Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 4

Booted out and around shagged adding to the population explosion which everyone desired after the war. River of no return because nobody wanted to be near them women anymore because they were outcasts from the world society and eventually their reason would leave them.

You can find him there pushing his pen and doing his bath times at the same time, because he now over the moon because he found the right tart to do it for him.

His wife died. She must have because he grew half wild, Nothing like that happened to him his wife did not die he just went and married her. He wanted someone else and he desired this best he desired this better than the most. He was educated and lived within his means. He married well and they all had high expectations. We all have affections when young and this man had affections which he knew was not the right feelings he had he made the mistakes he did and in front of the world. He married another woman and got the keys to his doom. The mayor gave it to him and he handled the keys as if he now owning the world. They so well fed like pushing cars and trolleys with the market explosions in their bulge and they wept no more their happiest days these. She had nothing she got nothing she had nothing but the worst possible things happening to her and he did not understand what it would mean or do to him he was now vulnerable to not feeling he had lost his humanity because of that woman he married and he now without anything but failure as a human beast a man without anything but crocodile failures as a human monster he and the wife his wife very aptly named.

“We will eat it entire our cake and cast offs as well.”

There he is just doing what he is supposed to be doing,

The rich and the elegant always do what they are expected of doing and behaving like swine’s while they are doing the deeds the harshest deeds to the person who loves them. I had pig swell then what did I matter I had nothing given nothing was not much to look at anymore that made me bitter why does a aging woman a woman becomes bitter and dull and unused is because she is no longer loved and that means much to her when she is no longer able to be loved? But then there is always this thing called the revitalise.

Purgatory hell looking through society and my mind and seeking the truth with a lantern which has seen so many truths and half truths only to blow me away with its misery of half discourse and there is nothing to share to do behave but to matter more in order to share myself and my work with others so that somehow I can make a difference to this barren world of words and more words which matter less as we speak.

Look who cares what the people in novels eat and drink and wear does it make any differences to what they do to each other?

Life is cruel and whether you are eating a chicken or the ham what you do is what counts. How many cigars you smoked and how many lagers consumed tells me you as the author is at the pub and write there.

He had to smell me you see he had to smell me he had to do that and my friend just watched him as he did so.

This is purgatory like hell is before me the lantern is about to go out and I try not to unbalance it the light must shine through my vision.

It is as if patches come to light and give me the feeling of light and safety and where do I find myself now what does it mean or matter to me or the failures who called in and said hi. The meaning of this repast is that there is not enough food for thought for everyone that some people might go away in disgust and some might even not enjoy the taste but not everyone will become unwell. No one I assure you will be poisoned because of this mad stew.

This is the codswallop this the named stew this is the bargain this is the meal this is what I am left with? The bitterness and poisons and mushrooming of resentments so deep that my life is nearly spent with him with his pussies doing the rounds of pussy footing and fooling around.

Ever had or likely to have. But no matter without this and that we will only mass produce pussies, look the pussy he has now much more kind than the last one. Lost and found no more he now the right mood of behaving well no more he now nothing to declare but bad behaviour. How right my love. No use having kittens. They are very expensive to nurture.

This vigil that sadness had made fortitude. Ink never dried up in my soul but my blood curled up and aside from this there was nothing more to be said left it all unsaid why should I say something bad to you? When the horses in my head are still galloping? Said when he saw his wife whom he had mourned for or ages. What and why did he run away?

Women who dine alone and alone forever in that way alone because he did not could not now feel my wrath and my growing lack of concern for his concerns I became a hell cat my darling did you know that I became a hell cat?

No more armour the chains in the dungeons affect my sexual urges. Oh that is okay they make mine.

Sexy beast comes down to me. Come and seek me out I have all these phone cards. Call anyone of them from anywhere. Diners clubs okay? Definite now come. Come. Come,

His phone always nearby just in case there is the mighty and the spells comes true. I tremble in some trepidation why this standard behaviour why me stranded alone with this?

What is this why I’m I here alone again with this mighty stab wound coming afresh to haunt me when in the winter the wounds shower me with the cries I made in earlier days.

“I do not think a wife talks like that.”


Most women do because it is the right thing to do otherwise not a marriage not mating not love.


“If it was domestic violence there would be nothing but the sirens in there we live peacefully as well.”

“So volcanic eruptions are necessary in a marriage?”

“In any relationship because otherwise one is married to a cushion and as the writer said woman are from Venus and man from Mars it is a constant flux otherwise one or the other party lets go.”

“Why this anger?”

“It is a point of style.”

“No decorum.”

“Why this style of redress because the dress sense was not there that most women now the enemy of marriage and they do not want to be with men but with women because then they can marry and have fun all the time.”

“Laughter all the time?”

“Talk too.”

“Yes we can laugh and talk and make merry.”

“But me has been living as a whore for many years.”

“I divorce you.”

“Good let us get on with it.”

“My dove does not mind.”

“No of course not this way more real it hurts man to part with their money.”

“Marriage now means what it says that work it work it then worth it.”

“I want Horace.”

“No need for him he is okay.”

“But he died too?”

“Of course but he is in a green omelette.”

“No more my darling you’re skeletal is bad it smells.”

“No my darling the dark Bess is too great. I interfered with a wall the other day. Most unfortunate wrote down angry words and made off with them spells of disdain then went and took the paint home trying to paint the walls but grew tired of it.”

“You hurt your membrane?”

“None of your business.”

He said he had a lot of embroidery to do before he died. His masterpiece was not complete to his satisfaction but they said because he was cutting that was why his poetic master piece was not growing but getting smaller. So he is not adding but subtracted. What you say? Subtracting. Nothing of the sort he was taking it away. Oh sorry did not know you were a moron. Good now you do.

I am so sorry.

“Took genius away and made a talented author great.”

“We will now pick on everything that moves like unpick them all.”

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