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Thinking Juices

One day I was sitting in the balcony of our home and enjoying the cool evening breeze, sipping a glass of mango-shake. In such moments, my mind begins giving me ideas and I start composing them in my mind. One idea I got was related to the juices - inside every human being. This juice is the source of energy. I am, here, referring to our mind.

Sometimes, thoughts surround you all-over like surround music. One may enjoy surround music, but not such thoughts. You feel like a victim, just flowing with your own thoughts, like a faithful servant. It happens many a times, especially when you are in a pensive mood.

Such situation can be a draining one, especially if you start enjoying it. YES! many a times, we ‘enjoy’ such moods, like taking small sips from a glass of juice. (Not knowing it actually squeezes juice out of you). That’s why many people fail to come out of their situations. Such situations can be due to our personal, family, social, professional or any kind of problems. If we take these situations like a ‘glass of juice’, we will not make a conscious effort to jump out of it. (all this happens, initially, at subconscious level, then gradually surrounds our conscious mind). Then, this leads to depressed state of mind....O My!

Did you ever experience something like this? If yes, then, after reading it, decide to win over it. The next time, if it happens to you, jump out of your chair or the place you would be. What you can do to give this situation a beating? I give here some tips, which have always worked for me.

Tip #1

Share your feelings or problem with some dear one whom you trust. It can be your spouse, close friend or any family member. If you share your situation, you will feel light and may also get some insight to solve it.


If you are alone and not able to share your feelings, do deep breathing. Deep breathing means inhale air and exhale it out of your system slowly and deeply. It gives fresh oxygen to your brain, replacing stale air. It results immediately into freshness and a positive mind. You may refer to online resources for learning deep breathing techniques. One such good link is:


Don’t EVER fight with your thoughts, otherwise you will unknowingly moving away from any ideas for solution to the situation at hand. Usually, we tend to correct our own thoughts which we feel are inappropriate. In such a situation, sit in a relaxed position and just observe your thoughts. Be a keen observer, without any judgments or answering to questions in your mind. Simply listen to the chatter inside your mind. Gradually it will slow down automatically. It is very similar to a situation where one person is continuously yelling at the other but other is not fighting back. What the first person can do at all. He himself will stop his chatter later! Right?

When your mind is relaxed, it will become your best friend and will start giving you very effective solutions and will do the opposite when it is cluttered. Remember this!!


We all are human beings and have emotions and mood swings. But, for some people it becomes very difficult to manage their emotions and mood. Sometimes, they are very cheerful and cooperative and the other day they become grumpy and self-occupied. The reason behind such frequent swings is emotional insecurity and vulnerability to stress in day-to-day life. Emotions related concerns have deep roots right from early childhood.

There is a very effective technique to handle emotive problems. This technique requires time and patience since it will need to work at the root level of the situation.

First, do deep and slow breathing for 3-5 minutes to calm your mind. It will make your mind receptive and peaceful. Now close your eyes and visualise the kind of person you wish to be. Don’t aim at overhauling your personality, but see one of your personality traits in a different frame. For example, if you think you don’t have a good sense of humour, see yourself laughing and enjoying with your friends/family. See yourself cracking jokes and people enjoying them. Visualise your images for 8-10 minutes with all of your sincerity as if it is true and is happening.

Apply this technique every day for at least 3 weeks and you will start experiencing change in your mind set. Catch these changes and begin apply your visual images in your daily life. Don’t hesitate. Initially, begin with your family to experiment the images you saw in your visualisation. If we do anything better from the original one, your environment and your dear ones sense it and support you, giving us the necessary boost. Gradually, these changes begin to become part of our habits and the personality as if they were always there. But we will need to be consistent.

Work on any of these tips and see which works best for you. Then, you will enjoy every sip of the drink you have :-)

Happy sipping!

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