Perks of being a blue ivy**

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As I stare at my ceiling wall, up at the picture of the illuminated sky mother had painted for me as a child.. I can’t help but remember my younger days... especially when Devin was around and we’d watch the night sky together on the roof. I missed him, his goofy smile, and stupid jokes that always came at the most inappropriate of times and how he’d turn to face me even though he couldn’t see me.

“You know sometimes I wonder why you’re still with me. you know you’re free to get anyone else.. someone who can actually see you, your beautiful smile.. someone who can also see your scrawny ass and make fun of it,” he snickered.

“My ass is damn fine.. f anyone’s ass is scrawny its yours dummy. Plus Devin I don’t need anyone else.. you already know my smile is beautiful and you can’t see me.. that’s enough for me.” I said leaning on his chest while he was on his hospital bed. He was slipping away and there was nothing I could do. I could only wait on some miracle although any chances we had of a miracle were already lost.. Who was going to watch the sky with me when the moon comes up?

“You’re crying again, aren’t you?”

“No am not.. and you can’t tell that!”

" Then why is your voice shaky? and your nose is getting heated up..” he said touching my nose gently.. ” Don’t cry.. you can get through this.. I’l always be there with you, you know that! Every full moon I’ll be right outside your window watching the sky with you.. every thanksgiving I’ll be at your table and always promise to steal your piece like I do every year. On your prom date I’ll be there to dance with you and on your wedding day, I promise to object if that sucker aint right for you..”

“How can you make promises like that? Devin what if I forget you? What if I can’t remember your face like that lady in the movie we watched last night?”

“You can’t.. you know why?.. It’s one of the perks of being a blue ivy.. you are extremely loyal just like the Ivy binds itself around the tree, my memory is bound to you.... I’ll always be there. ”

I blew my nose and lay still beside him as we slid into the night..

“Leticia? I know you blew your nose on my gown.. you filthy little swine.” I giggled slowly as he pulled me closer to him, a slight chuckle escaping him..

(Perks of Being A Blue Ivy)..**

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