Zephyr World Zoo

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Chapter XV

Richard Zerda

Richard’s ears perked up, thinking of a way to get their minds off of their predicament. ‘When was the last time we shifted together? Played as our Others? I miss that.’

From what he could tell, she was trying to appear as if she was ignoring him, most likely for the cameras overhead. There were three, from what he could figure, all pointed to their enclosure, ensuring that there were no blind spots.

‘More than a year before you were taken. Maybe two. We didn’t have a lot of time in high school.’ She was twisting and stretching as she conversed with him. ‘I’m not sure how chummy we should appear to be, though. If they think we don’t like each other, then they might not think it worthwhile to use us against one another.’

His ears drooped again, and placed his head on his paws. ‘I understand. I missed it, though. But after what Marcus said...’ Richard shuddered at the thought. ‘I don’t think it will matter much if we show we like one another or not.’

She gave what was the equivalent of a harsh laugh in her fennec form. ‘I don’t think even that one will have an easy time forcing us to fuck for him, brother of mine,’ she said with a dismissive flick of her tail. Rubbing a paw over her face to conceal her amusement, she continued. ‘There are certain... ah, biological concerns to overcome. And I don’t think you’re that into me. I can always pretend to be hyper focused on the female gender, if it helps. It wouldn’t be hard for me.’

Richard noticed that she glanced toward the otter’s exhibit as she said those last words.

‘I don’t think that’ll do much to dissuade him. But I’ll do whatever you feel we should try to do. I just wish that we could act like we used to.’ He looked over at Luna through the fence. It would be easier on all of them if they could be friends.

’Yeah, well, do you have a better idea? ’Cause I really don’t want to find out if we share the whole ‘mate for life’ thing with our Others the hard way by screwing you,′ Robin snapped.

Rick got up, stretching his legs, as he began to hear the sounds of guests entering the zoo.

‘They’re coming,’ he said, looking at Robin. He hoped she wouldn’t think poorly of him because of the way he was about to act.

Once the guests started to appear, he perked up, putting on a playful facade. As people pointed and smiled at the small fox, he yipped in fake excitement and bounded around the enclosure. Then he stopped by the glass, standing on his back legs and tilting his head to the side, trying to look as adorable as possible.

This what was he had to do every day, to try to draw the most guests to his exhibit. It meant more food and less abuse. But he had to try to keep a happy medium between being a favorite and being bottom of the barrel. Didn’t want to catch the eye of Marcus any more than he already had.

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