Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 6

Who are all these people? These are the people from Turkey when the war had been and done the country in and now we have the similar people living in Britain. They have all lumbered in like lumber jacks and they do not care where they are as long as they can bring their own habits of mind and mental attitudes. Look what taken the cat in and where did she come from? They are doing the same shocks and all that. We are all now behaving so well. Saving money and doing the right sums and getting the sums more wrong than before because we got emotional about it all and not that the migrants were bad but now nobody wants to pick the fruits of them trees and mostly we are too good for anything but crime and it does pay.

I do not know them they come and communicate. I am the medium who they try to share their tales with. I am a medium believe me I know them because they come and torment me with their side of this and that. I am a medium being told stories by people who did not have a real trail. So one by one they come to speak to me into my hands to give up to ten times ten and why bother why ask what is the meanings of this life are never take for granted the grand designs of creation when something ends just wallow in some grief and let it go. Do not torment that other person with your objectionable self or your dear wife. The woman does not want to know just forget about it and at all times do not come and have sex with the Mrs in front of that woman otherwise there is hell to pay. Ha the idiot does not know of course the fucking never stops.

So being the medium which says that the plentiful will come and rain on the fools who think it does not hurt that sort of thing well believe me it does even if one is sunshine all the time as he and she were.

When the questions are answered with lies and lying and cheating is the normal behaviour. Which when and only when it is found out is shame. Why they were married and what mattered to him was he did not want to say it out loud he no longer loved me he involved he heavily involved and why me that is the question why I and when it got them into trouble.

I could not move and he had moved on men are like that in many ways a female does not only stand there looking old and odd but she feels all the things hidden.

Ha-ha there is this laughter somewhere and the fireworks and the laughter again and the chin and off to another party and ha-ha what a fool she is shall we tell her? Oh should us the poor dear no of course not it will make her think herself neglected. As if I was not thinking that already my thinning hair my portly body my little habits which got lost in some sort of hag washed out. My beautiful wife and her beautiful husband that is them him walking and waltzing Matilda and chin up it might never happen it did and why the chin up? Because it might never happen. Oh what happiness to know what did happen to them was the start of their end of their dynasty.

The stories did not move on. Grave matters came first food shortages childcare. The other things can wait it can wait. The stories of wonder adventure and all that one does in the magic carpet on the mythical creatures.

This is window dressing. We have the best windows in the world. It is called miniature minds with the dementias intact they were fooled maybe because I did not say anything but the wailing did not stop I was crying all the time injections she got me into injections and then the psychiatry but he went on and did not stop. That a woman who is in full knowledge about what she is doing and the man not conscious but half in love with his sentimental but intelligent doctor wife who knows all about such behaviours and trusted her treated her with trust and respect and made her well his beloved because trusted her opinions because she did not scream all the time she did not only behave like a educated woman of the world but everyone treated her with respectful attention and she was so popular that everyone agreeable surprised by her jokes and antics and thought the world of her.

It can’t be helped.

You see if a reasonable man is expecting a reasonable wife then what happens when he finds it? The healthy and the wealthy commute together and the little disaster at home is forgotten.

“What a wealth of detail in this little episode but my dears I am sharing the gist of what had happened that a woman a cruel lesbian set about taking what she did not want and then when she got him did not want him.”

“What she did not want him?”

“No because she was into girls.”

“Why did she bother?”

“Because she had to wear something like a husband.”

The clothes we wear have to be bought so that when we go outside the husband can tag along with his good clothes and suits and smiles that we can become the beautiful coupled.

I could never marry because I am tarnished a soul thrown aside cast adrift in this sea of toppled pride and all that because I am forever a burden on the community.

This victim that now I have become because a man had a twin heart and one side he loved better.

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