The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 12

“So, Cole told you about my profession as a spy huh?” asks Jace, fiddling with his fingers.

“Yeah, only because I was bugging him about where you were. I have a feeling that he didn’t want to tell me, because it could get out and you’d get hurt. But I won’t tell anyone, I promise,” I assure him, reaching out and squeezing his hand comfortingly. He looks up and smiles.

We’re sitting in a diner about five minutes away from uni. Most students come here, just because it’s close to uni so they don’t have to rush back for their lectures.

“Besides, I don’t even know about any other wolves here. Are there any other wolves in this uni?“I ask, genuinely curious. I hadn’t seen anyone I knew from uni in the pack house this morning, but maybe they came from my dad’s pack.

“Yeah. Uh, you see that girl there with blonde hair wearing a leather jacket? Mina? She’s part of the Blood Earth Pack. Along with her whole group,” he says, nodding discreetly in their direction. I look over and watch as the girls crowd around a couple of guys. Mina is sitting on a cute guy’s lap, her arms wrapped around his neck.

One of the girls look towards us, and when she sees me glancing over at them,she sneers and looks away.

“Why are they looking at me like that? Like I’m some sort of abomination or something?” I ask Jace, and he visibly winces.

“They know who you are. Jade Summers, daughter of Michael Summers? Everyone knows about his daughter that he left for the pack. And they don’t really care if I’m friends with you. They believe I haven’t told you anything, and that your completely in the dark, so yeah. And they also don’t know you’re mated to Cole Winston, Alpha of Silver Creek pack.”

I listen as Jace practically tells me everything on the two packs. I feel like everyone knows how pathetic my family is. My mother became an abuser and married an abuser and alcoholic. I feel like trash.

But I put on a smile and look over at Jace. “So, how does it work? Do you still have your connection with Cole or is your connection with my father,” I ask.

“No. For this to be completely believable, Cole had to throw me out of the pack, making me a rogue. I then had to slowly make my way through Alpha Summer’s pack until he trusted me enough to make me his Beta, after his other one died. So here I am. But I can’t wait until I get back to Alpha Winston’s pack. I hate your dad, no offence,” he spits out. I don’t blame him. Cole told be that my dad doesn’t care about his pack members. That’s why I find it so hard to believe that he was the one sending me all that money for these past years. I open my mouth to ask Jace about that, but I’m cut off by his phone vibrating. He picks it up and sighs. “I have to go. There’s an issue I’m assigned to deal with back at the pack. I’ll see you later, Jade.”

He gets up to go and stuffs the rest of his burger into his mouth, mayo spilling out the other end, along with most of his lettuce.

I groan in disgust. “That’s disgusting Jace! Seriously you need to eat like a human, at least when you’re in public.”

I hear his muffled laugh and look up. “Sorry. But I’m hungry as anything and I don’t know when I’m going to eat next.” He leans over to give me a hug and he rushes out the diner, waving wildly at me.

I decide to leave the diner as well. I have one more lecture for the day, so I leave, hoping I can get some peaceful reading time in the library before my lecture.

As I walk down the hallway to the library, I’m stopped by Brittany and her cheerleading squad. Now, before you jump to conclusions and think she’s a total bitch and slut, you’re wrong. She’s actually quite nice, and has been in a solid relationship for two years, her boyfriend the head quarterback for our uni. I guess some clichés stick, no matter what.

“Luna, so glad I could meet you. I wasn’t able to formally greet you at the pack house because I had to leave early. As you know, this is my cheerleading team, also part of the pack,” she says, bowing her head slightly, so it wasn’t completely noticeable. Just enough to show respect.

My jaw almost drops to the ground when I heard this, and I shuffle on my feet. I try to keep a straight face and keep calm. But it’s kind of weird.

“Nice to meet you formally as well Brittany. And your team members. I know we didn’t really talk much before, so I hope we can maybe catch up at the pack house. I want to get to know the pack members,” I reply, looking up at her. She’s a very tall girl, about 5′8, and she’s very pretty, with really frizzy, brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. Her chocolate brown skin is perfect, with no blemishes. I admire how it seems to glow in the sun.

“Of course Luna. I’d be honoured. We,” she corrects, gesturing to the girls behind her, “would be honoured.”

I smile at them all and make my way to the library. I sigh when I round the corner. Being a Luna suddenly uncovered all these secrets. I’ve been in uni with all these people for a while semester, and only now am I finding out about their nonhuman backgrounds.

I couldn’t really concentrate on Mr Ong’s class. Although we were doing my favourite subject, English Lit, my mind kept wondering to all the possible things a Luna had to do for the pack.

I knew that is have to help in making decisions for the pack alongside Cole, but I didn’t know what else I’d have to do. Maybe I could ask him tonight.

As the class went on, with students entering into a debate about the flaws of the current book we are studying, my mind drifted off to thinking about Cole.

I remember when I first saw him. How handsome he looked. How absolutely terrified I was of him. I felt like laughing at that. He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever come across, apart from Jace.

Now, I can’t imagine life without Cole beside me. The way he makes me feel so in control of the situation. How he gave me space when we were new at things, despite the fact that it was killing him not to touch me.

When the class is dismissed, I walk out quickly, partly ashamed of the fact that I hadn’t listened to one word my professor had said the entire time.

As I exit the building my body shivers. I really hope Cole is already here. I don’t think I can last another minute in this place.

I walk out into the gloomy weather, the sky clouded and drizzling lightly. I look around and notice Cole leaning against the car, shades on, staring at his phone. I smile at how hot he looks in his leather jacket as I walk towards him.

He senses me coming, and stands up straight, putting his phone into his back pocket. He smiles and pulls my body towards him by my waist, and I chuckle lightly.

“How was your day, my love?” He asks. I smile. “Not bad, considering it is uni.You’re so lucky you’ve finished uni,” I reply, pulling his shades off his face and threading them through his sweater. He’d told me one day that he had studied business when he was in uni. I had been surprised that, as an Alpha, he had still gone to uni.

“Let’s go home. I want to talk to you,” he says, staring into my eyes. I lean up and quickly press my lips to his, intending it to be a quick kiss, but Cole doesn’t let me pull away, and decides we should have a full-on make-out session outside my uni. I growl at him through the kiss and pull back.

“Not here. I don’t want people to watch us like we’re some weird, obsessed couple,” I say breathlessly. I reluctantly unwrap my arms from around his neck and move away.

He quickly opens the passenger door for me and closes it when I’m inside the car, walking over to his side.

“So, this talk? What is it about?” I ask him, twisting in my seat slightly to look at him. He just licks his lips and says, “You’ll see when we talk.”

I frown at how worried he sounds. What could be so worrying to tell me?

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