The Final Cut

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A girl left alone to her thoughts, darkness follows. Trigger warnings talks about suicide. Play write

Other / Drama
Helen Temporal
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The Final Cut

The curtains open and a single spotlight shines on KRISTY. KRISTY sits staring out the window with the rain falling against the window pane. She sits curled up and her arms wrapped around her legs.

KRISTY: (sighs)…what’s the use anymore? (Ducks head, tucks hair behind her ear) I mean really…what’s the point?

The spotlight goes out as she curls deeper in herself and cries silently.

The lights come back on, there’s a crowd of people, THE GROUP, walking around with school bags, talking about random stuff. KRISTY walks the opposite way carrying books and a couple of binders. One of THE GRKOUP’s members shoves her out of the way, knocking her things out of her hands and they scatter on the ground. THE GROUP walks all over her things, without really noticing her being there at all. KRISTY stoops down to gather them up. MARK walks on stage, and almost passes her before he notices her there.

MARK: Kristy, I almost didn’t see you there. (looks at her papers and things scattered on the ground before sighing and bending down to help her out) They’re at it again aren’t they? They just won’t leave you alone. It’s been what, ten years now?

KRISTY nods, still gathering her papers.

MARK: You’d think they’d leave you alone, you’ve had enough to deal with in addition to their constant picking. When are you going to stand up to them?

KRISTY: (shaking her head) I don’t want to deal with the fallout from that.

MARK: But Kristy-

KRISTY: But nothing Mark, please just drop it.

They fall silent as they continue gathering her things from the ground. MARK grabs a photo that was further from the rest of her papers.

MARK: Look at this… I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years now…

KRISTY snatches the photo out of his hands, holding it close to her chest.

KRISTY: God, I don’t know what I would do if I lost that. (she looks at the photo for a moment before tucking it securely into her pocket) Thanks for finding that Mark.

MARK: (nods) It’s your parents, right? The day before they… you know…

KRISTY: (quietly) yeah…

MARK stands up, dusting off his pants. He holds a hand out to KRISTY helping her up. MARK starts walking off stage.

KRISTY: Thanks.

MARK: Sure, see ya tomorrow.

He walks off stage, leaving KRISTY finishing the last little bit of organizing her papers. The GROUP walks to the edge of the stage.

GROUPIE 1: Look at that Loser, leaching off of others. She can’t do anything by herself.

KRISTY stiffens at his words.

GROUPIE 4: Come on guys… leave it alone. You’ve done enough for today. (changing her tone a bit more cheery) Let’s go somewhere we can have some fun.

The GROUP members leave the stage. KRISTY’s head falls down to her shoulders, as she slowly walks off stage. The lights fade out slowly.

A single spotlight turns on and KRISTY is seen holding a razor blade. The lights fade out.

The stage is lit. KRISTY is now wearing long sleeves. KRISTY is sitting with MARK they are working on homework.

MARK: How’s your aunt?

KRISTY: Fine, she checks up on me now and then, mostly because she’s worried about me not eating right.

MARK: Well…

KRISTY: Don’t say it. I know. “I’ve given her enough reason” that doesn’t mean that I can’t be trusted.

They turn back to working on their homework for a moment in silence. A few members of the GROUP walk up to them. MARK and KRISTY look up as they approach.

GROUPIE 1: Hey Mark, what are you doing with That? (gestures at KRISTY)

KRISTY looks down, MARK looks indignant.

MARK: She’s my friend.

GROUPIE 1: (Scoff) Yeah, right. And I’m the Queen of England (sarcastically). As if anyone could be friends with that loser.

GROUPIE 2: That’s right, I mean, look at her. She’s dumb, she hardly talks, and, like, she’s wearing long sleeves, in this heat!

KRISTY tugs at the ends of her sleeves.

GROUPIE 1: (nodding in agreement) If you’re smart Mark, you won’t hang with her no more. She’ll only bring you down.

THE GROUP members walk away laughing. KRISTY looks down and MARK is looking anywhere but at KRISTY. They are silent as the lights fade out.

A single spotlight shines one KRISTY, she is holding Bandages/Gauze. She sighs and sets them down. Turning away from the audience you see her rolling up her sleeves as the light goes out again.

