Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 23

Needed money did not she? Like myself I need money but someone tells me not getting it.

She is asking what now why marry us so constant like? The ambitious are here beware. She is a princess who did not live in the tower so knew the manipulations of being this deceitful to oneself as well to the jailor to the powerful, how the arithmetic is to blame for this? Well you see having the astuteness most of them lack she went to school and knows where is how much it is and all done.

She sensed the seeds of the madness the failures of being familiar and not familiar with the likeness so engraved. Her cousin the Jane who too had somehow been in marriage to her rage with a man she could not kill and conquer. She got the chop like in seconds.

“How dare he not be killed?”


“Well a little cocktail of disasters. Don’t tell anyone.”

She continues.

“I know not how but now this Seymour has married me for the similar reasons. Foolish to feel anything else but what it is. I who gave him now his child? He does not think of it. He does not think of it as his child but a way forward to his best efforts to get somehow higher.

He has the bearing of a king looking for the true queen.

My clothes can stand on their own without me wearing them? Yes they can stand on their own. By themselves they can walk with this earthly frame? Yes by themselves they can stand and walk. Richer than anyone else’s they are wealthy. They can stand the strain of having no wearer. I have worn out my welcome. I can see. I have worn out my welcome.

To be in fortitude and do not let me down? My bearing is one of bearing it well.”

“Stop your pains.”

“You are killing me with jealousies?”

“Yes it is bad for you and our baby?”

“When is it due?”


She shattered his image by saying he not wise did not make the right decisions. So she hung him?

“I do not need a guardian any longer.”

“I am here to guide you?”

“I am over the age.”

“Be reasonable my child.”

“I planned this?”

“You planted a monster inside this mansion?”

“My dear Jane dear darling please tells me the reason for your behaviour?”

“Leave me.”

“I need to discuss your future?”

“In my securities I found myself wondering.”

“In some unhappy alliances of the sexes which are our unhappy pair a couple of mistaken twits who went barefoot on their journeys in order to frolic.”

“Unfortunately they came back.”

“That is right.”

“Now go and get my other guardian.” perspired he mistook her fortunes and her-self interests. She packed up and down very agitated this is meaningless to someone who does not know the laws. She paces him up and down. Up and down. He still thinks he the stronger of the two.

“He wants me to marry his family?”

“That is self interested?”

“Somehow a loophole must be found?”

“Some getaway this has been?”

“Somehow the way out is this?”

“Hurry up brings the tutor here.”

“Go away.”

“I think so.”

He lost everything, his properties his station in life, his family in ruins.

“He is murkiness no more around me?“Jane was a disaster for him.

“She had him properties and all.”

“He wept in the tower for her.”

“She said no way. It is banned from now on; I am the mistress of my own self.”

“She spat on his kind. She spat on him. Said he did not want her but what she had.”

“Tormented him?”

“Yes she poor child.”

A British go ahead a ethnic uniqueness which would make their work worthy of the best Venice and the European culture. This was set off by the gifts of the best scientific minds the best plays and the poems which set off the drawing masters to found this new age, The best architectures were set offs of the Catholics trying to make their religious plain.

Then they created women like her.

The thing is not to be ashamed about my poverty. The poor Catholic mind that made the best building work. Never finished it as run out of money. Women have spent their time wisely with ornate good breeding. The finest builders making his point about the 3 trinities triangular and exciting wives men are proud to romance but never find at home. This which spent his best efforts in good house worship and religious conversions and al that means what?

An architect of distinctions.

A woman without a soul of discretion?

After making off with the ideals of the threes he did not want for more because he runs out of the builder’s materials to build. The house which would mend his fuses, and who built the house in the first

Place. This is no place to be in when all the old relics are here. Triangles and tabloids without the polar aids are the fools which said Shiva; Manners of the Gods and manna of goodness; what else.

Why he angry because he had spent the best years of his life in a prison a little house a place of sin. His anger did not make him means but spent man. Making the right shows requirement is money and backing. He has spent his life in a bare room and this did not make his depressed life in total colours a good Catholic is a man who loves rituals and pageantries. His bravery meant nothing. This spent him.

England at that time was very isolated. The best artist was a man from the goldsmith. He was the very first British artist and he did a very well art. He was intricate and did very well. He did the best homosexual painting with a hand held out smarting with adorations and good breeding. A man asking another man out; just Britain that is all gets a life not a wife. He had a family he enjoyed he had a son and all that. He a man who did well he drew and painted and did the best jewels in the country miniaturist of the first orders.

Sugar was more sought after then gold and all was very obese unlike today when we have trimmed down and made ourselves the very likeness of bodily boys. We can run for miles now we do run for mile and feel nothing but healthy glow and there is nothing the matter with us because someone is doing the housework for us.

Brave hearts as someone else does the clothes for the women in the house and there are now no more says the wife witty and cool otherwise off to my lawyers with the divorcee nisi and off the bank loads without me.

This is theft or what this new kind of behaviour is it though? Wedlock is about what? That someone should be faithful and look after each other until death do them part. But I have my doubts as the fiddle game is being painted in glowing colours now the lawyers say speak out when he has a affair and when he does we will nail him? After him he has property and we will see to it he has none left. You see is that a wife or a woman in dire need of his money? Look the housewife did not look the thing the man has gone and absconded with the waitress and in doing so the wife of many years is now in open hostility. The abbey constantly did nothing wrong said the wise words? There was benediction and sugar all round the table the head saw to that. Eventually even Turner had the goods done a stormy landscape which mattered to us because the French been seen crossing the oceans or something? No back to the woman who did it for him. To do it for him we did not stir from his place he paid up member. Every year he did it the same holidaying in the bloody Abbey. He went there and all found him narrowly missing the windmill.

His mind slightly unhinged from the sockets.

The bar with the bras unmanned him.

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