Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 20

“His brain no use to me at the moment although in the science lab it might have been.”

“I did not do biology.”

“So I would not have got his brain at all.”

He said she got pregnant the very first time he had been with her. His new girl that is. He had been a married man before to someone who was Marilyn and now he had her double he had her double. He got carted of course being so rich. He now into the same size doll size as his former form. He now worse than before he had got it on with a someone who was the someone who looked like his tragic wife. The wife he did not could not leave behind him as he still shackled within the same world with his own self. His own worst enemy. His enmity was to me he had the silliest girl in town that was constantly leaving him to look after Mr Penis.

The sirens again the lantern is sacred and scandalised by this there is nothing more to fear as the sirens are the sirs of what is meant by this endless sham of freedom of expression and movement when nobody says anything with any sincerity or with meaning.

One spoilt rotten apple and the rest are attracted to that apple then disaster happened to that society which had been the leaders of fashion and democracy now sadly not true. Now nothing makes sense but the sirens and the sirens are the hell of the coming future which spells doom.

“You are not a tart and not attracted to me? A man of such high distinction any girl would come out with me.”

“I am as good as a man.”

“I can work it work it all night.”

“Yes of course they will.”

“I am very attracted to you.”

“So what is the problem?”

“So is a vast army of them lot.”

“I am not a whore with you beside me I can stand to temptations.”

“I believe you dear I almost think you believe in your own self too.”

“Take the stand this is what it is no longer into giving away myself for the floating season or the session in the mating game there is nothing else but joyful introspection which says reflections in tranquillity is a life worth remembering if not a moment to think this is what happens to society.

Sirens are around all around the world in the house round the street the whole world has gone insane.

“I am marrying you.”


“Why not a woman marrying a woman is now legal I made it so.”

“I will not shackle you with my bad debts.”

“What debts I can pay debts.”

“No not them kind.”

“Where is hell in all this?”

“It is blood they want my dear it is blood.”

“What did you say honey there is someone on the line.”

“Nothing is say is there I am being proposed to dear just a minute.”

“Thus blood wedding day his or mine?”

“Why you talking such plays and seeking tongues other than mine.”

“I am truly in love and I am very sorry.

“Nothing much happens to me does it?”

“So who is this girl?”

“What she want now?” On the line asking me to marry and marrying him? Does he know?

“This is the silliest things happening today.”

“They will almost be sillier.”

“Look seriously what is the thinking behind this.”

“Well it is over rated his concentration is it not?”

“Is he drunk or alcoholic well he is in some disaster must shift him out of it mummy said that marriage is a good cure.”

“He is high on work.”

“The failures of this kind of anti communication can get me imprisoned.”

“Or him I can see us into marriage and adding to my concerns a young little girl not mine but mine and he into such concentrations would make us sitting ducks.”

“He sat up sitting ducks.”

“No my duckling will be a swan without any hassles.”

“He is behaving like some swine.”

“He is almost always nearby saying to his dear wife what a good idea they now into cruelties.”

“He is almost certainly behaving not kindly.”

“His friends do not say to him not to?”

“He is not making me ill?”

“Yes he is.”

“I do not fear him I do not want to do anything bad that is all.”

“I am not into being pin cushioned injected with vermin.”

“I am dying.”

“Yesterday was when he did not, could not hear anything at all so this is war on them both.”

“My injections have turned my liver into stone.”

“I am a disappointment even to myself.”

I failed in life.

“I can’t hear another word he says to me.”

“I am not right with him behaving so strangely.”

“He has become this smart jerk.”

“His coffee is ill made he creates hell.”

“I should have told him.”

“I should have said something.”

“My adopted mother has just walked off with five million of my hard earned money.”

“Oh he is still saying that I am a fool about money. The ladies have his money and there he is still thinking himself the husband,”

“You know some day it is over rated this love actually.”

“Some would say it is his fault too.”

“He has to see the man about the house or something?”

We live in a house dumb ass so he has to see the house is there even if it is not renovated derelict to the point of nearly falling down.

“No most definitely he prefers women who do the contracts themselves.”

“No he does not prefer women who do their own contracts them he showers with money.”

“His new woman is more competent she can see real estate and knows the value of everything.”

“They are so good and new together.”

“He is so good in bed I must sort of dispose of him.”

“I mean to dump him onto someone maybe some blonde would condescend to have him for some years when he could be occupied.”

“She already has him?”

“Yes I know let me be the one who has to dump him first it is a matter of self respect. I lost my self respect in all aspects.”

I am still washing up the never ending dishes.

“He does not help me out at all five million and he still thinks he does all he can,”

“Then he behaved so ill on a holiday he said after courting me and all that sent the mafia cousins after him said told the cousin to kiss him better because now he will have the house intended for the cousin.

After flirting with the cousin all them years by going to the uncles’ house and staying over there. The cousin thought the house his only son’s.

They odd round there in that land of islanders.

The man husband of his wife said he not humoured by all this and what had I been up to? Nothing at all. It was not my fault the cousin thought such and such. So now they are all in an uproar and want to come to England to sort me out. I said not taken in. You see I know you only want to hurt me so why bother coming to do so?