The lights come on again, MARK and KRISTY are standing together, talking about something. They seem semi happy. MARK looks over his shoulder and sees some of THE GROUP. Facing KRISTY he looks slightly panicked.

MARK: I got to go…

KRISTY:…uh… Okay?

MARK hurries off stage leaving KRISTY staring in the direction that he went. THE GROUP members see her and approach.

GROUPIE 3: (Sneer) Well, what do we have here… A little misfit without her guide. Where’s Mack now?

KRISTY: It’s Mark-

GROUPIE 3: Oh, whatever (Dismissive hand wave) like the little details matter.

GROUPIE 4: Let’s go, she’s not worth the trouble to deal with, besides we’re going to be late!

A bell rings and KRISTY and THE GROUP hurry off stage, as the lights fade out.

The lights come back on KRISTY, MARK, TEACHER, and THE GROUP members were in a class room setting. A bell rings and everyone starts packing up their things, leaving in small groups. MARK is the first to leave, not looking back at KRISTY, though it plainly hurts her.

TEACHER: (putting some papers in an over the shoulder bag) Kristy, could you stay for a moment? I need to talk to you about something.

KRISTY approaches the teachers desk, waiting for the room to empty.

KRISTY: You wanted to talk about something?

TEACHER: Yes… Are you ok?

KRISTY: What do you mean?

TEACHER: You’ve seemed a little… off lately. You’re pale and seem more tired. Is everything ok at home?

KRISTY: Oh, things are… are doing ok. I just haven’t been sleeping well lately, too much homework and stuff.

TEACHER: (Nodding his head) Well try to get to bed a little earlier tonight, ok?

KRISTY: (turning to leave) I’ll try.

KRISTY starts to walk away.

TREACHER: Oh and Kristy? (waits a moment as she turns to face him) If you ever need any help, I’m here for you. All you have to do is ask.

KRISTY: I told you, I’m fine. I don’t need any help.

KRISTY turns and walks off stage, the lights fade to black as TEACHER finishes packing up his bag.

The lights shine on KRISTY and she is wrapping her arm, the gauze is turning red. After she finishes, she cleans up the mess she made with the first aid kit at her feet. The lights fade out as she closes the latches on the box, like she was locking up her secrets.

A single spotlight shines on KRISTY. She is sitting on the ground looking like she had been crying recently.

KRISTY:(talking to nobody/herself as she whispers) Hey Mark…do you remember the funeral? And what you said then? Words aren’t giving any comfort any more…

The stage fades to black for a moment, then the lights come on and KRISTY is sitting in front of two tomb stones, dressed in black. MARK stands a little ways off behind her also dressed in black. He approaches her, offering a handkerchief.

MARK: (softly) Come on Krissy, if you stay out here much longer you’ll catch a cold.

KRISTY: (muffled) why should I care?

MARK: (sighs) Because they would.

KRISTY turns to face MARK, suddenly angry.

KRISTY: Don’t pretend to know them! What does it matter now anyways? They are GONE! They LEFT me! They won’t see me graduate, they won’t hold me close any more and tell me that they love me. My parents are DEAD!

MARK: (grabs her and pulls her into a hug) But they do care for you. They never stopped, they won’t ever stop. (looks at her while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear) They love you, and they always will. They haven’t left you they’re right here (taps her heart) they’ll never leave you.

KRISTY starts sobbing, MARK pulls her head against his shoulder. Just holding her as she cries. The lights fade out and then a single spotlight shines on KRISTY as she sit on the ground once more, her knees tucked up against her chin, as she stares out looking past everything, not really seeing anything.

KRISTY: God, why do words do so much? They damage and heal… but now all words ever seem to do is cause new scars…

The spotlight fades out to black. Leaving the stage in darkness.

KRISTY stands on stage in a single spotlight holding a white envelope. She opens it and reads it. She gasps, looks happy and holds the letter to her chest while looking up, as though thanking god.

The lights come on, MARK is standing alone on stage.

KRISTY: Mark, Mark!

MARK looks around startled, and moves off stage on the opposite side of KRISTY as she runs on stage holding an envelope.


