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The Possessive Alpha

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Jade is a young woman who is struggling for a sense of freedom in her life. Cole is a werewolf who lost the only people he loved in his life, and is ready to find love again. To get to the easy part in life, where everything is perfect and it feels like nothing can ever go wrong, you have to go through the hard parts, where everyday feels like a nightmare, and it feels as if it's never gonna end. Meet Jade Summers, highschool graduate, collage-seeking girl by day, and abused daughter by night. Jade's life had gone downhill the day her father had disappeared from her life, never to be seen again. Her mentally unstable mother had remarried a complete slob, and that's when the abuse came. The rape. The pain. Everyday, without fail. Like I said, the hard parts in life comes first. Everyday drags on. Until relief comes. Until she met Cole. Meet Cole Winston. Alpha of the Silver Creek Pack, strongest pack in the USA. Orphaned at 15 years old, he'd had a hole in his heart, where he desperately wanted to love. To be loved. And he never thought he'd have that. Not after his parents had died. Until he met Jade. The broken outcast who turned out to be his mate. The girl who filled the gaping hole in his heart.

Kylie Mae
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Cole’s POV

“Please Alpha, we need you to attend this meeting. Other wise this treaty will not be valid,” called Malcolm from behind me, his breathing laboured, the sound of his short, stubby legs pounding the pavement ringing through my ears.

I pay him no attention and continue towards the woods, his protests and pleads fading with every long stride I take. Nobody can tell me what to do anymore. I’m Alpha.

I sneer, running a hand through my long hair. These fuckers don’t know what it means when I say ‘no.’

I walk slowly, my thoughts running in circles in my head. The past year’s situation and happenings all too much for me.

I finally reach my destination. I stand as I watch the river flow steadily, never stopping for the rocks embedded into the river bed. I knew I had to be like the water. Don’t stop for anyone. Don’t wait. Don’t let anyone in. Cause eventually they’ll leave you and you’ll be on your own.

I crouch down beside the river on a large rock. I sigh in tiredness. Who knew being the Alpha was so tiring and exhausting? I wondered how my father used to do it and still have time for our family. I pick up a smooth pebble, look it over, and throw it skilfully into the water, watching as it skipped five times before sinking. My thoughts elsewhere.

Mother. Father. Our family.

My chest tightens as memories and voices drown my previous thoughts. My mind is taken back to a year ago, the day my parents were killed. The day I became Alpha.

I shouldn’t have had to take on this role so early in life. I’m only sixteen. Father was going to give me the position when I turned nineteen. Mother promised a big celebration in honour of the event.

But the only event on the day I became Alpha was the funeral of the former Alpha and his Luna. My parents.

Not able to take it anymore, I stand abruptly, my sneakers slipping slightly on the wet rocks beneath me. I spin around and walk back to the pack, my hands in my pockets, eyes downcast.

A scream of happiness pierces my eardrums and I look up to see a young man swinging his child around and around in his arms. A beautiful woman is clinging to his back, her laughs filling the air around them.

I watched with growing curiousity. The way the man’s eyes flickered to his mate every now and then, love clearly evident in his eyes. The way the woman’s cheeks reddened everytime she caught him watching her.

They noticed me standing off to the side and smiled, waving me over. Curiosity got the better of me, and I went forward.

“Good afternoon Alpha. How are you today?” The man asked, bowing slightly. The woman followed suite, the little child waving her hands in my direction happily.

“I’m doing well thank you. Your child is very beautiful. Just like her mother,” I replied stiffly, not really used to interacting with the pack members. There wasn’t many times where I’d actually talk to my pack, get to know them, find out their problems. Interact with them. I’d never felt the need to.

The man shifts from one foot to the other awkwardly and wraps an arm around his mate protectively. “Thank you Alpha. Yes, I’m very lucky to have these two ladies in my life.”

The woman smiles at me. “One day you’ll have a mate of your own. And she’ll be absolutely beautiful,” she spoke up, her voice soft. She looks up at her mate’s face and smiles lovingly.

I smiled and walked off, her words repeating continuously in my mind.

A mate. For me. Someone to love, cherish.

The more I thought about it, the more my heart lifted. Maybe I would have someone. Someone I could take care of, to love, to protect. And I’d have someone who would love me. Someone who wouldn’t leave my side.

This was something that I needed. Reassurance that someone will never leave my side. No matter what. I need someone who won’t die on me, so that we can have a happy, full life together.

And then, when we’re ready, we’ll make a family. She’ll give me a child. A child that I’ll love and cherish. I’ll love them with all my heart.

I suddenly smiled. Life would get better. I just needed to get through this hard part in my life. And when I do find my mate, I decide, I’m going to treat her like the queen she deserves to be treated like. I’m going to love her with all my heart.

But first, I need to make something of myself. I need to make her feel proud when she looks at me, make her feel at home and happy with me.

I walk determinedly towards the pack house in search of Malcolm. I’m going to sort myself out. I’m going to become the most powerful Alpha in the world. And my mate will be my Luna.

I walk into the pack house and into the kitchen. There, I spot Malcolm chatting away with Nick, my Beta. He was Father’s Beta first, but now, he is loyal to me. They both turn to the doorway, sensing me. Malcolm scowled slightly in annoyance, but follows Nick when he bows to me. Nick looks up and smirks over at me. I smile back softly. Here goes everything.

“I’m sorry Malcolm. I’m sorry for being a dick and a pain in the ass. But I’m over that now. From now on, I’ll cooperate. Whatever you need me to do, I’ll do. I’ll attend pack meetings and make decisions on whatever would be best for this pack.”

Malcolm’s bushy eyebrows shoot up in disbelief. He looks as if he wants to scoff or add something, but he knows, that no matter what, I’m still his Alpha. And I deserve his respect...even if I’m a complete dick to him.

“Very well Alpha. I’m sure that we would all like to see you act on that promise. May I ask what changed your mind?” His eyes were tired yet curious. I almost felt bad for how much trouble I’ve put him through.


“I want my mate to be proud of me.”

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