The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 15

I wake up to the sound of the shower going. The sun shining into the room momentarily blinds me and I roll over, groaning into my pillow.

I have decided that I have to talk to Cole about going to uni. I know he might be angry right now, but I have to try. I mean, it’s my education. I know he let me go a few days ago, but he’s always really hesitant on agreeing with me. The other day he tried to make up some excuse for me so I wouldn’t have to go.

I know I should stand up for myself, so that’s what I’m going to do.

So when he walks out of the bathroom, a white towel hanging low on his waist displaying his sexy v-line, I’m ready. Ready, but a bit intimidated. I know we’ve had a big argument, so I don’t want to make it any worse than it is.

But he doesn’t acknowledge me. In fact, he doesn’t even look at me. He walks straight into the closet and stays in there. I sigh. This will be really, really awkward now.

So I get up, and walk in, making sure I’m looking higher than where his lower region is. Cause that would just make everything even more awkward. Thankfully he had some jeans on, so I walk up to him and look up at him from his towering height.

“Cole. Can I ask you something?” He looks down at me for the first time today, and nods. His blazing blues burn into my green orbs. No matter how many times I look into them, I can’t get over how mesmerising they are.

“Can I go to uni? I am going to fall behind if I don’t start going again. I might even have to repeat the semester, if that’s even a thing. If you’re too busy I could get Ryder to take me?”

After all that, he just stares blankly at me. His eyes hold sadness and love at the same time, and it’s a recipe for heartbreak, cause that’s exactly what my heart does.

I sigh and turn towards the bathroom. I walk in and shut the door behind me. The steam left behind from Cole’s showed still fogs up the air, and I turn on the shower, just adding more steam to it.

I strip and jump in, the hot water a great relief on my aching body. I take my time in shampooing and conditioning my hair with my strawberry scented products and washing my body with my vanilla scented body scrub.

I decide to shave my body as well, because all I’ve got is time today. That pisses me off. I should be allowed to do things without his permission. Just because he’s my mate and soon-to-be Alpha, doesn’t mean I have to obey his every command.

Once I’ve finished, I get out and wrap a cream coloured towel around me, and walk out in a cloud of steam.

Cole is nowhere to be seen in the bedroom, so I’m guessing he’s already left. I quickly decide on a pair of black high waisted shorts and a lakers jersey, a long sleeve black top underneath. I grab my favourite pair of combat boots and lace them up.

I look over to Cole’s vanity table. I realise that he’s left his silver watch behind. From all the time I’ve been with him, I realise that he’s never gone out without it. He must’ve forgotten it.

To try and make up for my actions, I grab his watch and carefully tuck it into my book bag, intending to give it to him when I see him. Hopefully he’s not so mad that he won’t even accept it from me.

I walk out of our room with my book bag slung over my shoulder, and I make my way upstairs to Cole’s office. I walk down the hallway, and reach a brown wooden door. Though its firmly shut, I can still here faint murmuring, thanks to my super hearing. But I kinda wish I didn’t hear anything now.

“...turned it off. As if I didn’t mean anything to her. That feeling was so harsh, like she was slapping me right across my fucking cheek.”

Cole’s voice holds pain and anger, and I almost turn around and dash back to our room. Almost. Instead, I suck in a deep breath, and knock on the door.

All noise and mumbling stops, and Cole yells out a ‘Come in!’ I slowly turn the knob, and walk in, keeping my gaze firmly on Cole.

The minute he sees me, he looks down, clenching his sharp, angular jaw. Ryder, who is sitting backwards on a chair opposite him, turns his head back and looks me over.

He stands up, reaches over to slap Cole on the shoulder, and walks over to me.

“You need to talk to him. He needs to know why you did what you did. Otherwise he’ll go crazy. He loves you, Luna. Don’t let him down. Everyone else who he’s given his heart to did that. He doesn’t need that from you.”

I know Cole can hear every word, and suddenly I feel like a selfish bastard. For making him suffer like this. Ryder’s right. I have to fix this.

So I nod my head, give him a quick smile, and walk to the table. The door quietly clicks shut behind me, and I sit down in front of him.

I stare at his beautiful mess of hair, and his jaw covered in rugged stubble. I watch his nostrils flare ever so slightly, and go back to normal. My heart aches. I hurt this beautiful man, who looks as if he’s been broken in half.

“I’m sorry. I thought this would be best for you. My nightmare was...something I didn’t want to think about, much less force you to think about as well. I thought... I thought that it wouldn’t help my situation if you knew as well. Two people don’t need to be in pain for one.”

I wait for him to say something back, but he stays still, silent. I give up on him answering and just watch him.

“No matter how bad it might be, you have to tell me. So that I can protect you. Your scream last night. It terrified me, because I thought that I’d be waking up to my dead mate. So don’t block me out like that. Ever. It very nearly killed me.

