Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 8

“He had to travel to England then he was sent over to pick up the goodies which would make the herd instinct sober sides.”

“Disown her disfigure her then make her a slave.”

“We disown her disfigured her and now she is mad.”

He did the cuckold. He is a cuckold. We will make sure he knows it true.

Him with the lowest of IQ’s we will feed with the harem the same girls’ night out only younger and more educational crass but like us. We now into travels so we can whirl and dine on each other’s houses instead of doing it at the palace as this is in tatters. The carpets have to be swept and dried.

“Think of our husband?”

“No she is outside but not with her?”

“Who is he with?”

“His brother in law.”

“That is nice the chickens are in the hen house locked.”

“It is useful to know where we are at now.”

“Cursed be?”

“The kitchen is on fire.”

“We have our wits about us.”

“Did my chickens escape I am keeping on losing them.”

“Look Ati they eat all my crops.”

“They do no harm.”

“But they take my food,” Said Gold.

“Why what has happened?”

“Did you not give him the remote control?”

“Where is the television?”

Life is easier now because the only thing that is upsetting in the entire house. Is remote control who handles the remote control is a major area of contention because if one wants to use the television which is not reprogramming.

We are now into programming our homes so if we lose the remote control we have to make do without the whole house?

That can be very dangerous. The moment remote control gets in cricket can happen and golf.

“You can start saying the worst words ever until blue in the face.”

“My face is wet with tears.”

“What happiness to know that something upset her is it honey?”

“I am not popular with anybody.”

“Not like my daddy or even my mum.”

“Certainly not like your mum now behave how about your grandmother Ati?”

“She hated me.”

“Replaced by that other one called Gold because I thought that was what she deserved as the reality of behaving like a cad.”

“Why replace and lie like that?”

“I can’t remember in the past too far back.”

We share bath time we share our women and husbands. We share our food and our mothers and our in laws except our inheritance money which we are now waiting to inherit. As the parents are older than they used to be.

She can hurt more than a man could ever. She hits me like a sock she is so strong she hurts my very bones.

My bones ache so.

“We must make her less strong.”

Like it or not we are not behaving right in this world there are many rights to be made more right and many wrongs to undo but there is no time to do them in. Many share the point of view that happiness is living simply or richly there must be something in between. That revenge cannot benefit anyone but the other side.

“Yes that way we can contain it.”

Revenge is a matter of doubts and indecision and about the human weakness and why should someone who had the whoops done to it behave as they should do behave weakly? I mean to be stronger than anyone so that I can do what I must do and not be weakling at all.

And now we do not control the remote control that is when evil seeps inside the house and takes away our calm and contented selves we behave as we are desperate.

I am never going to be desperate again.

We have been waiting for the inheritance money for years so we know exact amounts to cater for when we do inherit. We had a look round the books in keeping with our good sense and advance mathematics. Well that does not work at all because people are so mean they mean to be mean they do not like me at all beaver away to inherit what their worth my father did not even own I was his legal child so why is that why should anyone else care about me when my dad my own flesh and blood never did?

No one likes to give we all love to receive and that is a fact a man is a man and he is duller than ever and he will never change and there is nothing the matter with him of course he loves beautiful enchanting women and he can have them all of them.

We have worked out all the amounts in decimals and centimetres and have not informed anyone but to make the add on and discounts and all that we know what we are worth a lot more money than sense.

“We thought about the gay bar first.”

“We were the ones with the original idea.”

“The thing is to have a gay brothel.”

I told my mother’s mother to make a brothel and they did but mother said a gay one should be better.

“Good idea. No need for the ladies chattering like magpies.”

“Noise kept me up late nights.”

“Now we do the business in silence and the deed is done and off we go.”

Now they are not talking as my innocence precious to them.

“Lads lads it is the best thing in the world. No talking now.”

“Speech let us stop speaking silence for a moment”?

“Silence over rated now more talking.”

“No speaking parts.”

“The lads are quietly spoken they do not know Turkish.”

“We do son of bitch.”

“We will get you.”

“Lads no violence I am the official police here.”

Back in the bird cage, oh of course birds that are like me grandmother had to be caged. She now enslaved to her husband who did not know how to make her happy. Hates seep in slowly the poisons become gaseous and consume them who breath the very air stank of vile deeds.

Gas has happened someone has gone and farted.

“He hangs his head at the very sight of me yet he wants to stay married to me?”

“These are the deeds to my heart.”

