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Chapter 7

My lantern goes deep into the oceans and comes right at the other end and there are not many people out to get me is there? When love is dying or is near death there are the death pangs awaiting the woman who is feeding them all. I feed the pigeons whenever I am low it is a point of honour that I must feed everyone because if I did not feed everything even beasts which are hellish for me and I have a phobia of but must feed them not on them but just give them food for they are the things which mother said must and should live and not me.

Not much happens when one does not succeed does it? But you know when one looks underneath the microscope there are so many things and beasts and all that happening that it is like it is another world most weird is it not?

Some come in and get out down the river and shot down dead. Not much happened after that. The president’s mother found the president a wife who she said he deserved. How to say no in different languages as she had remarried. They did not only destroy that mother son relationship but it made her not welcome into the ministry.

Who is this and where does it happen? This is Turkey at the turn of the 1920’s not the most elegant times but I thought I would go over the beginning in order to make it known where the feel good factor comes from.

“No son I can’t make the ordeal.” Said the mother with her cheese.

“I will send you some cheese that way we can’t argue.”

“Yes them cheese he looked forward to it went with drink.”

“He could not eat anything other than that.”

“Cheese increased his appetites and fed him.”

“His mother grew concerned her boy was dying? Well it must be serious when he wants to see me and asks for me beside him. What is the matter with my son the healthy son who was sent down for being beastly?”

“I will send him some more cheese as he does not like my husband and I in there without the man would make me randy as a goat.”

He said he deserved such ill equipped wife. Yes she knew all those languages now a culture minister. I do not know why he thought his mother would find him the ideal wife when he and she did not and had not spoken a word to each other. She had remarried.

The factories did not work the workers went to other countries because there was no work. The universities did not make it happen they did not do education. In there was nothing spent nothing spent after many years there was not much happiness. The only thing was the banks were made.

We did not put any money in the banks we came without funds to see the solace of the familiar sights. I meant not the traffic jams with the haunting sounds.

“Bloody get out of my way.”

“Bloody shut downs here.”

“Shouting at me for?”

“The wife is in labour”

“In the exchange of labour?”

“No she is going to give birth?”

“To a baby?”

“No to a goat? Of course to a baby?”

“Hello who is the father?”

They did a lot of money. You see the only thing in Turkey is banks. What a good idea they only have banks with banks inside them banks what is there? Nobody knows. It is not in the hospitals it is not in the housing because the homes did not rebuild. Well what happened to them? There are banks working.

Many people had to migrate in order to feed the banks money. So the constant work forces all round the world. You see nothing gets into the banks otherwise. If it was not for the likes of us the army would not have got airplanes renewed at all.

We did the banks in when we went to Germany in order to feed the banks with our money otherwise we all bankrupt our spouses and all the family not affluent and we so sorry but that was how we saved Turkey from such a ordeals of bad management and bad war and groping things which took us in besides the things which we saw aboard made us smarter at home.

But they did not love us not the Europeans and mostly we stayed in our closed circles of members and did not venture out except to work. Now there are a closeted clan with names such as John or Joss or something but they not that.

But that is in England and they do not have the same sort of a deal. Kiss your mother’s hand and every Christmas we go driving along to kiss our mothers hand. It is very nice because if we do not kiss our mothers hand and drive the traffic to a standstill it would not be Christmas would it?

My dear son or daughter come back another time traffic is dangerous kiss my hand another time.”

“No I must come and kiss your hand I must do this it is such a good handsome hand.”

“Due to them driving over from Germany to kiss my hand they all died in a terrible accident.”

After such an incredible heroic war to be fought and now not the sorry things which we would never have. 1,000 children trying to kiss their mothers hand in the same moment which caused road traffic and that meant they now died without issue and made off to their relatives their estates so many beneficiaries. So when due to traffic jams do not go on the Ramadan to kiss your father or mothers hand because it is due to these things which cause the very incidents go to an air port and that might be better. What gets me is that the tourists are not affected by that sort of thing when they are on holiday no traffic jams and they all okay.