Why he thinks me loves him. One wife he has this other man has the same amounts they can fight it out between themselves. Cousin has a wife to so I wonder what is the matter with him?

He said he going on a holiday with his wife after dealing with my needs. Fucking shit I thank me God I have a murdering cousin to hack him out of the idea. He is the ideal swine. You know a man can go too far in his evil intents.

They partied all night and I thought I should not be there with that?

Saying he going to fuck his dildo of a wife and he was man enough for me too. He now can get shirty with his own true murdering cousinly self. That is my cousin and him can now chase each other round the bend.

No use loving a man who has such a wife. She a witch or something no cruel with her waves and does not like to think her unnatural with the phraseology. The feeling is she is the wife. Well so she is. I mean what can I say to that much of a wife. She is never nice but the feeling is so wicked selfish and does not spare me.

I did not spare her and she is not naturally good so it is no use being nice to them sort of people. She thinks I had been selling flies instead of food so it is over rated bitch. At the birth of their divorce I was there.

She is behind the counter counting her chickens. I did not want to say a word least I gave the cousin some thought. I am not a dog in heat? No still thinking of their holiday what an idea to make a third my cousin was over the moon to meet the likes of them. Well l. Yes did not they do well?

“They can be evenly matched match of the day should be perfect.”

“I said my dear man here is the cousin who was waiting for the goods before you.”

“They both look at each other.”

“Handshakes all round?” said cousin.”

I do not do cousinly shakes.

“My God to thank me luckless stars he is going to meet you cousin behave.”

“He is so good looking is he not cousin.”

“Well sorry?”

“Yes he is sorry he did not catch up with you sooner.”

“I do not do catch up.” said cousin.

“No he caught on camera doing something bad.”

“Look that was after.”

“The government must be shaking in their shoes.”

“He is the body guard to the government.”

“Yes he was.” said cousin. “I am now a body bouncer.”

“A bouncer in clubs,”

“Yes why? He has fallen down in the world he has come down and become a bouncer because his daughter had to get married.”

“Being over seventeen and over the hill I am very much sorrowful.”

“Was caught drinking lemonade at the proms.”

“He sat it out with them at the proms.”

“Yes he had to see the lads did not get lucky.”

“Look it is he the man who is going to get the house deeds your son won’t be allowed because of him. It is him over there.”

“I will not be a mother to your son. He will not have a home because of he.”

“He has a wife.”

“Yes she too cooks flies just like your mum did.”


“Your mum did not she cook flies too?”

“No she only caught them when cooking.”

“No this one cooks the flies.”

“I hope you all enjoy your holidays.”

“Mummy I have fallen in love with him. I am crying that night as cousin is listening.”

“I can feel him he is outside listening to me wailing.”

“I am ever so in love.”

“I am indeed.” I feel weepy and not on. It is the best night for me for a long time. I have not felt this evil in a while. What a night for making trouble. I tremble in case it goes wrong. I am going to get revenge at any price this is priceless two birds at the same stroke of midnight.”

“Cleaning all the flies from the kitchen with her bare hands it is a fete is it not?”

“Look you okay?”

“Oh of course I am just thinking he is going on his holiday with his pure wife.”

“Impurities set in.”

“Yes pity she did not clean out the flies them burgers must be poisonous.”

“Look a lady like that does not think of that sorts in her kitchen.”

“Is she out of sorts?”

“Lady did you just say a lady?”

“Eh yes?”

“That is it.”

“I am going to behave just like her than.”

“I hope they murder her too.”

“I am going to do all that she did and has and more.”

“I am going to make it nasty for the whole lot of them.”

“I am going to behave quite nicely for the whole foolish parade.”

“They can go and join them at the Kitchener revolting slogans.”

“This means war.”

“It is the bloodiest war ever. I am going to make his life hell.”

“I have been too nice with him. It is not nice being in love now I am going to shower him with his own deeds. It is no use being mean without his beastly self centred we would never have got this far. I mean to get even. I am going to even the whole lot of the whole shipment. That has skipped the wives he has.

“How many women does he have?”

“Who cares?”

He won’t only be sorry but the name of a wife will bring him hot flushes and tears. Bloody gore is out. The bloodiest battles are fought within now let it out. Let it out breath in and out then ten to one it can be the happiest things in the world. That gets taken for rides.

I meant no harm officer. My dear cousin what is the matter with you. Going straight for him like that he might do judo and Congo takes care of yourself. ”

“Well it is so good to meet up with him is it not this is he the man I am involved with cousin sorry for the delay in telling you.”

“He measures him.”

“What a good idea they were doing the flies sandwiched between his good wife and he.”

“Selling flies they were not fliers but flies are vermin. Out of control she was.”

When love became this con?

We must live our lives and sexually dissatisfied man goes out and gets laid elsewhere.

“Beastly loud party they had did not invite me over said me over loud as it is.” said Cinders.

“You know the poodle show was a fine feeling of what it is to be like them.”

“These poodles are peeing all over the place in this grand hotel.”

“Dad joined in.” Peeing nowhere was he seen he did not want to clean the carpet.

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