“No one wants but thanks.”

“He does not even know me has not even sufficient time for the likes of me said homespun clothes would make me sober and sane.”

He did not know why he married her. He did not know what to make of her former career he did not know why?

“Why did he marry his Rachel?”

“To be with her daddy and Rachel were involved in love.”

“Oh sweet surrenders brilliant times had been well done music industry.”

“Yes passions can go mad.”

“Love is like a jelly.”

“How they shook it like it or not then the bucks went and took hold of him.”

“My said it all.”

“Then it melted.”

Ice melts and so does jelly I began to wobble-wobble along and then more wobble along.

Their low end of wits, whatever is the matter with me is that I had been a generous girl when swimming in the river and this is now. A low creature without much fortune and a low fortitude unable to bear anything or anyone near the house; in sheer total chaos of behaving like a prisoner. Now I am eaten bit by bit by the sense of injustice and go seek but justice for the likes of me and my own. “Who do you think you are an hero you are? A mere nothing, a nobody without a family that has a name.”

I find laughter mockeries they are all thinking me shame. A shared bounty me, a shared bounty now the awfulness of being this woman wanton not even a husband who owns me.

“Or was it the other?”

“The plot thickens.”

“I mean no harm but the child did run away with the donkey.”

“This has been cast away aside there is nobody which had been outside the window.”

“That makes it very suspect.”

But everyone runs away and the parents discover the plot or the child and reasonably deal with the damn girl and the boy in question but that is it and nothing bad then happens what became of childhood what did become of that in case of Rachel they all went mad.

“Rachel was a whore.”

“How did she become one?”

“We can demonstrate for you if you like?”

“Well that would be kind.”

They have been demonstrating ever since.

Now I lock the rooms everyone at night and hold scissors in sight in case they creep in the night coming for me. Lanterns okay, Fine. But find me a brighter light a new light to follow and I will follow the damn thing but there is nobody who gives me such a bright light as that lantern.

“I wondered if there was someone else on the front of the donkey but nobody said.”

“That is very worrying.”

“He did not see her at all. Which was cruelly demonstrated when he swung with her over the chandeliers and made off with the balcony scenes and reminded himself of Michael Jackson.”

“No he did not look unwell.”

“We have the Speech speaking to us all.”

“No need for German.”

This is mother a simple woman who kept the laundry within. This is the man who makes me smile she said delighted with him. He the joker in the pack when he had the pack herds within? When there is a man who wants a fresh wife.

He meant chicks dear.

“No he meant fresh.”

“From what source dear did the river come and when it flowed where did go?”

“I do not know.”

“Why not did not you have a fresh wife?”

“She might come popping in the doorstep any moment creating havoc on the carpet.”

“I do not need this in the morning.”

Ati said truthfully she sent her husband to his club where he is quite comfortable until unexpectedly he died because he over indulged. She said very plainly he had the gout or something. Did she mean the goat?

“No use to use your ear plugs with.”

“What matters is maturity.”

“Well it is pornography is it not?”

“Well meant advice never leave your man at the club he might become engaged.

“He died in a serious scandal.”

“We are never in love?”

“How did it happen?”

“His love life took control died with a under aged girl who gave him a bar of chocolate I mean and he a diabetic.”

“Love life is fulfilled.”

“You always were a bad story teller.”

“How are the psychos doing?”

“Yes fine they also have psychos in their family what an odd ball they are.”

“I meant no harm?”

“Why adopt them all?”

“Families should stick together.”

“Like sticky toffee?”

“Well why does it always?”

“You mean talk?”

“I am lonely with the jaw stopping thinking.”

“Seriously thinking is bad for you.”

“I did not think you would notice there are fine lines underneath my forehead and all that it is worrying me.”

“But I notice everything you do.”

“Yes it is here and there.”

“Except when I am with somebody else I cover the lines because I am animated and add to my youthful appearance.”

“How frequent a visitor were you in that house?”

“Which one I go to several difficult houses.”

“You know Ati with the interesting son and daughter in law?”

“Every day we meet them tell me something new.”

“Which they frequent this place as the day.”

“So he has huge gaps in his knowledge and he never can sit for longer than ten minutes so we are not sorry to seek him out and discuss his special privileges being removed.”

“Slow tortures when he is within the nursing skills in hospital when he thinks he a smooth hustler and the nursing staff explain to him what medicine to take in ten minute interval. He into this beastly self. He is a twirl.

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