Look equality means equality rape included. Look I am not looking after a baby did not sex share and love make.

Love means not being lumbered.

It is not lambing time.

Make his secrets out and about. That he is fond of you because you virgin before and now he is soberly yours forever signed sealed and delivered packaged to the right door.

“The storks brought you in?”

“No it was the midwife.”

“She brought you to this world.”

“The midwife did.”

Why she do that. He involved with the Sushi.

He is that way up to no tricks because he has found you.

“I am a man a beast.”

“It is awful darling.”

“Yes awful soufflé no one needed to hear him.”

“No he now outside the right doors begging for the merciful that his ex wife told what he wanted and they did not have it.”

“We are separated actually,” He said.

“He is still swearing he a man civilised to the bargain.”

“He has gone out with a brothel keepers daughter and has had baked beans.”

“Well he is not keeping it inside him.”

“He has done his own chimney.”

“Look he just had the right infatuations.”

“He has been round too long.”

“This is the soufflé the perfect soufflé.”

“He has paid for his mistake.”

“Not him.”

“Where is the maid?”

“She is done with the maid that is the whole point if in the same circle of meanness I would have been okay but different group so Jane is sweating over that and this.”

“That poor thing,” All the fools in London are sympathetic about it all they have husbands too.

“No more out our husbands wants us in.”

“But we can now have a third world war in order to stop the computers working as well?”

“That poor Jane.”

“She has grandchildren to see to.”

“Look it is not right with me.”

“We are not speaking to him. He has spoilt our lives.”

“I must break through.”

“That Soufflé will sink.”

“It was a short story written by pants when he went mad with the scrounge.”

“He had the sexual diseases.”

“Syphilis he died of it.”

“He kept on working until madness overcame his brain.”

“He has the best stories in the French language.”



“What matters now?”

The French will to go to war they said so.

“He gave the things which made the short story possible.”

In the language of love maybe but not in the language of war where is the war? In my world there is this haste and all that it is there coming.

“I feel it in my bones.”

“The biological warfare which is going on at the moment at that house which is a sure sign someone is not working for money it is a volunteer job.”

“The chemical weapons of mass destruction.”

“Gas war gas and the population do not need feeding.”

“The hacked off the clean cut the woman who trains the dog to kill the man who killed her son. It is one of patient zeal and he seemed to know about that kind of human behaviour the others did not know anything but the sexual zombie like appetites which made me think not much about the French society.”

“The French are thinkers?”

“They are yes.”

“Do not think straight though.”

All the fools in the world doing honours to him and behind his back making mockery of him.

They cannot shoot straight.

“Which do you prefer, it is a fact when someone who cannot shot straight or someone who writes great literature? This was in fact in the news when the police officer shot someone by mistake.

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