THE GROUP walks up to KRISTY as she stares off in the direction that MARK went. GROUPIE 2 snatches the envelope out of her hand.

GROUPIE 2: Ooh… let’s see what the half-wit has now…

GROUPIE 2 reads the letter, and adopts a look of disbelief.

GROUPIE 2: NO. WAY. There’s no way in hell you’ve made it into Brown.

GROUPIE 4: (sounds slightly excited) Really? She made it into Brown?

GROUPIE 2: How the Hell did you get in?

KRISTY: (mumbles) give it back…

GROUPIE 2 holds it above her head.

KRISTY: (reaches for the letter) Please…

GROUPIE 2: Not until you tell me how someone as stupid as you got-

TEACHER: Is there a problem here?

GROUPIE 2 drops their arm in surprise and they all face TEACHER. TEACHER crosses his arms in front of him.


GROUPIE 2: N-nothing, just talking.

GROUPIE 2 drops the letter to the ground and THE GROUP walks away. KRISTY stoops down to pick up the letter.

TEACHER: Was it just a talk?

KRISTY: Y-yeah, something like that. I had brought the letter to show Mark today and then they showed up, saw the letter and we started talking about Brown.

TEACHER: Did you ever show him?


TEACHER: Mark, did you ever show Mark the letter?

KRISTY: Oh. No, I never saw him today…

TEACHER nods, but looks skeptical. He looks at his watch.

TEACHER: It’s rather late, don’t you think? Shouldn’t you be getting home?

KRISTY: Oh, yeah. See ya tomorrow Teach.

The lights fade as the two walk off stage.

MARK stands in a single spotlight, he had been standing there the entire time. His head falls to his chest and stuffs his hands in his pockets as he walks off stage, the lights go out again.

KRISTY stands at the edge of the stage watching everyone go about their daily lives without any care in the world, the people were having fun talking and messing around with their friends. Suddenly MARK stood in front of everyone in the ‘hallway’, next to him was GROUPIE 1

GROUPIE 1: So… how’s things with you?

MARK: (sounding slightly stiff) Pretty good…

GROUPIE 1: So where’s… um, oh what’s her name? (snaps fingers, like the name is on the tip of his tongue) gosh darn it! Kr- Kr- oh what was it? (turns to MARK) you know, your friend! Um

MARK: Kristy?

GROUPIE 1: Yeah! That’s it! Kristy, where’s Kristy?

MARK: I don’t know. Why?

GROUPIE 1: (sounding slightly off, the way he speaks about KRISTY is slightly distracted) oh, no reason, just wanted to… talk (word is drawn out, a scheming/dark tone to his words) to her.

MARK: (sounding slightly cross) Well, I haven’t seen her that much lately, can we talk about something else?

GROUPIE 1: Sure man, (Slaps MARK on his back) sure.

The two walk off stage and KRISTY looks down as the lights fade out.

KRISTY sits in a single spotlight, her knees drawn to her chest, arms pulling her knees tight to her chest. Her head is tucked against them and then slowly raises as she stares off beyond the audience.

KRISTY: Mark, where are you? Do you not care about me anymore? You were the only constant for me these past years. God, why are you so cruel?!

She stands up suddenly her arms spread out from her body and palms outwards/upwards facing.

KRISTY: God, why do you hate me so much? What have I done? Isn’t this crappy existence enough? I haven’t done ANYTHING! Day in and day out I deal with these… these people, who with their childish actions cause more harm than anything. You’ve taken my parents, my family, my friends, and now Mark. What else? What more? You’ve taken all I have! What more will you take from me? Why do you cause so much pain? Why won’t you help me! I-I can’t do this alone… it gets harder and harder each day to put on this mask and standing alone each day acting like there is nothing wrong… I c-can’t do this for much l-longer…

KRISTY falls to the ground as though she has lost all power/will to stand.

KRISTY: (whispers as she cries) What more do you want? Can’t I just have one person to lean on? Is that too much to ask for? Is there someone who cares for me out there? Mark… oh, Mark where are you? I need you.

The lights fade with KRISTY still on stage crying.

