8 Methods to Be Free from the Ego

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What if you could be free from all the negativity in your mind? What if you could have infinite intelligence by your side at any given moment? What if the combination of that freedom and that intelligence would create an amazing life for you to live? Would you want it? If you do, this book was made for you and will change your life! “It feels like breathing fresh air after being underwater for a very long time.” Mariana N. “You will understand your emotions and transcend your thoughts, it’s a whole new world.” Ana B. “You will have God, Source, Spirit, the Universe or whatever you want to call it, right by your side!” Rui P. Every single one of us has a very nasty voice inside our own heads, that voice is the combination of all our fears, traumas, doubts, unpleasant experiences, broken dreams and every little piece of negativity we faced throughout our lives. That voice is not your true voice, that voice is your Ego! Your ego is the impostor inside your mind, it is a small and limited self that constantly pretends to be you but that has nothing to do with who you truly are. Who you truly are is realized in your freedom from the ego, and with that freedom all you desire

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Hey friends, in this book I will give you 8 methods for you to be from your ego.

8 simple practices you can apply every time you are dealing with negative emotions and that will make go all the way from feeling confused, depressed, desperate, stressed, overwhelmed and trapped inside your own head into regaining clarity, bliss, and joy, setting you free from those negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs FOREVER.

As you will find out reading this book, a lot high valuable concepts, explanations and contexts will be given to you while you read through the methods, as means of providing great support and guidance for your freedom journey.

All of these methods can also be used without the presence of any negative emotion in your mind and I highly recommend that you do so, that you practice them when everything is perfect and well.

For they will always guide you to know more of your true self, to find who you truly are beneath everything the world told you should be, and therefore, make you absolutely free to be yourself and experience life in whatever way your heart desires.

These 8 methods will assist you in unraveling more and more of your unique essence and as a by-product of that, help you become absolutely free, enlightened and empowered in every single area and aspect of your life and in every single area, aspect and way of being You.

This book can quite literally change your life and the life of the ones you love.

The methods you are about to learn will be the difference between a life of love and a life of fear, between all the right choices and the all the bad decisions, between falling into suffering or breaking free into overwhelming happiness.

They are designed to take you all the way from chaos and confusion to bliss and clarity of mind, guiding you each and every time more to be/break free from the ego.

And I want you to deeply understand that …

Being free from the ego is synonymous with breaking free from fear and stepping into Love.

Breaking free from misery and stepping into abundance.

Breaking free from sadness and stepping into joy.

Breaking free from chaos and stepping into peace.

Breaking free from confusion and stepping into clarity.

Breaking free from limitations and stepping into freedom.

Breaking free from obstacles and stepping into ease.

Breaking free from boredom and stepping into excitement.

Breaking free from being “stuck” and stepping into infinite possibilities.

Breaking free from lack of direction and stepping into purpose.

Breaking free from all the questions and stepping into all the answers.

Breaking free from the life that is not for you and stepping into the amazing life you are meant to live.

Everything you ever want, everything you ever desire and everything you dream of is on the other side of your ego, and so, breaking free from the ego is the most wonderful thing that can happen to you each and every time.

Your ego is the sum of all the limiting, wrong, negative and fearful beliefs, thoughts, concepts, ideas and assumptions you have about yourself, about your life and about the world itself.

They are mostly unconscious and they can control you and run your life because you are not aware of them. It is like having someone else thinking for us, acting for us, choosing for us and experiencing for us. An impostor inside our minds, like a madman driving our amazing car and that ’s what the ego is, a mad and false impostor driving your mind.

Worry no more, with the methods I share with you in this book, your ego will be incapacitated, it will have no longer a slightly chance to control you and prevent you from being free, from being your true self and from living an amazing life filled with love, happiness, and bliss in every single aspect of it.

I have been using these methods for a long time in my life, teaching and sharing them with my coaching clients, with general people I come in contact with, and they are serious lifesavers.

They are simple, direct, easy to understand and even without any specific kind of knowledge, anyone can apply and benefit tremendously from them.

These 8 methods can change your life like they have changed the lives of many.

All that I wish for you is a life of unconditional love, unconditional freedom, and unconditional happiness.

That’s who you truly are and that’s the life that you are meant to live.

We are one and the same, and I care about your life like it is my own.

From my heart to yours

May you be free from the ego.


Before we get into the 8 methods, I want to give you brief notions about what the ego is, the meaning of your emotions, free will and explain to you what the Higher Mind is.

That’s all this book is about, becoming conscious of what’s happening in your mind, realizing your power of choice, making you free from the ego and connecting you with your clear blissful and infinitely intelligent Higher Mind.

So without any further delay …

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