The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 14

When I wake up, I am still in my wolf form, my silky, smooth fur entwined with the nature that is beneath me, the sun shining directly on my face. I yawn, my jaws opening wider than they would as a human, letting my tongue flick quickly across my muzzle. I look beside me and I see Cole’s black wolf lying on its side, his body stretched out and limbs splayed everywhere.

I quietly laugh, the sound coming out as a small whine. I gently nudge his side, trying to wake him up. When he doesn’t move, I growl lowly, and that dos the trick.

He rolls over and looks up at me, his blue eyes scanning my body from muzzle to paws. He gets to his paws and stretches, yawning as he does.

“Good morning Sweetheart,” Cole mind links. He stands beside me, his huge form looming over me, both protectively and lovingly.

“Good morning. I think we need to get back to the pack. It’s already morning and you might be late for work,” I reply, walking off in the direction I think we came from. Cole catches up and we walk slowly, leisurely towards the pack.

When we get there, there’s already pack members going about their daily jobs, mothers walking from house to house, into the pack house, doing their jobs as their small pups run around together in the open space. Young men and women training off to the side, and as Cole had told me before, in both human and wolf form.

The scene made me feel at home, as if I had a family, and my chest rose up as I breathed in the air of my home. A place I was welcomed by everyone.

An older woman, about forty or so, suddenly spots us, and quickly comes our way.

“Alpha, Luna, welcome back. I have some clothes for the Luna to change into.” I nod gratefully and she passes the clothes to me and I hold them as gently as possible in my mouth. I walk off behind a tree not too far away, and think of my human form. As I do, I feel a tingling sensation run up my spine, and I look down to see my butt-naked figure.

I blush, even though there isn’t anyone around, and pull on the clothes, which are a little baggy. A simple pair of sweats and a tank top.

I emerge to see that Cole has also shifted, his lower half covered by a pair of black basketball shorts, his upper body exposed to the chilly air.

I walk over and I spot the hulking figure of Ryder standing beside Cole. I wave shyly at him and he grins, bowing his head slightly in my direction. Cole looks over his shoulder and when his eyes land on me, he smiles, walking over and pulling me to his chest.

“So, how are you feeling?” His dark black stubble scratches lightly at my cheek, and I sigh in happiness.

“I’m good. My body is just a bit achy, but it’ll be fine,” I reply, smiling up at him. His perfectly shaped lips curve into a smile, and he pulls away.

“I’ve got to go do some paperwork at the pack house. You can stay upstairs in our room and I’ll come up in a few hours.”

I know that he would have some work to do, as Alpha males did, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. And as we were walking earlier, I had realised I’d missed another day of school. I’m kind of worried because missing so many days of school in uni could be a problem. Even though I am hardworking, therefore able to catch up easily, I want to get back to uni as soon as possible. It would also just give me something to do.

As we walk, I realise that pack members are still staring at me. I sigh. When will I actually be able to walk around here without being looked at as if I was an extinct species behind bars in a zoo one day?

“Just give them time, Jade. They aren’t used to you yet.”

I yelp and jump about five feet in the air, startled by the sudden and very unexpected invasion of my thoughts. I turn to look at Cole, who is watching me intently, a small smirk evident on his chiseled features.

“I..I thought we can only communicate like this in wolf form,” I reluctantly reply, still a tad weary.

“Nope. Now that you have turned into a werewolf, all of your werewolf abilities have kicked in. The only thing is that you can’t communicate with the pack members because you haven’t been accepted in at the ceremony, which is happening in two weeks,” he responds.

I nod my head, understanding what he was saying. But I’m kind of irked that he will be able to hear every single thought that flies through my mind.

“You can block the connection if you want. All you have to do is imagine a wall being put up, and you’ve successfully blocked me out,” he says. I wince slightly, and decide to leave it open. I kind of feel rude by blocking him out, as if I’m physically pushing him away.

I can feel that he has left his side open, because I can hear faint thoughts whizzing through his head. But I leave it. Going through his thoughts isn’t very high on my to-do list.

Cole pulls me up the pack house stairs, downstairs devoid of any life, and we enter our room. He carefully runs a hand through his hair, and looks around.