The stage is lit as KRISTY is seen reading a book and MARK walks by behind her. MARK hesitates for a moment and then reaches out as though to touch her shoulder, but stops, his hand hovering over her body. His hand falls back to his side and then hurries to the side, looking back at her right before he leaves the stage. The lights fade out.

A single spotlight shines on KRISTY, she is standing in front of a mirror. She stares at her image for a long while, then slowly reaches out brushing the reflection with the tips of her fingers, sighing drops her arm to her side again and leans her head against the surface of the mirror.

KRISTY: I’m so tired…so so tired… there’s this pain in my chest… it won’t go away… (speaking almost like a child) Make it go away! I don’t want to feel any more! Please I’m so tired just… ju-just stop the pain… end it all… (whispers) I’ll make it all go away… just make it all go away… (she drops down and starts digging through her bag) just make it all stop. The pain, the hurt, the feelings, I’ll make them all go away (starting to sound slightly hysterical) Yes! That’ll work! Make it all stop… Make it all go away!

She continues to look through the bag, growing more and more agitated with each passing moment.

KRISTY: Where is it? Where?

Her face suddenly lights up, obviously finding what she was looking for. She starts crying slightly as she starts to bring it out. Suddenly there is a knocking sound, causing her to jump.


KRISTY drops whatever it was she was bringing out back into the bag, hurriedly wiping away all the traces of tears.


KRISTY’S DAD: Don’t Kristy!


MOM and DAD: Stop, please!

KRISTY: Why? Why can’t I? What’s to stop me?

MOM: It’s not time yet…

Their voices start to fade, KRISTY acts like she’s reaching for them.

MOM and DAD: We love you Kristy…

KRISTY: Mom! Dad! Wait! Please come back! I need you! (softer now) Mommy, daddy, please don’t go! Don’t go yet… come back! Mommy, mommy!

The lights fade slowly out as KRISTY begs for her parents to come back to her.

The lights come back on. KRISTY, MARK and THE GROUP are seen in a classroom like setting. There is a TEACHER standing in the front.

TEACHER: Our next project is a drawing. Art is a form of expression, you can let out your emotions in the work. And you can never be wrong. I want all of you to draw whatever it is that you feel. Whatever it is that your emotions are telling you to draw. You’ll be graded on effort and work ethics.

TEACHER stands there for a moment, then claps his hands loudly.

TEACHER: Well? What are you waiting for? Let’s go! Let’s go! They’re due next week and they won’t draw themselves!

Everyone pulls out some paper and pencil and start working. The lights fade out as they are working in semi-silence.

A single spotlight shines on KRISTY. She is seen working hard on her art. She pauses a moment to look at the paper, while brushing some hair behind her ears. She then goes back to work and the lights go out.

The lights come back on and KRISTY is seen holding her art/paper protectively. THE GROUP walks in and sees her. They go up to her and GROUPIE 2 snatches her paper from her hand.

GROUPIE 2: Oo, what’s this? Is this the little misfit’s art work? Did the loser actually get something done? (THE GROUP snickers, GROUPIE 2 looks at the paper and a flash of jealousy crosses their face) What is this? You can’t possibly think that you can turn this in? It’s trash!

KRISTY flinches at the word ‘trash’ and goes to take back her paper. GROUPIE 2 holds it away from her and starts tearing it apart. KRISTY freezes. GROUPIE 2 throws the scraps at KRISTY and THE GROUP walks away, laughing. KRISTY slides to the ground as the paper scraps flutter around her. Stifling a sob, she slowly gathers up her art work and walks off stage as the lights fade out.

The lights come on and KRISTY walks alone on stage flinching every now and then. Reaching the middle of the stage she suddenly claps her hands over her ears, eyes clinched as though in pain. She falls to the ground, the lights fading to a few spotlights centering on KRISTY, as GROUPIE 1 steps out of the shadows.

GROUPIE 1: Worthless.

GROUPIE 2 steps out of the shadows standing next to GROUPIE 1 as they say together.

GROUPIE 1 and 2: Stupid.

GROUPIE 3 steps out next to the other two crossing their arms over their chest.

GROUPIE 1, 2, and 3: Trash.

