Zephyr World Zoo

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Chapter XII

Xavier Williams

Xavier was curled up in a ball, sleeping lightly and waiting for his chance to strike. What the new girl had said was a good idea. Wait for one of the guards to open the door, and take his chance.

He had to get out of here. He couldn’t believe that these men had gotten the drop on him. Usually, he was so careful. The nineteen-year-old had been on his way to pick up his daughter, Bree, from daycare when they had snatched him. She was probably wondering why he had never shown up, thinking that her father had abandoned her, just like her mom had.

The rage that boiled inside him at the thought fueled his passion to escape. He had to get back to her. He had to.

The door was thrown open, with obvious disregard for anyone that might be behind it, and a harsh voice barked orders.

“Get up! Time for you all to get to your enclosures. Someone take the python to his exhibit, show him the ropes. And you, foxy. Make sure the new fennec knows her place here. Not all my animals get a mate, but you’ve been good. Thought you deserved a reward.”

It was the man who had brought him here. Marcus. The owner of this so-called zoo. He was looking at Richard with a wide grin, before turning to leave.

And now was his chance.

Xavier hissed and lunged, biting his captor on the ankle, shooting venom into him.

He could only revel in his triumph for a moment, however, before he felt a prick on his back. Looking behind him, he saw one of the guards had plunged a syringe into him, and from the feeling spreading through his body, it was probably filled with the same drug they had used on him earlier.

Marcus kicked at the man who was now shifting from his Other back into his human form. “Stupid beast! You’ll pay for that one.”

Xavier felt himself going limp, and groaned in pain, but not before shooting a smirk up at him. “Have fun with my venom in your blood, asshole!” he managed to say through teeth gritted in pain.

“You don’t think I was prepared for that, filth?” Marcus replied with a grin. “You aren’t the first of your kind I’ve dealt with in my life.” He nodded to one of his men, who hurried out of the room. “The rest of you, get going! You have one hour to get situated before the zoo opens.”

Two men picked Xavier up, dragging him out into the hall, and towards another, smaller room. He was strapped to a chair, his head filling with fog as he tried to keep himself alert and focused, despite the effects of the drug.

He had to stay strong, no matter what they did to him. He had to escape. He had to.

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