So the tourist not inclined to go into traffic jams?

These are our children no more? Yes we are abnormally sensitive souls. Our soul searching in this world is to be so much better off than the worse. Sensitivity our middle name and our maiden names are the children.

Passport control does not know who to give the clean bill of health and the vets been on call since day break doing the herds injections. For they give milk. Milk makes cheese and that is good for the restaurants they give us money and they also feed school kids so that they may go to school and make their life work. They can study in their world and make nice remarks and remarkable achievements and take on the good with the bad and make their exams work for them.

Yes we are modest with our whims. We play the card games to such an extent we love being proper and with the wealth and indecency is not our way. We behave like anyone else we help the most fortunate and leave the others to themselves. Children we must have per family more children so we can increase these splendid beings. This is a youthful nation and anyone over the average, thrown out to the streets. Urchin’s filth and good for not much else, anyone for more sherry?

“Don’t go and kiss your mother’s time when they are all in the traffic jams.”

That them children are what? And this is a society who loves children has the best child care in the world is the one who has Christmas especially for the children? Animals have the rights not those children? That snubbed us did not we try ourselves to find ways to make ourselves fit into homes?

Mess said it was about that the jams the best jams in the world that is just about managing the jams and more of the same.

You see just about managing to live and make the work pay is the thing which we all have in common now the disasters are the things which we figured out no end. Why does Mrs Hussein not have anyone at home when her husband is out? Well ask her not me.

When she marries her Hussein next day he walks to work to feed his Mrs with the delights of food as she has to take what it is goodness from his laboured hand. His labourer’s hand which she has condescended to honour with. When she marries her Hussein because he the smartest of the lot in the lottery.

When she marries her Mr Hussein she is the wife to be seen with. That is when she stays indoors. She indoors to make her homespun test the sweet delights with. When she the little woman. The waif?

By damned Gods she nothing of the sort.

“When she married him for what??”

“Why did she marry me?”

“What does she want from me?”

“After all I am a simple man.”

“I know I am right a woman is virtue. A woman is full of the goodness of milk not like this one the milked. I had given my penis if not truth that would make me disobey the marriage vows. The mating seasons are so good reminds me of them French brothels. Otherwise what is the point of her the purpose in her?”

“I am not a prostitute not into that sort of thing.”

“Woman did I say you are?”

“I did not remember your birthday.”

“Which one did you remember?”

“I can’t remember.”

“I have remembered your birthday my child.”

“I can’t remember a happier one.”

“My dear child it is very difficult to be so naive.”

“Yes mother I want to be naive.”

“Life is so strange it is startling what one is and what one needs.”

“I have everything here mummy,”

“I must to wash your feet honey but there is nothing I can do to make a difference there is nothing else for me here the life is spent it is over this is the only choice left.”

“No more stitching pet. Just leave your trousseau alone and go and do something else.”

“Mummy I am to get wed to the fine gentleman he is going to ask me today.”

The hen night was over the remains were clearly not one of worship or even honour but pure debauchery.

That mummy was some sort of waif no more and that she had let herself down was plain as the screaming child which she left to starve clearly testified. Poor Z why she leaves it to starve her never did her anything she loved mummy why?

“That is what she is that is what she has become and you?”

“What me?” I felt so uncomfortable as if saw my future in her and left it there that my future was somehow going to be hers.

The thing was easy over easy there is nothing but premonitions and omens and then saw it in her eyes I did not have to do anything my fate was clear to every one of them.

“Where did you see him?”

“I do not know what you talking about it is not my fault what could I have done went looking for Z and would not let me in said she was being cared for so ate Z’s food and daddy there you see he should have given her a talking to.”

“He is talking to father.”

“But before not now it is too late now the woman has absconded not paying rent the landlord said so.”

“Do not blush my dear do not blush,” said his wife.

A wife who has laid him an egg from another man from the man next door to them. It was an act of love not one of necessity because the first one was one for gain but this second child was never going to be his own. This is the good woman who has no other interests then him and has nobody else to make do with but with him.

