Zephyr World Zoo

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Chapter X

Richard Zerda

Richard was watching all of this, worried that something would happen to his sister. As much as he wished that she wasn’t here, he was happy to finally have her around again. But she was putting herself in danger by saying and doing the things she was. It was up to him to get her to stop.

He had been at the bottom of the barrel before. When he was first taken, he had acted much the same way his twin was now. But he quickly realized that the way to survive intact was to just behave and go with the flow.

It would be worse for her. Marcus would let them be as ruthless as they wanted to her, or to him, to make them stay in line. Now that there was more than one fennec here, the sadistic owner of the zoo could afford to lose one, especially if it meant showing the others how expendable they were.

“Yeah. I can’t do that by myself, and most of these freaks wouldn’t fucking help me if their lives depended on it,” Richard heard Xavier say in response to his sister, breaking him out of his thoughts. “If we worked together, we could take them all down, but no. We got some sissy-ass submissive bitches and the fucking nutty redhead.”

“Preach,” Robin said, only half sarcastically, holding up a closed fist.

Before he knew what he was doing, Rick had hurried over to his sister, kneeling down next to her. “Please, Robin. Stop this, at least for the time being. Just so the others don’t hate your guts right off the fucking bat. I had to do so much to get them to stop hurting me after I was rebellious at the beginning. Please... for me... just come back to the mat and sleep.”

He saw her eyes flit to those of her Other for a moment, and he knew that she was holding back some strong emotions that were trying to force the change. Smart move, being that their Others weren’t exactly the toughest out there.

“I’m fine here, bro. Get some rest. Be the good one. It won’t be hard for Mr. Keeper to decide which one of us he’ll wanna keep.”

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