“I’ll be back soon Sweetheart. Then we can do anything you want.”

I realise he must’ve heard my thoughts earlier, and I blush. I quickly lean up, kiss him softly on his lips, and push him out the door. I know that if I hadn’t done that, he would’ve stood there forever. Sometimes he was really awkward. I find it kind of adorable.

I decide to get a bit more sleep, since I hadn’t gotten much last night. As I lie in bed, pondering over how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time, my eyelids became impossible to keep open, and I let sleep overtake me.


I walk through the woods, the dark, eerie shadows stretching for miles, and I wonder deeper and deeper. I look down at myself, and see that I’m naked, my body turning blue from the extreme cold. For some reason, I feel as if I need to move slower, quieter, and I do. As I approach an unfamiliar area, lit by bonfires and lamps, I creep behind a tree, and peek around the corner.

I watch as a group of tough, burly men yell and fight each other, surrounded by a big group of men and women alike. The cheering and claps echo into the otherwise silent night, and I scan the crowd, hoping to see something or someone I’d recognise.

One person stands out, and I gasp out loud. A man, who looks to be quite fit and muscular, no older than forty five, sits on a large, distinct chair. The chair looks special, as if made for a special person, and I know it is an Alpha’s chair. But that’s not what is familiar. It is the man. My father.

I gasp again, and let out a small whimper, which stops all the commotion in front of me. I watch in horror as the warrior men snap their heads in my direction, and advance slowly.

I decide to make a run for it too late, and I’m grabbed by the waist and hauled onto a shoulder. I kick and scream, begging to be let go of, but the man doesn’t listen or respond. He walks calmly, confidently to my father, and throws me to the ground, the hard rocks digging into my stomach.

My father smiles down at me, his pearly white teeth bared, and I shiver. His handsome face is twisted into a horror-like smile, his eyes, so much like mine, holds no emotion.

“My dear, dear daughter. You have failed. You are a disappointment to me and your future pack. For that, you must be punished.”

He holds up a knife, and as he brings it down, the last thing I hear is, “I love you my dear daughter,” before the blade spears my heart, my soul leaking out, and the world turning black, as I listen to my scream continue through the woods.


“Jade! Jade get up! Wake up Jade it’s only a nightmare. Come back to me.”

I can hear a voice yelling, and I wonder why they’re screaming. But it isn’t someone else. It’s me.

My throat is becoming sore, but it’s like I don’t have control over my body, my scream never coming to an end.

I’m silenced by a kiss to my lips, and I instantly shut up. I keep my mouth closed, my eyes screwed shut, and just myself feel the love and passion. When I can’t feel those familiar lips anymore, I finally open my eyes.

The first thing I see is a pair of worried,shining blue eyes staring right back at me. I hug Cole viciously, sobbing into his bare chest, my tears sliding down his smooth skin.

“Shhhh it’s okay Jade. It’s okay. What happened? Why were you screaming like that? I thought someone was murdering you while you were beside me!”

His worried voice rasps into my ear, his minty breath fanning over my face. But I don’t want to tell him. He doesn’t need to know what happened. It will just cause him more stress.

“Jade, tell me, or I’ll use the mind link. I don’t want to, I want you to tell me, but I will if I have to,” he whispers. I can hear the reluctance in his voice, but I can also hear the determination as well. He isn’t lying. So I do something I believed I wouldn’t have the guts to do. I put the wall up.

He knows that I did, because his face falls. He’s crestfallen, that I really don’t want to share my nightmare with him.

“Love, don’t do this. Bottling it all up will backfire on you. Let it out. Let me share the burden,” he mutters into my hair, but I shake my head firmly.

I lay back down on my sweaty pillow, the cool liquid cooling down my hot body. I turn away from a sad, unhappy Cole, and try to fall asleep. The alarm clock on my bedside table reads 4:27am and I have to be up for uni in a few hours. But sleep won’t come.

I lay there, as Cole sighs and lays down as well. He keeps a space between us that God knows I want filled. But he needs space after being pushed away like that. I need space after pushing him away. I decide to leave him be for the night.

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