When she had married to get wed and be sexy with a man. Now she in sweetness delights and sighs to see him with the food on the table the dinner in the oven the good sense with and she and he now delighted with each other to such an extent they have extended their family by having a daughter after many tries.

“He still want to increase his seed and so has invited this other man in to make him complete with.”

“I know the type very well he is not very fulsome but the thing it is a disaster round a young girl. My own girl child. No way to thank him without? I must do something to make his wedded life not right.”

“Don’t mess around when mating with this woman she is like a clown she will clot your lifestyle.”

“Invitations sorted then the girl runs off with the Mess who has just been born.”

“I meant the man who had the funeral parlour and increasingly buried me or something.”

Gold took the child and did not love children after that she wanted them all dead.

You know the story so far was the mother has an illegitimate child and then says it is her eleven year old daughter’s then the daughter is harassed and harmed then she kills eight of her children and mates with a man who sits on the child called the daughter from a previous relationship otherwise no harm done.

Eight children dead and nobody said a word?

Snakes alive child of course not because it happened naturally the snakes took the children the snakes were in the fields and Gold went to the open field to do her toilet when the snake just struck. You see it is that simple killing a two year old.

Nobody knew at all because the woman called Gold could have left the child in the kitchen or the house but she choice to leave it in the open fields to go to do her toilet in. No outside toilet in them days you see.

In which hell brothels are the sheer shame. We are now pedestrian crawling within our own back yard. Low class whores common class of being crass. We do not do it with our mothers. This is common mockeries. We do not marry whores.

“Dad married a whore you know.”

“Did he bring it over from some Cosmo?”

“The bitches on heat.”

“Then the pimp discovered that he could make more for the lads.”

“The lads of course they pay more for boys.”

“That means?”

“We wasted our time having all the girls.”

The new thing is to marry into prostitution and have it pay the likes of the gentry and all that her breath smells.

“Daddy I am sorry.”

“New food and drink?”

“You see all these men from other parts without any women we thought they wanted women but no they want boys. We got boys have we not?”

“Don’t mess around so behave.”

“Daddy what now what have I done now?”

“Mess we got boys do not we?”

“I think therefore I want.”

“I have a few laying around

“We want this one.”

“What is the cause of the common cold?”

“The Morris marina coming to take away her great granddaughter.”

“I’ve been kidnapped.”

“It is the worst thing that can happen to a girl to be kidnapped and then come back a month later glowing.”

“What is the reasonable cause of a doubt?”

“She went to do further education and was caught in bed with the man in charge who had the acting skills and then swept her off to the lands of nowhere when he could not sell her because of her youth brought her back.”

“He has benefited from the same schooling in order to catch her while young.”

“We can’t be too careful.” Said grandmother to them all the whole pack of the wives agog what the mistress was going to do about the situation that the Goddess of spick and span should be so caught out.

“But he did not touch me he said he healthy he did not touch me.” said the maid but nobody remembered that you see when she said something she meant it not the other way round but her reputation was lost she was indeed a lost soul.

“The slave driver has driven them all mad.” Slave driver was Ati the monster of them all. Who is the fairest is not that word but the word is who is the most vicious and the monstrosity of them all.

“I think Ati did not love her?”

“Nobody thinks about my nerves.”


“Why what is the matter with you all?”

“I don’t envy her.” Said some.

“She deserves what she is going to get the woman is a dogma to social graciousness when she is nearby the conned do not know it until she is gone.”

“She never conned me I paid regularly for my debts.”

“That is what she does wool gathers.”

“Look she’s a lady.”

“When her ladyship was a lady was when her husband was alive now she is a mere widow.”

“A pack of devils will eat you all entire.”


“She is not hearing well but soon will come and take away your last cent.”

“Fucking going on there I hear.”

“Her husband has died?”

“No not yet he just left for his club.”

“Good as dead he is a diabetic.”

“Well club food should do it.”

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