Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 5

They slit great grandma again. Just like they slit me and they think they can do this to someone who picks up where the others had left off like inheritance or something? Yes just like inheriting the beacon somehow it set me afire. You are just like my ma and you can carry the can not my child but you. She has always been able to take the knife and they would run. Bit older now. Totally shocked if her daughter had not come and yanked it out of her mouth she would gave up. Her tears now worn out ugly she is shivering she just sits and shivers. Mostly covered by the blanket used for the donkey she is shivering. Her husband is walking up and down he does not want to see then he walks out and the wind is after his shoes.

Her mouth is no longer able to close. She can’t eat.

The wind has been after me for a long time too my dear the wind will catch me before they catch you. It is over between us I do not feel anything but pity,

I light the lantern and wander off again it is so bad it is just like lights it again and again there is nothing the matter with me as I walk there is nothing to see the lantern is half lit needs a clean because did not oil it properly I am walking onto some windy place and then the lantern is off.

“I married whore citizens and now she is this shrivelling beast.”

There is a cowering woman a wife a mother who has now nothing but fear that is domestic abuse that is domestic violence when you see a woman so beaten up that she is yelling that her fear is palpable the rest are doing it for the good times ahead.

“No use to man or beast.”

Pecked to such a high order I used to belong to the high priests. Before they got me I was to be the wastrel virgins. She would shatter the silence with; the high priests would not demean themselves with such a one.

The new high priests of human nature and their crudities are such that they would take the money out of children’s mouths and they would say they would not pay their own taxes?

“We worked hard for our money.”

“Sure you can.”

Oh the horrendous sounds she cried all the time when she stopped it got worse.

The obvious scorn the truth does not lie with you.

The truth does not lie with anyone of us. I do not lie with him the husband who never was he has girls flocking to share his wealth. Why he still married to me to make you look sad and fed. You no longer the beautiful, now discarded.

The lantern brings in more discord there is more to follow into the show there is this fool who speaks her mind and we do not want to listen anymore because we are so fond of being always told we in the right.

“We are the poor workers here done out of our rights.”

“We do all day work hard.”

“We do all that we did and more.”

I the husband whom you disliked have gone and Abdul has stayed and the domestic violence is done by me? Of course the good woman has been the victim of such a crime. Of course and Abdul does not measure the house and in his industry does not have it right?

“No one loved you ever.”


“So nobody loved me so there.”

“No longer had a common ground for a common whore.”

“Never I have I slept with all the generals.”

“This is a pricy whore.”

One has to protect the things one loves does not one it is true is it not?

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