The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 10

When we pull into the garage under his house, Cole jumps out and walks over to my door, meeting me as I jump out and land beside him. He grabs my hand softly and pulls me along into the house. As we pass through the living room, I catch a glimpse of Cole’s expression. It’s soft, but his eyes hold determination, and a little of what I believe was anger.

He stalks upstairs and over to the big wooden door beside his room, and I watch as he pulls out a key from his pocket, inserts it into the lock, and pushes the door open. He looks over his shoulder and notices that I’m standing behind him. His hard, cold, electric blue gaze softens, and he pulls me into the room behind him.

I look around, and I realise that this must be his study. The walls of the huge room are lined with shelves and shelves of books, the very centre of the room is occupied by his huge desk, which is crowded with laptops, files, papers and books. The side of the room has a black leather sofa nestled up to the only unoccupied wall in the room, with two comfy looking pillows nestled into the corners.

“Sweetheart, I’ve got to do some work for a few hours. I’ll do it here and not at the pack house, but I need to concentrate. Okay?” He leans on the edge of is mahogany table, crossing his arms over his chest, highlighting the bulging veins in his tanned, muscled arms.

I nod my head, moving forward and leaning up to peck his cheek, his sharp jawline pressed against my lips. I move back, looking up into his eyes. My stomach flutters when I see how intensely he’s staring at me. The edges of his eyes are tinged with a gold band, making me stare even more.

I clear my throat and turn around, walking over to one of the many shelves in the room, skimming over the coloured spines, looking for a name that appealed to me enough to read it.

I pick a book out, it’s black cover shining under my finger tips. ‘The History of Lycanthropes’ was written over the cover in big, curly gold writing. Deciding that I should learn more about my species, I walk over to the sofa and plop into the comfortable material, grabbing a white cushion and placing it over my crossed legs and opening the book.

From the first sentence I’m captivated, the information swimming in my mind, comparing to everything I was ever told in school as myths, trying to make sense of it. The sound of clicking and tapping comes faintly from Cole’s direction, his fingers flying over his keyboard.

“Ryder, what’s wrong?” I look up to see a phone pressed to Cole’s ear, his eyes still glued to his laptop screen.

I can hear Ryder’s voice clearly from the other end of the phone, and try to block it out, not wanting to intrude.

“Yes, okay. Look, I’m trying to find out everything there is on them, but it’s proving harder than expected. There’s hardly anything on their pack, especially from the past seventeen years. I want you to go to the dungeons and question the prisoners we have from their pack. Use any method of persuasion necessary to get that information. Report to me tomorrow.”

He hangs up, placing his phone on the table, placing his head into his hands, pulling at his hair and rubbing his eyes. My heart aches to see him so exhausted, so I stand up and walk behind his chair, gently massaging his broad shoulders, trying to get all the tension out.

“Ugh Jade, you’re going to put me to sleep,” he groans out, rolling his head to the right to give my hands better access. I smile at how cute his hair looks, practically standing up straight, strands of his silky black hair going in all directions.

“You need to relax Coco,” I say, threading my fingers through his silky hair. His eyes snap open, and he pulls me around to sit in his lap. His blue eyes hold my gaze captive, impossible to look away.

“Sweetheart, what have I told you about that nickname? And about using it? Huh?”

My mind flashes back to this morning, and my cheeks blush when my mind is over taken by all the ‘consequences’ that could happen. He seems to know what I’m thinking, because his lips turn up into a smirk, and he leans forward.

“You are a very dirty minded wolf, love. I find that very very hot,” he whispers in my ear, biting my earlobe softly, making shivers go up and down my spine, sending heat straight down to my core. I bite my lip, trying to hold back a moan. He pulls back, letting me see his pitch black gaze, his parted lips, perfectly pink and full, luring me in.

I lean forward, pressing my lips to his, making a groan come from in between his lips. His strong arms wrap themselves around my waist, bringing me closer by my hips. I rock forward, trying to close any gaps between us, and I moan when I feel his bulge pressed against my heated core.

He growls and pulls back. “Jade, I can smell your arousal, and it’s making it hard for me to keep it gentle.”

I quickly smash my lips back onto his, silencing him. He stands up suddenly, pulling my legs up to wrap around his lean waist, making me squeal in surprise. All thoughts of being gentle are gone and a smirk forms on his lips as he carries me out the door and into my bedroom, slamming the door behind us with the heel of his shoe, and gently placing me on the bed. I pull his hair down, making sure our lips don’t part for a second.

I tug at his shirt and he pulls it over his head in a rush, our lips disconnecting for just a second, messing up his hair even more. He reattaches our lips, and I run my hands down his chest, my fingers memorising every dip and muscle on his torso, and he kisses a trail of wet kisses down to my collarbone.

“Jade I want to mark you so bad,” he whispers into my hair, and I moan at how husky his voice is. He pulls back suddenly, standing up and looking down at what I assume is my messed up hair and swollen lips. “But I’m not going to do it now. I don’t think you’re ready. And even if you are, I want you to want me to mark you, not just because we’re in the heat of the moment. Do you understand?”

I nod my head, understanding what he means. And now that we’ve stopped, I can feel my insecurities returning slowly. My heart races and my body starts to freeze up.

I realise. Uni! Today’s Monday! I missed uni today.

