The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 9

The pin-drop silence that hovered over our little crowd in my former house, only lasts for about ten seconds. That was all it took for Cole to launch himself at Simon and throw a punch at his face. My mother was screaming beside them, her body was thrashing in all directions, yelling at the Warriors to let her go.

“Dont you ever talk about my mate like that again or I swear to the goddess that I will hunt you down, and rip your head from your fucking shoulders!” Cole growled in Simon’s face, his Alpha voice ringing through the small space, making Simon shiver in fear. His nose was bloody, his cheeks puffed up to twice their normal size, and his front tooth was knocked out.

I watched as he prepared to punch Simon in his gut, but I quickly ran up to them and grabbed Cole’s fist, pulling him off of Simon.

“Stop Cole. Punching him isn’t going to make things better. I’m going to go upstairs for a second. I don’t want to come down to see you’ve killed them both. Okay?”

I stare into his pitch black eyes, and I wait for him to agree. He looks over my head to the girls and nods at them. They immediately come forward and stand on each side. “Go with her and make sure she’s safe.”

They respond with quick nods of the head, and follow as I walk up the creaky steps to my old bedroom.

We walk down the short hallway to my closed door, and I take in a deep breathe before opening it slowly, the rusty hinges squeaking softly.

I look around, and I notice that everything was back in place, as if nothing had happened that night. My clothes were picked up from the floor and my dresser was back in place, my makeup and belongings placed properly on top. I feel my cheeks redden when I realise that Ebony and Tempest were probably observing this space, the place where their Luna used to live.

I feel shamed that I had come from such a disgusting place. That my life was such a disaster before I met Cole. I feel two hands on my shoulders and I look back.

“We know that whatever happened here, hurt you beyond explanation. But the pack believes that is what made you all the more stronger. That’s the type of mate we need for our Alpha. A strong, beautiful woman who didn’t let her past define her future.”

I nod my thanks, turning around to hug them. I hold in my tears, not willing to let them witness their Luna break down. They’re right. The pack needs a strong Luna to back up their strong Alpha. I am determined to be that Luna for him and the pack.

Suddenly I remember the reason I was kicked out of home, and I rush over to the wall, were my painting was put back into place. I look over at the girls standing in the doorway.

“When I was trapped here, I kept a stash of money behind this painting, for safe-keeping. One day, I came home from collage. My room had been demolished and the money had been taken. My mother and Simon had found out. They kicked me out, and that was the day I met Cole,” I recalled for them. They smiled faintly and Ebony spoke up. “I know that a lot of bad had happened that day, but look to the positive. You found your mate that night. Remember that.”

She is right. That night was possibly the best night of my life. I escaped that night. I found the one person who was willing to be there for me, to protect me. He gave me a family to protect as well. And I would never be able to thank him enough.

I turn back to the painting, and I lift it away from the wall. I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe for the money to be back in its place, as if nothing had happened that night, but the whole in the wall was still empty, the familiar white bag gone. I knew they had taken it. But I wonder what they had done with my money.

I leave the wall and walk over to my dressing table. I grab a small bag from my drawer and start to collect my makeup, my perfumes. I also grab my book bag and text books. I do intend to go back to Collage sometime.

I walk to the doorway and turn back one last time. Memories, bad and good, come rushing into my mind. My mother and father tucking me into bed When I was little. My mother throwing a beer bottle at my head. The time Simon took my virginity. And the time after that. And after that. Tears well in my eyes. There wasn’t any good memories for a very long time.

I shut the door and walk downstairs. I’m faintly aware of the girls behind me, but I’m too lost in my thoughts. I shake myself clear when I see Cole standing over my mother, asking a question. She just smiles and spits in his face.

Cole is shaking with anger, but he holds back. When he spots me though, he grabs my waist and pulls me into him, burying his face into my neck. He takes long, deep breaths, calming himself.

“What did you do with my money?” I ask, starting with the smallest and least complicated question. She sneers and looks me up and down.

