aligning of the charcoal stars

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“I found your writing personable, real. Raw, if you would. You’re the universe in the making. You’re the stars." ALANNA I've never once considered myself anything special. I know in my heart that I was born on Earth to spread love and peace and to promote honesty, just like any other person. However, I also know that the odds are stacked against me. Because I am one of the charcoal stars. I am the girl they trod through the dirt for the color of her skin and the texture of her hair. I am, simply, me. JAMES For all seventeen years of my life, I have been trying to find a purpose. My exterior shouts, "athletic boy with a huge heart and an even bigger ego" but my insides whisper the unbearable pain of emptiness. I have been searching for answers in the cracks between important moments and in the eyes of girls, far and wide. I am heartbroken and tormented and they call me perfect, nonetheless. I am the rainbow created from the sun tirelessly shining down on the shitstorm that is my circumstance. I am, unfortunately, me. THE CHARCOAL STARS And at night, when the hum of humanity manages to cease for a short while and the bitter taste of the earth beneath everyone's feet becomes too much handle, the charcoal stars rise out of the dust and align once again. copyright © of merit o.

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Aligning of the Charcoal Stars

By Merit Onyekwere


A sesquipedalian word tumbles out of a delicately boisterous mouth and slips into the whipping wind, each solid consonant heavy against the flesh of a bloodpink tongue and each frozen vowel tickling attentive ears as they encounter such mellifluity. Laughs, grins, chuckles, and other amiable responses are given, and the individuals involved buzz on with their existence, complacent with their role in the affair that seemed so enthralling mere seconds ago. Interpersonal bliss.

Because amidst all of the hustle and bustle of everyday, metropolitan area life, there are those conversations that we have with people; those conversations that evoke raw emotion and can set the course for the rest of our day—and occasionally, for the rest of our lives. Most times, we let these conversations go by unacknowledged, as they are colloquial and mundane things that occur in the lives of us all. However, if we took the time to use these normalities to invigorate, empower, and ameliorate ourselves, the words we so easily relinquish would hold more than their denotational value. If the dialogue we shared everyday unified us instead of separated us-- if the things we said to one another helped us instead of hurt us-- we’d be better off.

My goal for this story is to show you how the strongest of bonds can be made between two people from different backgrounds simply because of the words that were spoken and the emotions behind them. I, personally, feel that many stories on Wattpad showcase meeting your soulmate or someone you were “destined to be with” as a chance encounter or rare occurrence. I couldn’t disagree with this more. I believe that if you genuinely put in an effort to build a friendship/relationship with someone, anything can happen.

In aligning of the charcoal stars, two teenagers with diverse pasts develop strong feelings for one another all due to the benevolent conversations and moments they share over the course of a school year. If I were to paraphrase: it isn’t the setting or timing that matters, but the dialogue and the effort to harmonize.

To conclude, this is to all of you who believe this as well. To the girls and boys and people in between or completely outside (because gender truly has no meaning) that are just looking for a friend, but don’t know where to find one, you’ll always have one in me. And, hopefully, in these characters, as well.

Though, please don’t read this story with hopes of stumbling across something that is secretly an allegory for the true meaning of life, because you will be immensely disappointed. Whilst the message behind it may be incredibly philosophical, the story itself is meant to be a nice source of entertainment and enthusiasm for a short while (and will, admittedly, be somewhat cheesy and about fate and stars because I’m me). Do enjoy it, however. I’d like that very much.

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