Zephyr World Zoo

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Chapter IX

Robin Zerda

Robin was standing and glaring at everyone around her. She began to clap, but from her body language, it was obvious that the applause was incredibly sarcastic.

“Well done. You let yourselves be turned into fucking whipped animals by a damned human, rather than standing up for your nature, your families, and yourself. You’ve all lost the only real advantage your humanity gave you: the ability to be thinking social beings. But hey, you go ahead. Keep doing your abuser’s dirty work. I’m sure he’s super appreciative.”

Everything she said was said in a normal, indoor voice, disgust dripping from each word. Everyone in the room could tell she was fed up with all of this.

She felt a hand grab her arm. Looking down, the girl saw Richard clinging to her, trying to pull her down onto the mat again.

“Robin, stop!” he hissed. “You’ll only make things worse. Please, just lay down.” He spoke with a desperation, and the knowing look in his eyes told her that he had once tried to be the voice of reason, and had been beaten down for it.

Robin had a dark look in her eyes. She grinned joylessly at him. “It’s okay, Rick. I’ll go sit by myself or with the other loner. I don’t mind.”

Without another word, she left the mat. The concrete was cold, but her anger had her blood pumping, warming her with the heat of rage. The cool floor might actually feel good for a bit. If these people weren’t going to work together, then she should probably start thinking of less ambitious plans than starting a revolution.

She sat back against the wall, and as expected, the concrete began to sap the warmth from her bones.

“Fucking let me out!”

It was the other newbie, Xavier, the python. He had gone over to the door, and had begun to slam his shoulder into it, kicking it, trying to make it open.

But the door was solid metal. Robin recognized the type. It had been built to hold animals that could apply tons of pressure onto the door. The young man would break before that door showed any wear whatsoever.

“Dude, if you’re going to try to escape, at least do something that could potentially work. Those kind of doors can withstand a charging rhino. Your shoulder isn’t going to do shit. Wait for someone to open the damn thing, then lay on the testosterone-laden aggression.”

She felt that was solid advice. And maybe – if he didn’t get himself killed by these people – she had a possible ally in the dark-haired man.

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