Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 28

I lost on the rest of the household as we in the top floor. Not in the bottom floor no that is where the landlady had her bath times in. She stayed in her bath three hours.

So what is wrong with the whole thing?

“Bedsits bedsits when children live in bedsits.”

“Shit we live in the mansions.”

“Golly how nice for you all.”

“So should a nine year old girl go and be raped so that the man who is richer than he designs to say is not raped?”

“He is a boy too?”

“Yes he a year younger than me. He wanted sex. I did not. He had this boy who also wanted sex they went downstairs waiting then the other boy raped him so whose fault?”

“The families they sent him out too soon.”

But this is emotionally intense because he a child a boy that is what it is because it happened to this kid he lost it. He lost out on what he could be. The kid is the boy who is being raped by this teenage gay kid.

So what does it mean if he did not rape the child he would not be mad?

That everyone blames themselves or me and there is a lot of head shaking and misery yes misery because it is over or something there is now to make the best of it. That is it makes the best of it there is nothing more to say.

“Boy child go happy hunting.”

“He has his manhood to sort out.”

“Child you still hunting?”

“Happy is hunting.”

“Boy has you lost your instinct?”

“That boy will not make it?”

“What is the meaning of not hunting?”

“You are hurting our reputation.”

It was almost a year like this.

Into such a situation as if asking for this and that and not knowing what it is the very meaning is lost.

I am not a lost child prostitute. I am not a prostitute so honey goes and bags the others who make their living this way. They all knew I not a whore nor a prostitute. The landlady the landlord thought in this manner I should pay for having a roof over the head.

“These are our poor relations.”

“We are the richer for having them.”

“Yes we are.”

Pop goes all eyes.

There is no such thing as being in the reality of the whole thing like parts are lost. Partners prattle. The discourse the discussions all about who is better able stronger and more sexy. There is not much in tune?

“Dating daring who are they?”

“The failures of being inhuman when a topic deserves humanity and attention and concern when a child has lost his childhood because of someone being malicious towards her own dismissal from society that hen party mother lost me because she made a boy lose his only childhood.”

“The new sirens are the disdainful that do such acts towards the little ones who did harm them.”


“Because they could not harm the adult that woman madden a youth and had another youth rape that boy.”

They do not even know why they are giggling they look good though.

They all knew what was going on? Someone lost his dog when the girls sat on him made him spruce himself than he waited for some hours. He did not feel it. He felt it so much his dog died. He did not even say anything but nothing. His dog dies and he does not even note it. When did your dog die?

He will not reply.

He is a changed man now.

He walks brisker than ever.

That is the man who did not date he waited for his date and then he was disappointed but he got out of it.

He now a man who is past the age of forty because his childhood lost because he now lost like everyone else. He did what he had to got over it but the son who got raped on his fistful of a dare.

“We dare you?”

“We dare you.”

“We do dares wins.”

“It is win. Win situation.”

“Can’t go wrong on that can we.”

About a date was a child almost nine. So what are the difficulties we face? Where are the things which they do not understand?

Almost I can’t see when drinking on nothing but wit can make us think.

“Banter and the banners and we all have the cold feel.”

“How many fish did they have in their nets?”

“The top drawers do not know what the bottom drawers do?”

“Do not be dopy?”

“You mean the race is that we do the doping?”

“Someone tied a dog and in the heat it caved the fence down. What is the matter everyone has a dog problem.”

“Another one had his dog running round and without questions.”

“Should be run over?”

“Who cares they got more of the same things”

“Why, poor dog.”

The teenage girl did not do much more than that. The thinkers are many.

The violence was such the girl took it badly too? Yes she involved too? Her energy was such the next door had to do a lot of comforting her.

The girl on the doorstep had the crying. The kindly neighbour had it solved.

Her tits even bigger, no she was not young she had not been out long.

The girl’s family?

Then the husband or the father said we now completely gutted. They had to make the right furnishings as this would make them blend in. Having the furniture sorted they then begin to look like us and we say hello and there is this prim and proper glow.

And then there it was a black youths.

They too must have heard about how to do easy money? It is that easy as this can bring prestige cookers and all that sort of things unfortunately it bought them bikes too?

Alas also with demented bikes nearly shattered right into me.

She could not stand the strain.

“Kids do not rush so much it might make you bang into things.”

“I had stood aside near the lamp post to make allowances for their speed.”

“When two rammed into each other like goats on heats with no safety nets without anything but bad vibes and there is nothing to startle me at all?”

“Families row all the time.”

The other three toppled the last one just flopped as if his energy drink run out.

“It is worrying this very troubling.”

“Will they listen?”

“Not them they got red in their purple rages?”

The police man standing just waved his arm and blew his whistle what has happened?

They jumped back on their bikes and went.

At least they had not mangled their bikes. At least that is a comfort.

Look Vegas has the most numbers so it is the smartest place ever. Teacher gives her the best numbers so she is prim and proper and we are hobnobbing her parties because she gets the even numbers all the time and give us one too. Teacher said she has the best number brains. How many brains does she have?

