Someone always knocking on the door

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Chapter 9

He has been on the phone with them nursing discussing in fine detail when to be medicated. Which medicine to take with his other stuff, his meds as he is known to say to me. When he got his DVD’s which he wanted to watch cut with a scissor he was most put out. It is my daddy now ill or something? Did I not understand? What had happened? The cocktail he was saying was deadly. What was the meaning of that was he doing experiments on himself?

“I always came round for breakfast which you cooked?”

“It was my mother who cooked your breakfasts. She said you paid more than anyone else and she loved money and still is attached to it. She would say let me cook him breakfast then you can cook for the other customers. I had no choice they had more number of breakfasts in one day and I was working in a job which said plain as plain the more you cook the more in the till.”

“So mummy cooked you breakfast then when you left she left the job.”

“It was not worthy of her notice anymore.”

“So daddy nearly got raped for this?”

“Yes he had no knees to hug himself with his first wife had it out and then mum had gone off the idea and so my daddy and me shook up with the fears.”

“He gave his bracelet and we hoped it would pave the way for a escape. As they said he had it coming for him.”

“As he had been found out this was not nice to say as we always had mice.”

“Even the palace has the mice.”

“But never mind they said we would die for it.”

“But me?”

“Yes they said Wolfe getting paint on his sued was the very least he had and I should join in the carnage.”

“So we had the shook up. The hairdresser had the shop in order to close it when dad came round for an appointed hair do.”

“Then he over run his razors and we all knew.”

“I had to go out and do something to pay for the mortgage and the debts incurred the heaters were not working the roof was leaking we had been run out.”

“We had to do something so sorry the haste is on the odd balls are coming.”

“We were not doing anything but waiting.”

“We were wilting with the fears.”

“When a woman has gone to watch movies and left us alone with the debts and sent round her brother to clean the household of the litters the gutters and bills.”

Because I sat on my looks and spoilt her devoted fan club which meant her shagging the great movie star you can’t won’t believe the legendary yes it had not happened. I meant no harm towards my looks the indignity is it took me so long to louse it up,

I mean the looks that are the looks. It made me cry to see myself in the mirror but then it is not worth it. Here? So it has to become not here? If you only know what I mean by all this the terrible folly that we all became. Then it took its toil the customers thoughtfully said they would not be served by someone who looked like me.

“What has changed?”

“What has changed?”

No one saw us clanging our chains in Cyprus nobody saw us at all.

“The chains, noise clangs and the chains when mankind spoils the broths which are not meant for their own consumptions.”

“What were they supposed to have done?”

“They could have done something to have stopped it all.”

“That they were not even noticing that they gave tactic approval sent us all insane.”

Oh they were there to protect you all from the actual bodily harm why go into morality because you all had a different God so they could not interfere with that custom and all manners of that place.

“Why come at all?”

“We must all be served the same broth?”

“Yes we are into group B no we are into A.”

“How many men or women must change one light switch?”

“I mean seek the jobs one does.”

“I mean how many of you can change one switch in this step ladder try how many can go on at the same time?”

“No need to rush into thinking.”

The options being well there was nothing to it. I mean the mirror mirrored on the wall and the walls crumbling onto me we had to do some brain work. I taken no heed but then there was not much else to sell so having the bracelet at least then something would be paid for. The leaky ceiling the things which do not work.

Then my blissfully happy sister B she would could give me a thousand and a half to have the deeds included in her name. My house. The very house I now would own. My only collateral my only secure place. I mean what happiness to be included in her raw deals? What happiness to bring her into this place to make and rob me too?

Take this and that one has taken on too much of everyone else’s shares of the jobs. I meant no harm when I thought to make their life well and able. Now there is no need to be here anymore because everyone I had ever known is now no more.

Nobody such as this is here anymore. Nobody like that lives here any longer. There is nothing like that in this place nothing like her is there anymore. The beasts are here telling me where I belong and it is here with the likes of the people who robbed us. They robbed me of my childhood and all that now they are robbing me of something called reasonable securities they have no more to say to me because it is me they disown more than any other living being for telling the truth. By these animals because of differences in custom and religion who caved us in. It is awkward? I am freaking out sincerity and honesty is not the thing. In the night time it freaks out the spelling of the truth. No place for the night.

Freaks of their pornographically sexy acts which spells the good times we are having the Halloweens all year round. This is evil under a different brand name? It is as if shopping evil under many brands. The consumers that we are; we consume another brand that is new evil. The devil wears Prada.

“These days it is you spent money so you are in less credit.”

“That means we must show you how to spend your money.”

“To take care of your income and to earn the money in the first place we did not want to do that sort of thing not us.”

“To make you secure and happy was our aim we kept the empire going we made so many people happy but that little Island not happiness and content?”

“Every Island is not the same.”

I meant no harm when me began the chicken runs and this is fox and this is the beings. Benedictions we now feel swell.

Anyway bliss when me dead but the thing is there is not much cash? Oh mother forgets the money the moment it is in her bank account. She does not like to be reminded of it. I do not know what her condition is but it is a illness which not much can cure. It can cause permanent damage to her sensibility and make her lose her sleep. Being driven by mad things and demoniac plagues which are the very torments of hell.

That is what it means to her to spend her money.