GROUPIE 4 steps next to them. A sneer on their face.

GROUPIE 1, 2, 3, and 4: Useless

THE GROUP members step closer to KRISTY. Circling around her.

GROUPIE 1: (sneering condescending tone) God, what is wrong with her?

GROUPIE 2: Look at how pathetic she is.

GROUPIE 3: What’s so amazing about her?

GROUPIE 4: You have no one.

The words of the GROUP members get louder and louder with each thing they say until they are yelling at KRISTY.

GROUPIE 1: Forgotten

GROUPIE 4: Disappointing

GROUPIE 3: Half-wit

GROUPIE 2: Forsaken

GROUPIE 4: Meaningless

GROUPIE 1: Incompetent

GROUPIE 3: Powerless

GROUPIE 4: Not needed

GROUPIE 2: Helpless


KRISTY: STOP! Please just stop! (sobbing on the floor) stop… please…

The member of the GROUP step back slowly into the shadows on the stage.

GROUPIE 1, 2, 3, and 4: (a hissing like tone) Abandoned.

KRISTY stays on the stage crying as the lights fade to darkness.

The lights illuminate only half of the stage when they come on. KRISTY stands facing the audience holding a small knife in her hand, her other arm is bent upward in front of her the sleeve rolled down to her elbow.

KRISTY: … what’s the point? Dumb (horizontal cut) … Trash (horizontal cut)… useless (horizontal cut) … Unwanted (vertical cut)…

KRISTY watches the blood flow fascinated by the patterns it seemed to draw on her skin. The phone rings, KRISTY drops the knife in surprise, breaking her out of her little world she had been in and fumbles for the phone. The lights come on, lighting the other half of the stage. MARK is standing holding his cellphone.

KRISTY: H-h-hello?

MARK: Hey, it’s me.

KRISTY: …O-oh…

MARK: Did you get the homework for math?

KRISTY: …it’s to l-late now…

MARK: Huh? What do you mean? It was only assigned today, why would it be too late?

KRISTY: Wh-where have y-you be-been?

MARK: Um… Around. Why?

KRISTY: N-nu-nothing… ju-just won-wondering

MARK: So… (starting to get uncomfortable) did you get the homework for math? I wasn’t paying that much attention, so I kindda missed a lot… (rubbing his neck nervously)

KRISTY: Y-you mi-missed a-aa lot re-recently… (tears start welling up in her eyes, she furiously wipes them away before they could fall) you c-can’t e-even see wh-what-s ri-ri-ght in f-fr-front of you… (rubs forehead, smearing the blood on her skin, looks slightly disconnected from the world as the blood loss starts to make an impact on her) B-but i-i-it’s… it-s t-too late n-now. N-nothing ever ch-changes. Th-there’s nothing yo-you can do…

MARK: (Slightly panicked) What do you mean, Kristy?... Kristy! Kristy, what’s going on? Kristy answer me, Please! What do you mean ‘it’s too late now’? Talk to me, come on! Kristy…

KRISTY: (sigh) w-why did y-you rreally call Mark

MARK: (quietly) Don’t… Don’t you remember what today is? I, um, just wanted to make sure you were ok.

KRISTY: Really? Only now, on th-their anniversary you care enough to check up? God! You’re so stupid, Blind! How could you not see I ne-needed you before that! You left me! Don’t come back j-just because today was different fr-from all the o-others! You don’t th-think I didn’t know what today was? They were MY parents! Of course I know wuh-what today is!

MARK: Kristy…

KRISTY: (her words are slurred/stuttered) No Mark, just no. Don’t go there… (sounding slightly breathless) please, just stop… it’s all going away… it hardly matters anymore…

KRISTY drops the phone and slides to the floor, the lights on her part of the stage fade slowly out.

MARK: Krissy? Krissy! Answer me, Please! Kristy answer the phone! What’s wrong? Kristy… Kristy! Come on don’t do this to me! Kristy! I know I haven’t been there for you lately, but come on Kristy, answer me! PLEASE! Kristy! Kristy! Talk to me! Please answer the phone Kristy!

The lights go out leaving the stage completely dark.

MARK: (sounding absolutely devastated) Kristy?!


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