“I’ve used it. What else do you think I would do with twenty thousand dollars? Keep it safe for you? After all this time, that bastard was giving you money. I thought he died years ago. Guess I was wrong,” she says, and I frown, not sure who she was talking about.

“What? Who was giving me the money?” Cole is standing quietly beside me, but I can tell he is also very confused. I know I will have to fill him in later. About everything that happened in my life leading up to this.

“Your father of course. That son of a bitch has been giving you money this whole time,” she laughs, her head thrown back. Simon is making groaning noises beside her, finally coming back to consciousness. Cole must’ve knocked him out while I was in my room. My mother briefly glances at him, but snaps her attention back to me when I speak up.

“But..I thought he left us. Why would he be giving me money? And where is he?” I am so confused, and I really want answers. Even though I hate my mother, she has answers to the questions I have. I just have to hope that she will answer them instead of mocking me and sneering back at me.

“I don’t have a clue as to why he would be giving you money, but what I do know is that he left so he could look after his pack. Apparently the pack didn’t like it when you where born, because he was leaving his duties to look after you and I. So he left us. And there was no way I was gonna move closer to the pack. I’m human, I didn’t want to be living in the forest like the dog he is,” she replies, and I realise many things after her explanation. She is human. And my dad-

“My father is a werewolf?” I ask, my eyebrows furrowing. She scoffs. “Not just any werewolf. He is the Alpha of the Blood Earth Pack.”

Cole growls from beside me, and he grabs my arm, pulling me closer to him. The men shuffle in their spots, and Tempest and Ebony, who I had forgotten about until then, walk over to me, Ebony on my right, Tempest next to Cole.

“We are leaving. Men,” he looks over to the pack members, “I want you to load Synthia and Simon into the van and put them in our dungeons. Let’s go,” he says, and the men nod, moving to my mother and simon, dragging them out the door, and shoving them into the van.

“Sweetheart, let’s go. I’ve got to do something at the pack house. Go with Tempest and Ebony to my car. I’ll be there in a minute,” he says, pecking my lips briefly and walking towards the pack men, directing them and giving them orders. I watched them load my mother and Simon into the van, before Tempest and Ebony guide me to the car.

“Hey guys, what do they do with people in the dungeons?” I ask them, curious as to what my mother and Simon might go through.

“It depends how the Alpha is feeling. Sometimes the criminals are beaten, tortured, starved. But if he’s in a really bad mood, he has been known to kill,” Tempest responds, leaning against the SUV and watching her mate from where she stands. He catches her eye, and turns around. I realise that it’s Jasper. He blows her a kiss, smirking lightly, before jumping into the van as it speeds off, waving through the the window.

Ebony starts to laugh, nudging Tempest in the ribs. “Boy, you’ve got that mate of yours wrapped around your little finger,” she laughs, and Tempest scoffs, punching Ebony in the shoulder.

“I think it’s sweet. He’s always looking at you, as if he can sense what you need. It’s really cute.”

Tempest and Ebony giggle. “If you think me and Jasper are cute, then you and Alpah Cole are fucking adorable. Have you seen how relaxed he gets when he’s holding you? Geez it’s almost swoon worthy,” Tempest fans her face as they both giggle uncontrollably. When they spot Cole walking towards us though, their eyes widen.

The girls sober up and bow their heads, waiting for his orders. He looks at me, raising his eyebrows, and says, “Girls, you can go now. Thank you for looking out for my Luna,” he says, his eyes never leaving my face.

“Of course Alpha. She is our Luna as well. Goodbye Alpha, Luna,” they say, and they walk over to another car, get in and drive off.

“Come on Sweetheart, get in the car,” he says, opening the door and waiting for me to get in, before shutting it and going around to his side. “Fucking adorable huh?” Cole’s eyes hold some amusement, and I realise he probably heard every single word we had spoken.

I turn my face away. My cheeks are red with embarrassment. Cole just chuckles from beside me, reaching for my hand and entwining our fingers.

“If my pack wants to thing of us as ‘fucking adorable’, then I don’t care. As long as you have everything you want from now on.”

I already do, I think silently in my head. My hand tightens around his, and he looks over, a smile on his lips.

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