Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 27

Once I got stuck at the window. Trying to plaster the curtain ring and had been gazing at the youths who were sat down staring at me. I glued myself to it. Luckily she had the door opened and came to help she did. It was a relief. I thought the super glue would stick permanent.

Would have needed surgery might have had to go to the hospital with the window. No probably the plaster from the window. The pole or something it had not had a pole it was not supporting the rail so placed the super glue to make it stick? When it got myself into trouble the boys moved or something.

But they had this rage? They were not beneficence or somehow they were doing this crazy jealous rage,

“I am a woman.”

“The four boys at my door were waiting for her with them biker’s attitudes.”

Which boys?

Suddenly the whole neighbourhood behaved strange. As if given a command and the command came from the family she has. She is the favourite with the favouritism intact the girl cannot behave well and nicely that way she set the scene the scene of my would be abduction that was when the cab did not like my voice so had to reverse in order to go back because the thing was did not like my vocals.

What is the matter with them? I thought drunk and looking at me through the window.

There was an odd woman outside waiting looking at me. Why? I closed the window. The curtain follows.

The odd woman had an umbrella and stood for half an hour in the rain it made me feel a trifle uncomfortable to be so sought after. I mean first this bitch on heat then the other one. Well have a nice day.

Why did it make me feel uncomfortable?

Imagine if a gay lad had a dozen sexy ladies after him he would not like it would he? He would be busy comparing his lack of assets and all that and having inferiority complexes.

She seemed zany with designs and desire which was unsettling mid life crisis or something she was also bored and suffered with her nerves so she asked to be released from her shackles of being in that way bored.

When the neighbour who had the girl. A woman who had the girls was busking with heated desires.

Now outside my window with her umbrella waiting just waiting that there is let us be friends I lost a friend more nature as intended and she no longer my friend she did not eventually dare not seek me out as if I a viper. I was sorry lost a good friend.

“What she looking at?”

“She was still there after half an hour?”

“What she looking at is she doing black magic?”

I had been outside too looking with her umbrella with the same intensity. In her seventies she had been retired many summers.

What is the matter with them? Search me there is not much to concern me is there? No the boys were not looking at me their enraged?

What is the matter when me glue stuck.

They had to have her.

My mentor was this beauty they all lost their heads with her. She was not from here. She said she lived near.

Boys laughing as if in some glee they at the roundabout having the smoke and the drink they almost into drug parties but someone said they had to wait for someone to come.

I did not feel she had come from far.

One of them was chosen a boy who did it with her. She had him so sorry. I mean he looked older than his years.

He fed proper food and good things.

He looked like he popped out before his time.

“His mother she did not seem to mind she said he just like his dad.”

“Well he fourteen by than older than his brother who had not the right sex drives he said he did not want it?”

“Well the boys were fighting over it then the police were called?”

“Somehow they did not take out the right report.”

“They were done for burglary.”

“Which set them out and about everyone thinks I am into burglary too theft and all matters of disaster follow me but they can’t fool me I am not into that sort of thing.”

“It is highly unusual is it not?”

I bang on the shop when I think about robbing the store it is as if my head goes haywire.

“When facts are not the facts we know.”

Store detectives follow me nevertheless.

The attacks did not happen one spit or two the odd glances the glares then the very thinking went to this attacks.

While the real theft is taking place it is highly amusing to me because they seem to see but nod and wink at that but follow me.

I had felt oddly not fearful but had fretted. Went to the other dodged area and somehow they were there already. Had to walk through it did not want to turn back anymore.

They start to throw them green curly stuff at me. I take Susie into my arms she is inside my jumper.

It was about that time. They attacked with the bikes. Five bikes all done nicely encircled there it is encircled trapped.

The boy came over this other boy then about thirteen and says them words.

“My dog shall eat your dog.”

“No that is not fair at all starving your dog to such a extent. Boy you should feed your dog.”

The money is immense must be. I mean how much does the man have? Search me he does not like to speak of such matters as I would spend it. You see being nice and good means I do not even take anything. The bad do yes because the bad do the deeds the contracts and they have right pimps.

The rest well the rest have the borrowed times.

When she did it with the bikes she never? She did sent five boys with bikes to murder my Susie. Who did no harm as she a dog? First when one of the boys said he would make his dog eat my Susie.

It is a younger woman and she flew to the house as the youths after her thinking I was sleeping with their idol. They made life hell because she they thought came asking for me. Her tits did not give it a clue but the boys were boisterous had to be sent down to Borstal.

“The girl was dark she had dark thoughts.”

“Yes she would sit down in front of the house thinking.”

“Her knees opening to thoughts”

“The next thing they had left for good taking all the money that they legally could.”

“But they did not leave empty?”

Not true they left more empties than anyone.

“We all felt unhappy.”


“I never liked them.”

I always thought they stole and did this and that. Not the other? Not that way to think I mean not right at all. I am thinking pure thoughts. Nun like and speak no evil hear no evil and this is the results?

Pranks and practised jokes the jokers in the situations okay mostly funny but it hurt the man waiting for the girl waited for many hours, two or three to be exact. The thinking is bad the man has it bad. The girls all giggling mad. They melt into this screech of bathos their very failings are they are good to look at but how mean?

Infantile humour such an absurdity they do not even say the right words. The thinking is not to their liking. They do not even know that they are not doing the right pranks with the right thoughts they rich kids behaving bad and working.

Kids grow up and become some people young and unkind who know how to hurt who know the triggers who know the robberies and the disasters they can undo you.

Mislaid my understanding of what had happened did the working into the ground with their noose in the wrong place. When the boy who did that thing called rape was raped by that boy. Who was waiting for me as an eight year old or nine year old these girls are at odds with the world because they are not right type to have around.

Now that family after me trying to say the worst thing me because of what had happened to their own and me in the wrong because my mother brought them near the boy’s desires and that made me her accessory after the fact. The hen party the things which she did the fool I had become because of that moment when revenge was teeth for a teeth a eye for a eye.

So sorry what is wrong with them?

Bedsits my dearest loves.

Look damn it the girls are older. They are fucking up because I did not date as a nine year old and someone they knew had got raped.

One is not supposed to be dating at 9 years old.

“I did not know that.”

Me not in the streets my dears not in the streets in the bedsit which we paid for rent for. We rented two rooms in the attic. We had a stove in the corner in the corridor. Not too much space. We loved the toast we did on the stove.

“I washed the dishes on the lower corridor when I would place the cutlery and all that on the steps.”

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