Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 24

But the things which offset the beast were the monetary lacks and the isolation of the best of themselves which madden James. James the whiter than whites has turned out darker than most he was very nicely turned out he wept when he went to America when he found his rations run out.

She placed him outside the door to their bed and was haggling over something called the call of desires.

“Look I can be two parties at the same time.”

“It is scandalous what he let slip out.”

“He never said a word she did.”

“You must choose.”

“I choose not to.”

“That makes you silly.”

“I know.”

He did the courtly discourses and all that he made friends with them all. Yes he very politic and polite. He thought safe and sound as if in the good country of friends. Well they smoked the same pipes making it go into several languages of the right codas and codes.

“We speak the truth what is the truth is Jane is not a fibber we know Jane is no liar.”

Mr James went to the good England to run away with a shipment. He found the good traders and did it very well he got good prices for his efforts. Unfortunately this takes a bit of time. It took more time than he figured out in his statistics sheets; he was meant to have the right globes and all the map reading done and all manners present and intact. But he did not have the right maps and it let him down. So he went off shore then off course and ate the whole course without me. Yes they were all very well behaved.

When someone comes from a wealthy family their influence can be tragically good. Jane showed me silly.

Mr James narrowly missed being found out he did all he could efforts included he drove the men mad with the designs and all that. He went round the good chambers did smoke like a chimney. Snuff boxes found to be wearing his nostrils. He took up tobacco for that very reason. Mr James was the husband of Jane then and he spoke in diffidence and said might we and thank you quite pleasing chap he became. He had the right beetles showing at the theatre of course they did the best machines it was Shakespeare who wrote the Tempest.

He did not allow his children to die? It was Mr D who made the beetles? He did it very cleverly. He runs the theatres along with his beetle idea. He was so amusing.

Of course man does not think that children in need of food so it is twice run dry. A man does not like to think food important? Unless he is hungry so he said stomach is what turns a man on? It was Mrs Ham and Eggs.

She had been writing her cook book. I do not think that man think much on food. No the woman who say that do not know what to ask a man does not think with his stomach not unless he is George the fourth?

No he fat? Yes that is why he thinking about food but he fatty diet? Well he must have pigged out. Unfortunate that was. Yes very. His corsets were not well liked. He got red in the face from the efforts.

That is why they got Pluto. What Pluto on what? The Germans have been infecting the Brits with nuclear. Yes they are so innocence before now they all want to create a bomb? A bomb whatever for? Nuclear bomb to make them wars go away. As well as Heidegger, because he a Nazi that used a Jew to cleanse him as she and he had been having an affair and he thought he could do that too. Yes his great hope for the human race was over and he was done for. Nazi’s did not work and he had nowhere to teach his philosophy in. He died in 1976 and he a great thinker but what of it? He got done for he wrote ill about his friends reported them to the Nazi’s and told fibs about where they were and with how many Jews. Then he wrote great books and he thought great thoughts.

No need they have created Jane should be okay.

Mrs Ham and Eggs would not have done so. She always cooking, she would have reasoned. Mr James who left his children to find the best food after a few years the children could never eat another ham again. When he returned and after two years found nothing when he returned but sausages and more of the same mixed with pasta.

Now these people are not slaves nor servants why because they are paid for their work.

In this day and age nobody interested in my greatness?

I am being completely ignored by everyone. It is as if I do not exist as a thinker. Look Heidegger was a great nuisance but he existed he was there he had the rights why not me? What is the meaning of me is that is that? If Heidegger is in earning of incomes and he was what did I do so wrong but louse the grammar up? If being paid is the right thing for a thinker to be that means today we have the worse thinkers being paid for behaving well in society and social drinking. That means we have the worse of the worse lager louts of all time. No one will exist now but that they behave well in groups in groups being carted round and round in groups and being groped in group activities. Roped in group activities? No groped.

Why because I am a nuisance.

By the time the courts took an interest it must have been hunger took them you see the technical of the courts is very courtly. By then they must have starved to death as there is in the English language many forms of speaking.

English language there is about thousand dialect or is it hundred that cares.

So the English language is in a flux but the social whirl in England is not changing there is this stigma attached to change and we are mistaking the war zones as the happiness we all must aspire to in order to get rid of the surplus population.

Meanings of truth of panting the truth now, it is a mean world and there is nothing to do but to own it. What can we do about the meanings of the goat? What we do for them what does the goat mean? Well the goats and tits and the thin legs and all that. I meant no harm the middle- ages as if waltzed then the witch hunts. So what do the working classes do? They are sat in front doing nothing but they are doing something that does them jobs it is not the idle rich they too busy talking.

My lantern is beginning to fade on me and I am not behaving well to the reader so where is this in the whole story? To be honest there is too many parts I played in my own downfall.

Well no matter maybe it is my imagination gone wanderer. But it is the folly of misbelieving, the thinning less fatty women. The is popularity of fashion which is the option of big breasts the slimmer thighs the legs so high. The thing is what- a goat? It does look as if it a goat. Why because it just does I had a drawing with the tits and all that made me think it does look just like a goat? Which is what? That is Satanism and all that misbehaving? Well what does it mean? It means a goat looking at me as if I did not draw the thing. What does a goat look like thin legs antlers and all that? Well the drawing was absurd but the doddle went on and on.

It made sense to me. The similar liberation the women all in the chemist being so over sexy it made me feel the sex in the air. Might have been the meds of course but why shoulder to cry on the thing does not make sense at all. Why does the drawing look so like a goat?

My draw back staring at me why I’m I being so rude? Well did not draw it right way my pension they made me unemployable and now to cover themselves they have offered me jobs which I am unable to do. At sixty years old I am going to learn some new trade. What is the wrong way that is the wrong amount of information of course when in the prime of youth employ me and sack me consistently now fly me to the moon in order that to humble me.

Offer me teaching posts when I had the domestics with mother and the children would know so there is something so sinister going on.

“I do not care I am sick why should I care if your husband or boyfriend has just given you one?”

Is that why the familiar disappeared as women gained in the tins of the crusades as men left fled their homes only to re emerge some years late. No I did not appear to miss you at all Bernard the children now grown up the farm all tiled we did not miss you at all. How did the crusades go?

We did not increase in number see no more children. Liza saw to that.

“Oh this is housemaid?”

“What else?”

“What did happen?”

“We got through.”

“How long has it been?”

“Me and Liz had the best of friends at our door. Her wedded bliss told her and him now that she more popular and famous in the making than Liz Taylor. If it was not for my wedding ring I would have been had.”

“Wedded bliss saved us from harms”

“We did not get witch hunts.”

“Bernard next time does not over stay.”

“Where is your friend?”

“Oh he died?”

“No he got promoted.“?

“Well it does not matter does he?”

“All that matters now is after many years you’ve come back.”

“Sit in that chair while I brew some poison.”

“What dear?”

“It will cure us of all evil.”

“He came back only to die.”

“Oh Liz what might have happened?”

“How do I know?”

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