Zephyr World Zoo

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Chapter VIII


Luna watched as the siblings settled down, and smiled. She was glad that Richard seemed at least a bit happier, having his sister close by. Turning away, she walked over to her spot, a barren sliver of the cold concrete floor. She had no mat, no blankets, no pillow, and her long shirt did nothing to keep out the chill. The girl laid down, wincing from pain and cold as she curled into a small ball, her thin arms wrapped around herself.

Her eyes had been closed for only a moment or two, when she was being gently pulled upright.

Luna looked up in fear, only to find herself face to face with Robin again. The girl was smiling down at her, and helping her to her feet.

“Come on,” she said, leading the smaller girl over to her mat. “We have enough to share.”

Within moments, Luna found herself on the mat, with a generous share of the blankets wrapped around her. She froze, panic setting in when she realized what was happening.

“N-not okay...” the otter girl managed to say in a squeaky voice, trying to get up and back to her spot after catching some unsettling growls and murmurs from the others around her. “It’s okay... Watch out for you and your brother.”

Giving the blond girl a weak smile, she shifted and curled up in her spot again. Only to be jolted from her place on the floor yet again, though none too gently, this time. With a squeak, she hit the wall, thrown and held there by the scary-looking owl Other now glaring over at Robin.

“Let her go. Robin didn’t know the rules, and Luna is not to blame. There’s no need for this right now.”

Looking over, the otter saw that Richard had shifted back, and was standing and trying to calm everyone down. Unfortunately, that was when the lioness spoke up.

“Owner with punish all of us! Go to sleep, and get the newbie under control, Richard!” the small redhead snapped, growling at the boy.

Richard snapped right back. He wasn’t usually so vocal. Maybe his sister being here was giving him courage?

“I know! For fuck’s sake, calm down, Callie. And stop hurting Luna for nothing. If she can’t perform, you know Marcus will get pissed at everyone for hurting her so badly.” The fox-boy sat down again beside Robin, head in his hands.

Luna turned to her owl captor, who had finally let her slide to the floor. She shifted back, and crawled back over to her place in the corner. “I’m sorry. It’s fine. She won’t do it again, I’m sure.” She held herself as she curled up again, closing her eyes. Every one of her thoughts was on the new girl, hoping that she wouldn’t make everyone hate her, like Luna herself had done.

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