Zephyr World Zoo

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Young people from all over are being kidnapped and held against their will, forced to perform and be put on display for the amusement of the public. And none of the guests are any the wiser. This is Zephyr World Zoo, run by the charismatic, yet ruthless Marcus Zephyr. His zoo is insanely popular, displaying exotic animals who all perform choreographed routines to entertain the guests. But unlike every other zoo, this one has a secret: the animals are all young men and women who have an animal other-self, or Other, that they can transform into. And through torture and manipulation, Marcus trains them to perform for his own profit.

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K Galanodel
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Chapter I

Marcus Zephyr

It was dark out when Marcus and his men dragged their two new additions into the building that housed his beasts. The two were finally starting to come around after the large dose of the drug he had given them to keep them compliant and in their human forms. Both the male and the female had blindfolds on, and the drug – which was of his own making – prevented them from using their keener animal senses, as well.

It was a lot of effort to get these damn creatures to his zoo. But hell, was it worth it.

The two – their hands bound behind their back – were shoved roughly into the large room that Marcus used to hold his ‘animals’. The ground was littered with mats and blankets, most of which were occupied. Marcus banged on the large metal door with his fist, waking up the inhabitants.

“New blood!” he barked, his eyes cold and harsh as he surveyed the now-waking young people. The man liked that most looked at him in terror, while others avoided eye contact with him altogether. It had taken a long time to whip them all into shape. And even then, there were a few troublemakers in the lot, though his main headache was being kept in medical for the time being.

“Make sure they understand the rules. Like usual, day after tomorrow, they get a routine with the rest of you. And if they don’t perform...” Marcus shrugged, then grinned wickedly. “There goes your food ration for the next few days. You all know the drill.”

Still grinning, he looked down at his new captives. Another fennec fox, and a python. They would be good additions. It had been a while since he’d had a snake in Zephyr World Zoo. And his current fox was a huge draw, the male being small, adorable, and energetic, the epitome of his kind. Adding another, and a female at that, would bring even more attention to that exhibit, and more guests to his zoo. Especially if he bred them... Baby animals always brought a crowd.

With a kick to each of the drugged individuals on the floor, Marcus and his men left, slamming the door behind them. He knew that his faithful pets would try to break in the newbies as soon as possible, likely doing most of his work for him.

But now, it was time to celebrate. Let the animals deal with the animals.

Marcus turned to his men. “Who feels like getting a beer?”

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