The Opal Wolf

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Meet Olivia, the final Opal of werewolf, she'll be the one who help you company in the book! Legend said the werewolf used to be ruled by Opal, the wolf spirit ambassador, they help Alpha rule their pack, fight with the Vampire, capable to do extraordinary and more than a normal werewolf couldn't do. Read to know more

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Chapter 1

Olivia’s POV

“OLI!!!” I turn around and saw a cute, small girl run toward me”Hey, Kiki. What’s up?” Her name’s Kiana Dent, she’s half Japanese, half American and me? Well, I’m Olivia Waminton “Have you hear? Blaze and Dustin are fighting in the Gym class. Seem really serious Oli, you coming?” I rolled my eyes, I didn't really care about this thing all I care is to keep this dummy out of trouble otherwise both of us will get into trouble because of one

“And why should I? I don’t like fighting and certainly-”

“Please Oli, I can’t stand here and pretend that-”

“Then sit. That’s none of our business. Come on, let’s go” I grab her hand and pulled her away with me. At first, she refused to go but I don’t care, I stronger but then... “Oli look” She trick me with the old classic trick again, why I always fall for her trick anyway?

“Tchehe. Catch me if you can” She’s fast, like crazy fast, what did her mom feed her? Oil? I sighed, I guess I should go after her. I started running to her but she so frickin fast, when I caught up with her she’s already at the gym

“I told you to come with me. Not come to the gym” I tried to catch my breath again, the gym is full of student, how the frick no one calls the gym teacher or any teacher come? Why?

“GO GO GO. GO BLAZE, YOU CAN DO IT” Oh why? Why? Dear God why?!? “Kiki don’t come closer-” She’s already did. UGH! FINE “Kiki I don’t know why do you want me to see this” I come closer to the crowd, try to get in but I was pushed out, wow they really like watching them fighting maybe someone will get hurt and I should care about them... Well I DON’T CARE, MY NAIVE FRIEND IN THAT CROWD AND I HAVE TO GET HER OUT NO MATTER WHAT

“Kiki get out of there. We need to go” She doesn’t answer me, maybe she didn’t hear me either, she’s gone too far “Kiki!” I try to get in harder, this time I'm in the crowd, I take a look at them. The football star fight with another football star, great. They could kill each other and I finally-

“Ouch. Watch it!” I get hit in by someone, ugh Kiki where are you? I need to find her-

“WHAT’S GOING ON IN HERE?” Great finally. A teacher, maybe he could deal with this and I could finally find the idiot in this stupid crowd “MOVE!!!” The teacher gets in the fight, wow they really play hard at this, I mean blood, bruise,... They got all

“MR. JADEN, MR. MOONFAL. YOU TWO ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE AND THE REST OF YOU. GET OUT IS TIME FOR CLASSES” Hell yeah they are, the crowd started to get out the gym, finally I could find Kiki, now where’s she? “Kiki? Kiki where are you?” I take a look around but unfortunately I dropped my glasses, I still be able to look but I needed it, hope no one going to break it “OLI!!” Huh? I heard Kiki, is she here? “KIKI. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?”

“I’m here” I turn around and saw her stand right next to the teacher. What the heck Kiki? “Kiki what are you doing?” I look at her standing smiling like an idiot then suddenly I feel like someone is staring at me, I look around, no one seems like they’re paying attention on me, I look at Kiki one more time then I noticed is them. They’re the one who looks at me, Blaze and Dustin

“Oli. You found me” Hell yeah I am “Kiki come here. We're leaving, the bell almost rang” I still can’t find my glasses, where the hell are they? I look around one more time then I noticed my glasses is under the gym teacher which happened to be broken “Oli is this your glasses?” She picked it up and go to me, I take them and grab her hand out the gym “Wait I don’t want to go! I want to stay!”

“If you want both of us go to the detention after class I’ll kill you and burn you body like your country do when some one die Kiki”

“Hmmm!! Fine. For you information we don’t do that anymore” I rolled my eyes and take her to the first class, sicience. Luckily the bell rang right after we get in the class, I sat by the window, I didn’t bother much about the teacher or the lesson the only reason why I go to this class is because the view in here is amazing

“Psss. Oli” She whisper, I turned back to look at her “What?” I looked at her try best to not get any attention from the teacher “What do you think?”

“Bout what?”

“You know. Blaze” Oh, here we go again, I rolled my eyes then she started talking “He’s the coolest one in our school even when he’s fighting he still looks cool”

“I only see myself cool Kiki. Besides, he’s getting beat up real hard back then, I think he needs to be tougher otherwise he could say goodbye to-”

“Oli! Look at him when he’s fighting, look at the way they fight make me want to scream” She stopped me, I'm sure you do cause you seem like you could get in the fight back then

“OLIVIA. KIANA. Do you have anything to share with everyone here?” Yes, ma’mam. I want to say that you are the biggest bitch in here that’s all I want to say but if I want to stay at my house for the next week I would

“No Mrs. Pig- I mean Mrs. Hendry” Phew that was close “... Pay more attention, Olivia. I’ll keep my eyes on you” Sure you’ll if you have eyes back your head

After the morning is lunch, I went to the cafeteria with Kiki, she eats like a pig but she never gets fat. What the hell? Well at least she’s dump, I guess something everything have their own price after all

“Oi. Oli, sit here” I went to her table and sat right next to her “Now where’s that bastard?”

“Did you just call me bitch?” Ah, there he is “Hey Ken. What took you so long? Your girlfriend keep you back?”

