Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 25

The friendly society is this one I am without friends dear. The friendless are not us. We believe in friends around us all the time chatting to us all making the purring sounds like drink anyone and tot trots. Of course the right ways are when one is discovered with someone else the other party does not scream and make scenes we do the serenades instead in the love boat in the Venice. Very much more fun said Abdul and makes mother poison my writing time as she puts the television on higher and higher. That is we are friends forever and we behave well when one of us loses the love interest to another we believe in swearing not at all out of court settlement the kids at the right social club and we make a new start.

“Oh it is itchy here I say why is it itchy here?”

We do not like the ones who make us feel uncomfortable when we are having a mistake. We believe in encouragements even when we are silly and behaving badly. Positive noises are the very fondness we believe in negative is out.

“Yes positively you all look quite handsome in your attires. What else do you want me to say?”

“I can’t stand her for some awful reason she was in that shitty cafe eating with contentment a Noodle. It is over the thing is not the thing.”

“Society will not be able to stand this.”

“One giant step for mankind.”

“Oh it is too late.”

“House work is not done.”

“It is not well done.”

“Look I prefer to be kidnapping children.”

“Then be with her.”

“Sorts out of sorts and very chatty when I do not want to say a thing.”

“Look she is not us,”

“Not us?”

“Well she does not do small talk.”

“She is always in the row of this and that.”

“She is not into believing anything but is always saying words.”

“She is a food junkie.”

“When with her I gain weight.”

“She has to lose two stones last time.”

“I am not unable but the thing is feel so useless.”

“Like someone who can’t.”

“He has to do all the work.”

“That poor man is he very poor?”

“I go out of action.”

“Well why?”

“I do not know.”

“I gain weight.”

“I am seriously cross.”

“I am cat.”

“No longer kitten.”

“He has to do all the work.”

“Odd is it not?”

“I feel out of sorts.”

“That shows me to be not that wise.”

“He does not seek to find the good in me.”

“Nor does anyone else they think the worst.”

“We end up discussing food.”

“That adds to the stress levels as all of them very thin.”

“Her illness she has this and that?”

“Mentally unwell?”

“It is socially useless being with her”?

“Stigma follows.”

“Never allow your job to dictate your social life.”

When a man has money and friends and he does not get the right home comforts in his house and he is not welcome in the bed. He has serious concerns. He has this little pudding in his middle he does not have it with the love and he and she have nothing more to speak about. He has not been in the right courting mode he did not know it mattered.

He did not know it mattered to me and him and us? My lantern now is angry. Burn deeply and cascades into the ground and then the flare stops.

His sweet talks and all that his gentrified self respects and this shrew at his kitchen door making his face ill with the shut downs. Why should she want speeches and all courting behaviours when she knew how he felt about things? He has bad vibes. He not welcomes anymore he not welcome anymore when he had been so good to her. Left her when she said to get on with her family and he so good to her all the time. When she said leave me alone he did.

His Oxford friends were most shocked by her ill omens and ill winds. She destroyed his self standing. He did not make her the well off with the good womanly duties. Gave her family to her and made her into the right society she belonged in.

They equality in society because he and she right background and physically able to mate and form a marriage.

They got the keys to their mansions.

She wanted to be where she belonged and he did he left her with her own folk.

His friends went to his aid. They introduced him to this and that. Then he met someone so special with the right words and right lavenders. The mayor gave them the key to a whole town. He so popular now. Well this is more like it?

No more sullen looks and lost tastes he now the most popular husband of all time. He made the good move into this house with the perfect household all in a manner of speaking spic and span.

Her father turns out to be a brothel keeper. Well he has to make money somehow.

Important families are the more so when they are charming.

Them are the best of families he has been told.

He has expensive tastes.

He took his own millions and spent it well. But he still gets the words right? He the very right worded male. He the owner of someone special to him but send the doctor it looks odd. White washed house and all them little ladies laughing at him. Whatever next? Now he knew the right words for every occasion.

“I am pregnant?”

“Not mine.”


“Can’t because had the vasectomy.”

“What does that mean?”

“I had the twins for nothing.”

“Why did she not say anything?”

“She not is speaking to me.”

Said “codswallop.” not her fondest thing this relative of theirs who would not go away overstayed the welcomes and good cheers and would not budge at all. He taking off good for him Fiddle was gone now and he and she could get it on as he now could do what he willed. Abdul and she very nicely together and everyone happy well it was sorted were it not? What he deserved was what he always wanted. A good beautiful wife and she were Zeks that is who said the right words at all time dressed well and did not have anything but good social meanings.”

“No- no- no it is not Zeks it is Jane.”

“He never said anything nasty at all?”

“What a nasty shock.”

“No he is perfect gentry.”

“He now the centre of the friendliest society of all time the aristocracy with the mint to make us feel less able by our disabilities look we get allowances for that sort of thing.”

“Yes he now the bagged man.”

“The cuckold man does not swear at him.”

“He is the right cuckold?”

“No the wrong one the behind him is the one who is hidden cuckold and the next to him is besides himself with the thoughts of what to do with himself.”

“Yes she virgin when he married her so he right cuckold.”

“It is not politically correct to say that.”


“Not political or polite to speak about such matters.”

“I am not paid to be politically correct in fact I am not paid at all.”

“I am not allowed to work and not allowed to speak is that correct?”

“Virtue likes it that to think you are better than the aristocracy?”

“I know it is a tough decision to think the aristocracy bad and indifferent to the world’s wails but the thing is I can prove it.”

“Yes virtue like that?”

“Yes it is right way to his heart?”

“Look it is very nasty thing to say about everyone and to be over critical.”

“I am not being over critical there is a critical situation inside the world and what does everyone say them words all the time never ending and no actions taken and now we are misbehaving again.”

“Heart of gold she is genuinely concerned person.”

“Of course of course must make allowances for her.”

“I think I will be sick in the sink.”

“The kitchen sinks?”

“Totally think so.”

“Use the toilet.”

“Yes he has the best interest of his wife intact.”


“Can you use another name to describe me?”

“There is no other word.”

“He has to sex her in bed speaking to me about it all the time.”

“When he came to seek how I was doing.”

“Yes he now misplaced his cock?”

“No she had too much virginity.”

“He smelt new lavenders.”

“He is now happier than ever.”

“His friends are all fond of him?”

“No he has lost many friends.”

“That is a shame.”

“Yes so they all cheer when he comes.”

When a man marries a woman called Jane the friends just go to her side.

“Poor Jane such a good wife and mother and a great girl.”

“What so good?”

“Yes gave it to look after the girl who happened to need her at the time.”

“Which one?”

He became a cuckcold in the cock society and seem not to mind at all. I knew it would happen but he just went and did it anyway. So now every now and again I call him behind his back cuckold do not dare to call him that when he round.

“Yes we cuckolds should stay together.”

Drink together and become nerds.

“So that is politically correct thing to be?”

“Jane now holds the key to her own fortunes and future happiness.”

“What she totally in charge how about me?”

“Total emancipation before that we and now without meaning for what is freedom but to head down the street with the dogs and then smile agreeably with them.”

“In this weather you got to be joking.”

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