“Cole, what are we going to do about uni? I can’t exactly stay home and not go,” I say. I watch as realisation crosses his features, and I realise that he didn’t even think of this problem. We both forgot.

“I’ll take you tomorrow. Do you have your books?” I shake my head.

“Yes. I brought them over with me today. Thank you.”

He nods. “I’m not entirely comfortable with you going to uni, but you do need your education. And Jace will be there as well, right?”

I nearly faint when he mentions Jace. I am such a bad friend! I haven’t even thought about him since I got here. I wonder why I haven’t seen him around.

“Hey Cole, how come I haven’t seen Jace around? Isn’t he in your pack?” I ask, but he bites the inside of his cheek. “Yes Sweetheart. But right now he’s in Blood Earth Pack. Your father’s pack. He is a spy for me. A few years ago, your father did something that pissed me off and endangered this pack. So I sent Jace to spy on their moves.” He pauses, as if thinking over something. “Of course, this is classified information, and I’m only telling you because you’re my mate. So don’t tell anyone, ok?”

I nod, then frown, questions flying into my head about the first night I met him. “But that two were fighting. Why?”

He sighs and lays down on the bed. I hesitate, before laying down beside him, my head leaning on his shoulder. Cole turns his head down and looks over at me. “My pack members don’t know he’s part of us. So when we ran into him on the streets, my pack got into a fight with him. I had no choice but to let them so that his cover wouldn’t be blown.”

I shake my head, all this information a little too much for me to be able to take in. But my heart sped up at the thought of seeing Jace again. We had been friends forever, and now that I remembered that I hadn’t talked to him in a while, my heart ached to see him again.

“Can I ask you a question Cole?” I asked, worried about his answer. “Of course Jade.” He reached up and pushed a stray strand of my hair behind my ear, caressing my cheek in the process. I grabbed his hand and placed a kiss on his palm.

“Do I need to be introduced to the pack? I mean, I am going to be their Luna, right?”

He looks up at me, and sighs. “It’s true, you do need to meet the pack and be officially accepted in and made the Luna. But I’ve been putting it off because I wanted you to recover properly. You’ve been through so much, Sweetheart, I didn’t want to push this all onto your shoulders.”

“Cole, I know that it may seem that way, but I can handle it. I want to meet my new family, the people who I will be leading. And these people deserve to meet their Luna as well, no?” I raise an eyebrow, staring up at his perfect face, my eyes searching his ocean-like eyes. He nodded his head slowly, knowing I’m right.

“I suppose so. How about this. Tomorrow we’ll go down to the pack house and have breakfast with the pack before I take you to uni. Remember how I told you that we usually sit together for meals? Ryder told me that the pack members are feeling quite left out because I’ve been hogging you to myself and not turning up for meals. So, what do you think?” He asks, smirking down at me, lifting our hands and entwining our fingers together, his eyes watching the emotions fly across my face.

“Of course! I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll be able to make new friends and meet all those babies and happy families,” I respond enthusiastically, the idea of being able to hold babies exciting me beyond belief. Cole chuckled at my words, obviously amused by them. I blushed slightly and pushed him up, kissing the back of his hand before releasing his fingers from my own.

“Are you hungry? I can whip up something quickly if you want,” I ask, and he nods eagerly, sitting up and taking my hand, leading me downstairs to the kitchen.

I wash my hands and start to get everything ready to make lasagna. Cole sits at the counter, leaning his handsome face on his palm, his eyes following my every move.

“Can I use your phone for a bit?” I ask him. He frowns in confusion, but hands it over anyway. I quickly set up some music, turn it up to full blast, and press play.

As I hum along to some catchy upbeat song and wriggle my body to the beat, Cole just stares and smiles at my crazy dance moves, obviously amused by the new me that comes out when I’m dancing. I spin around the kitchen, dancing, singing and cooking at the same time.


After dinner, Cole said he has to go to the pack house for an urgent meeting. Apparently a group of rogues had come very close to the border. I feel twinge of worry for him when he gets up to leave, but Cole reassures me with a heated kiss that it’s sort of normal, and that I shouldn’t worry at all.

He had told me not to wait up for him, because he didn’t know how long he was going to be there for. So I just walk off to my bedroom, deciding that I might as well use the time to have a relaxing bath.

The house feels cold and abandoned without Cole’s presence, and I decide that I don’t like being without Cole beside me. I don’t know how I survived without him for seventeen years, but I know going back to that would kill me. He had become a part of me, and I had become a part of him.

I grab a towel and some clothes, entering the huge bathroom and turning on the bathtub, filling it with relaxing bath salts I’d found in the cupboard and half a bottle of bubbles, making it almost slosh over the side when I step in.

The warm water immediately soothes my muscles and makes me relax, leaning my head back on the end of the bath and rest my arms on the sides. I slowly wave my legs through the water, loving how the water parts for my legs underwater, only to close in right behind them.

I sink lower and lower into the water, wetting my hair up to the scalp, my whole body submerged in the water, my eyes closed.

Suddenly my head is dunked under the water, a huge, rough hand holding my head in place. I can feel my legs and arms thrashing and flailing around, trying to in any way get my head back up. The water stings my eyes, and my lungs start to scream for release.

I feel the water slowly go up my nose, and my lips start to part against my will, the urge for air too strong. As the water gushes down my throat and into my lungs, I let out one more scream, before black dots swim into my vision, my world shutting down into a pitch black.

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