Being good means we must have the right numbers of bank accounts with the accountable daddies paying not enough daddies. Not enough backers. It is a curse. We did not get enough numbers in the bank account might make us feel small.

Look how many daddies do you have? Uncles’ and God parents? Not one of them gave you the right money? You were not pleasant and sit on them? Yes what did it make them run for? He sat with my palette knife. What nothing to wonder.

“Please make amends?”

“No I am going to be an artist.”

“A con woman whatever for it is a con no wonder go to hell that is enough that is very much enough I will not be conned again yet”

“Why should families want to con each other?”

“Because they know how to take a ambitious child and take a gullible aunt what do they say to each to the other?”

“Might be that?”

Go ask your mother she might? She has a better job than them. It is her day out. Whenever if she is not at the boutiques buying herself another Anne Summers it might not be harmful to think she is into another pantry?

No she is not at the pantry she is no way near a pantry?

Whose mother is?

I think it is 1969. There is the awfulness of this age coming to an end an era of so much happiness and power flower power. The flower power which powdered the dog shows with the pomp and the ceremony gave girlie the skirts which took us into leaps and bounds and gave the right feel to the good fellows. When the it is fashion is to be in bed with the wet one. When the girl’ is taught what to do with her charms and the boy is taught how to use his learn at school how to be tempting at all levels leave school to become a tempting thing. A tempting little thing in order to get what they want in order to fool everyone and that left me a jerk of course because not a tempting thing but a fool. Underneath all that this happens there is no respect for hard work or graft everyone is on the make because we were taught to be charming and to whizz off to give another offence. The size of consent without the strait jacket is that everyone who is honest is mad and that is because it is bad to be unpopular and most of the popular people make a lot of money which they do not declare how they made in the first place.

Sorry but you cannot do that sort of thing when in line to do a robbery and show the child how to do the robbing when the child is caught it becomes a known felon.

“Domestic work not proper work but hard work.”

“So jab on mum?”

“It is only a bee.”

Having sorted the whole thing went to bed. Let us say her family blames me for her leaving her prime behind her so early.

“A good woman put into this manner of being?”

“Disobedient children make life hard for their betters.”

“It makes them ungrateful and their betters not gratified to be involved with them.”

“Their upkeep becomes monumental.”

“The food on the table becomes coarse.”

“They have to work with the mosque.“!

“This is to make them earn their own living.”

“Life becomes drab.”

“They get ugly with prayers of sin and doom.”

“Always soul searching because it is their method of reasoning likes having a lantern and never forgetting to use it.”

“The lantern passes from child to child.”

“Never finding the facts”

“But how much do we know?”

“We know nothing but mere glimpses?”

“When one’s soul is not there but everywhere”

“When one is a soul lost forever.”

“Lost in earnings we lost our life for the sake of others only to be banned from seeing them again”

“Earning power halved.”

“Do not fear I know someone not as nice

“What you do?”

“I went to find out if the house still standing it had not occurred to me to find him nearby lurking. He found me introduced himself. I knew him instantly. He is the dad who had the difficult wife. He yelled he had the wife and she where? He had the true wife he had the woman who liked him very well indeed and where did it leave him and her? Where is indeed?

Did not answer thought me sadly mad just looked at me as if somehow it did not occur to him that aspect of the situation. I wondered what aspect he meant it was early in the day had been travelling for a long time and did not want to know his sort.

“Need food?”

He just stood nerd. He said not much but nerd; the look of a man who lived on better do’s.

“Doing her job just like her mother did.”

He looks different not as nice. I run from him.

The wet one behind the ears actually believes this as she goes to the ice cream van she orders her ice cream is eating like she is family what a girl she will come out as? We thank this people who did the best things in their deeds in their actions without fail for the duty and effort the work which is repaid the deeds of the commonwealth the rich and the powerful that do the good philanthropy which makes the Britain today.

They are waving flags to the words, the words which seen such an ordeal such a crime committed against the children? Who were the raped the plundered now in here with their children waving flags at the whole thing the whole debauchery the whole sham the whole show on earth the best show on earth is here this beats any show.

“He is our new leader.”

Royal highness glances at me her attention stirs and she sits a bit higher in her important carriage. The general stirs and they both look at other things the queen gently nods her fan and he then nods.

Someone stands up and says these things.

“Applaus applaus the second coming is coming.”

“We live in an age of bliss.”

“We have found our true leaderships.”

“We did not do this on purpose.”

“Wave the flags.”

“Second coming is coming Jesus who said that?”

Applaus there is a crescendo of it all the time gone to my mind and never ending.

Your teeth will rot.”

“What is it all about?”

“His hearing has left him?”

“Do not show this national flag up.”

“I would not dare it is red already,”

“What did she say?”

“I swear I do not know,”

“He might take it the wrong way?”

“Why is he here?”

“I have no idea and does it matter?”

“I suspect not.”

“Go on then enjoy.”

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