“Shut up she’s just a bitch. She’s not my girlfriend anymore” Yeah yeah yeah, bla bla bla...

“So how’s going Kensy? Did you hear about the fight this morning?” Ken looked at me, I just shrugged, don’t know what really happens, just know that they’re fighting “No. What happened this morning Kiana?” She started to tell him everything and I didn't care much, I rolled my eyes then take a look around, everything seemed normal enough, nothing spe- “... What. The. Hell?” Is Blaze, he’s staring at me just like how he staring at me this morning, what? Why?

“Oli. Oli. OLIVIA!!!”

“I'm listening” I turned around, Ken seems confused and Kiki seemed like she’s still talking about that fight

“Where are your glasses Oli?” Knew it, someone will ask this eventuality “Someone broke it”

“Okkk I don’t know how but... Is your problem. Anyway, tonight we have a meeting, you coming?”

“Yeah, Oli come. I want you there, come on. Please~” A wolf meeting, how nice. In case you don’t know Kiana and Ken are werewolves, Kiana is special, she’s half wolf half human because her mother’s a human and her father’s a werewolves, Ken on other hands is the future Alpha in the pack, the reason why I know this is because Kiki once changed in front of me when we’re 12 years old, she told me to keep this secret forever and I was planning that too because Kiki is my best friends and best friend will do anything for each other

“Well don’t worry about Oli. They’re not going to lay any finger on you, not while I’m here” How nice, more reason for me to NOT to come

“Please, Oli~. Is really boring there, I need you to go to”

“...Fine. I’ll go but if I was eaten by another wolf I need you to tell my aunt that I hate her apple pie” My mother died when I was born so now I live with my aunt, is was the price for me...

“Don’t worry Oli. I’ll burn them alive if they do that, other hands I’ll drink their blood” Tchehe, nice one Kiki, I giggled a little bit then that feeling comes again, don’t tell me Blaze still staring at me this whole time? I turned around and I was right, HE STILL STARING AT ME

“Uhhh... Ken, Kiki?”

“Yeah? What’s wrong Oli?” Should I tell them or not? “Split it out Olivia” You know what? Nevermind, maybe he just the type like to look at other people REALLY frickin long without notice another people feeling

“A- Anyway. How’s the mate thing happen? Kiki?” Mate, the other half in werewolf story, they were born for each other, without another half the other don’t know how to live, what to do with their lives, it will be like hell for them, their life will be meaningless

“No. Two more day is my B- Day so I hope after that I’ll be able to find a handsome werewolf as my mate” Sure you are princess, your eyes are shaping star, I sighed then asked “Ken? Any luck? You already 18 right?” When a werewolf at 18 years old they’ll be able to find their mate, destiny will bring them together even they’re at another side of the world

“No... I think?” What? “Ken be more specifically. What do you mean by that?”

“Yeah, Ken. Tell us” He sighed then finally he told us everything. It turned out his mate thing is out of control, a girl makes him felt really strong but there’s one more girl make him feel like he was alive “Now I’m confused. Is that actually happen Ken? Who are they?”

“Jen and Diana” Hmm... This really special, I haven’t hear anything like this before. Maybe this is one of those rare mates “Ken. I want you to make sure who you choose because it really important you know that?”

“I know but... I don’t know, I just don’t know. I need time to think” Yeah you are. After finished our meal me and Kiki went through the principal office, I was about to go through but this young idiot lady right here want to hear if someone in trouble, is she keep doing that we’re the one in the trouble

“Kiki let’s go don’t-”

“Shhhh. I heard someone talking... I think is... Blaze and Dustin?!? Oh my God is them, they’re talking about something” Oh crap now I'm interested ” What’re they talking about?”

“I think is... Mate?!?” Mate? One of them have a mate already? “Shh... I think they’re-”

“Fighting? Yes, they’re” Holly mother crap. The door suddenly opened, now Kiki can kiss the floor “Ahahaha Mr. Principal we just...” I smiled awkwardly, hope it could save my life and this dork right here “Uh huh? I'm listening. Tell me do you want to get in and listen? We just getting started” Nope. Flee. Now

“Ahaha I just remember that I- I- I-” Holly crap, Kiki get up and help me, stop chilling with the floor

“You what?”


“What she means is WE. Need to go to the bathroom now sir, I’m on my ‘red’ day if you know what I mean and I needed my dear friend Olivia here to help me. So if you don’t mind WE needed to go now” Oh good she’s up, some good reason Kiki “Is that so?” He’s not buying it, but whatever right now flee is the best way and we’ll do anything to flee

“Yup. We need to go now. I hope I’ll see you around Mr. Principal” I smile and flee with Kiki, I hoped I’m NOT seeing him often cause whenever I saw him, DETENTION is always his answer

“Good move Kiki” At least she used her brain this time “I’m always good at fleeing” Sure you are. I rolled my eyes and start walking normally

“Hey, Kiki. What exactly did you hear while I’m talking with him?”

“Well while I’m chilling around with the cool floor I saw Blaze and Dustin stared at you”

“For real? Why?”

“I have no idea but their eyes. It looks... Different” Is that supposed to be good different or bad different “Feel like they could eat you alive with that look”

“Well, they’re not werewolves like you Kiki. They’re not going to eat me if they do I’m going to eat them first” I saw her rolling her eyes, we just kept going to our next class but what if I was wrong? What if they were werewolves?... Nah, is not going to happen

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