Zephyr World Zoo

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Chapter II

Robin Zerda

The drug was finally starting to wear off, at least enough for Robin to hear and smell a little better than a human. When the men had followed her on her walk home, she had had an idea of who they might be. After all, she had been doing research and posting online in forums and blogs ever since her twin brother, Richard, had vanished without a trace, knowing full-well that she could be bringing herself a heap of trouble.

And sure enough, trouble had found her.

She struggled to sit up, turning her head from side to side so she could try to hear what was going on. The room smelled musty, like dirt and animals, and her head ached. Where the hell was she?

Robin had lost her mind when Rick had disappeared, and done everything she could to try to find him. The cops weren’t really any help. Said that he could have simply run away or something, as no evidence of him being kidnapped was ever found. He was just... gone. No amount of nagging them would change their minds, either.

That had been two and a half years ago. In that time, she had left videos online, notes, and whatever clues she had come up with, including reasons why her twin could have been taken, and how the people that took him might come for her for stirring things up looking for him.

Unfortunately, with the internet being how it was, people would probably just think that everything was a hoax when they realized she had also vanished, another teenager wanting attention and willing to do anything to get it. This thought infuriated her. She and her brother both had vanished, and no one was willing to do anything to look for them.

She heard shuffling and muttering around the room. Obviously there were other people here. Footsteps were coming closer, and she tried to get the person’s scent. Suddenly, there were hands undoing the blindfold and gag, pulling them away from her face.

Blinking in the sudden light, she began to thank the person, before being cut off when her violet eyes met with a set of very familiar hazel ones. Her breath caught in her throat, surprised.

“Rick. You... you’re here.”

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