When a man has to get married to a virgin when he a man he in bed with her who had someone so great within? He did not match him in any way he no match for that great dude. He was a simple man who had to slave in order to labour. So she makes him rich and he destroys the banks to be rid of her name.

The greatest woman who ever lived and loved and was the armies within the mascot who did walk away with the gold. She made the banks in Cyprus. She went and gave the husband the ideas; which he followed slave like. This is when he made the mint of money. He made a mint of course. He so rich he grew rich on the spoils of her knowledge. Then fled from that know how.

The first banker in Cyprus was a money lender who became a banker. The properties he had in his profile and all that mattered to him and if he disappointed or disapproved of some man or family he would take away their assets. The man who made the rich spoils of the spoilt then he gave in to his bad debts. He did not think twice. He wanted to try his wife try her after 33 years of marriage.

Marriage is hell married to his sort is the hells that said it we are what we are but purity is the thing which wears like a shade. I am the jade. I am the jade. He has become jaded with his designs I am the jade.

“Wear this little satin my dear and we may- go- off- out-. I do not mind if men ogle you.”

“If man you ogled me I will put you aside and tell my husband.”

“Yes it is sure fun that way.”

“If we had the numbers right at this discounted store.”

“Yes it can make us dance away.”

There are marriages that can last for a life time; and marriages that you can do without. Married life is not what it is. This is in the house with a fool. But who we are fond of him but he is a fool. A foolish man he thinks of himself as the master of his universe. He will somehow eat me alive then call me something.

It is in our universe this failure of communication when someone is begging for help what does the other person do? Well I am in a hurry and must call you see calling someone not now and there is not enough time not now this is urgent this is important it is the very call for me I am sorry what did you say and why is that girl looking not the thing ask her PA and see if she needs anything. You see it is the hate filled man who does not care anymore but does not know it. The thing to do is to make allowance for such behaviour.

I did I was very young I made allowance for such behaviour and when he finally flipped his casket over board I was the last one to share in his grief and his real sympathy for me. But the thing is one cannot live on sympathy but he has plenty of it but that one cannot live on but he has more than enough sympathy and he wants me to have his sympathy and if I do not want his sympathy then he will draw a bunch of flowers for me.

Most of the billionaire marriages end in divorce or they mate and marry woman like his wife and that means something for them because that kind of woman knows how to cash the checks. The failure of such men are that they do not know what they have are over the top and they are like Donald Trump and have nothing to offer but good business deals.

So they give you a idea and to do that you have to go through ropes in order to get to someplace else and if you fail them ropes you are no longer able to be given the money or his time. It is like catch 22 if you pay them they want the money if not they don’t like to work? Of course I love to work but what I dislike is that I am never rewarded by him he is still drawing me flowers and giving her diamonds and she in fact said which she prefers.

Now there is this other old man sat in front of his computer will not go out and is staying there will not holiday will never get money is old and getting older by the day. I am sorry there is nothing there for me from him because I am used to better things even passion so he can get along with being that odd and me can end in the sewer like I am able to be.

“Anything wrong with that?” asked this man in the chair.

We lived and now about to dine somewhere else and the eggs can be hatched without him sat on them.

I almost always used to come round for breakfast then discovered she had not been cooking the breakfast and sent me over to Hawaii. I mean them Californian girls. Were very nice so I have heard he had Havre cigars too. Congo dancing meant him had the best Congo dancers ever. The best palaces are home sprung, He was last found to be in somewhere known as the rocky mountain with rock climbers as the duo.

He is dancing with death and there is no stopping the death throes of my love for him.

Never go back to someone one has hurt and had been involved with because you meet bitterness and the end of your own self esteem because that person knows your weak points and can spot you like a spotted dick and means to kick your arse in. Never leave a woman whom you and your wife tormented and tortured and come back saying you are a good man a good family man a good husband. Whose husband certainly not mine?

His wife has been chasing me like a fox terrier and he has been in a supportive mood one and one is there some death toll there is nothing there but this condescension and openly snobbery. Look honey it is not my fault that you stumbled into some kind of relationship with me. Are you all happy now? Is everyone having a good fright night?

I mean to eat you all entirely and I mean to have a good repast with the past the present and eventually there might be a meal left a happy meal for the future.

But by God I am going to have a repast first.

I mean kind sir can we make bread? Yes dearest what kind of a bread. No room at the inn no room at the inn no room for the likes of them fiends. I must swear at him throw stones then say sooty soot. Sooty faced kid will do it someone said. I went into a rage.

So his wife and he now in the last flings of their grand passion and he threw me the bone and I caught the last days of his spring and you know what does it matter to me when spring was lost to me when the summer seasons went without me and I was raging and boiling in madness and in mental anguish I was not going to kill him then no it had to be me who I had killed for not measuring up to him and not being able to keep pace with his stride and they went flying higher and higher without the grace or the wit to say thank you and here it is you fool some money to tide you over.

You just stay in the bath with them girls because twenty pizzas on their way. I thought of them Gauguin paintings. The best ones must be real. I had nearly fainted at fifteen because of Gauguin now there they were against the backdrop of hell. The frying pans are out and in come the girls this would mean more time to sit down and chat.


“It has set a bad example for her and her tongue has made improvements.”

“What does he mean?”

This is a bad world this world is very sad and absolutely mad with the desires and the lack of respect which we all have for each other we might be polite but we do not respect one another.

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