And even if I’m unable to help you physically, I can help you get it off your mind. I can be there for you, if you let me.”

His reply shatters me, and I walk over to his side. His fingers are fiddling under the table, his right leg jigging up and down.

“Look at me Cole. I want to see you.”

I gently cup his chin and bring it up to face me. His eyelids are squeezed shut, as if he’s trying to block out a terrible memory. I gently kiss his perfect lips, and lean back, waiting. When his eyelids open slowly, exposing his eyes, I gasp in surprise. Being this close to his eyes, I can see a thin band of gold rimming his blue. It’s fascinating, and I decide that his eyes are the most beautiful thing on Earth.

“I love you Cole. So much. You came into my life when I had nobody to talk to, nobody to lean on. And I wake up every morning, thankful to whatever God there is up there that he gave me you,” I confess, running my fingers through his overgrown head of hair.

His smile nearly blinds me, it’s intensity and genuineness makes me smile right back. He leans closer and captures my lips with his, sending sparks shooting through my body. I moan into the kiss, and pull away slightly, gasping for breath. But that doesn’t stop him.

His continues a hot, fiery path down my jaw, and leaves an open wet kiss on my collar bone, making me moan. His lips turn into a smirk against my skin and I shudder.

“This is the place,” he mumbles, moving to the spot where my neck meets my shoulder,” where I’ll mark you. In just under two weeks. Then every wolf in the world will know that you belong to me. I love you,” he replies.

His heartfelt reply warms me, and I curl up in his lap. Cole’s arms come around me protectively, and I feel so happy. Suddenly, my life feels so much brighter.

I look up at Cole’s face and whisper,“Cole, I want to go to school. The semester is nearly finished, just one more month left. And if I keep skipping out on school, I’m going to fall behind. Please?”

I watch his face closely, and he finally sighs, nodding. I practically squeal as I jump up, hugging the life out of his waist.

“Okay, okay! Let’s go before you kill me. Then what will you do? You’re already late. Meet me down at the garage. I’m gonna bring you some food,” he grumbles. I hold back a laugh as he stands up from his chair and stretches, his tight v-neck shirt riding up, displaying his wonderful abs. I feel so happy that I’ve got a handsome, charming and sincere mate.

We walk downstairs and he stops at the kitchen. I walk straight through the front door and round the side to the garage. I open it with the remote Cole had given me, and walk in. I look around and see at least fifteen cars. All different shapes, sizes and colours.

“They belong to some of the pack members. We’re taking this one,” comes a voice behind me. I turn to see Cole holding a pair of keys in one hand, and in the other, balancing a coffee mug and a sandwich. I reach over and grab some things, taking a load off him.

I turn to see that he’s pointing to the Nissan he’d picked me up in from school last time. God, that car was awesome. I nod and jump in.

Five minutes later we’re on the main road. The silence is comfortable, neither of us having the urge to break it. I quietly eat my peanut butter jelly sandwich and drink the hot chocolate.

“Alright,” Cole finally speaks up as we pulled into the school parking lot,“I’ll pick you up later. Same spot. And if you see Jace tell him to meet me here as well. I need to speak with him.”

“Alright. I’ll see you later. Love you,” I whisper shyly. I guess it’s the first time I’ve gotten to say it out in public. Cole grins and leans over the centre control, and presses a small kiss on my lips.

“I love you.”

I turn to jump out of the car when I feel metal on my thigh. I suddenly remember. “Cole! I forgot,” I turn back to face him. I pull out his watch and slowly slide it up his wrist, clasping it neatly in its place,” you forgot your watch this morning.”

Cole smiles and kisses me one more time. “Thank you Jade. You’re amazing.” I smile in return.

I hop out and watch as he speeds down the street and out of sight. I sigh, and make my way up the front steps. But I don’t notice Jace sneaking up on me.

“BOO! Ha! You got mighty shook Jade. Why you so jumpy?” He shoots questions at me too quickly for my freaked out mind to comprehend. I realise he must’ve had too much coffee already. So I settle for punching him on the arm. That works as well.

“FUCK! Woman why are you so strong?!” He holds his bicep tenderly in his palm and I burst out laughing at his wounded expression. I lean a little closer to him, making him flinch before relaxing a bit.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve got my wolf senses, you know, now that I shifted and all..”

“You shifted?! How come I’m the last to know?!” He whisper shouts into my face, making me lean away and chuckle. His face is quite comical, and I laugh at him.

“I’ll tell you later. Wait? Why are you out here? Aren’t you meant to be in class?”

It has dawned on me that I am late to school and my best friend is outside to greet me. He smirks as he swings an arm around my shoulders. “That’s for me to know and for you to never find out.”

I roll my eyes and we walk into the building. Jace guides us to the room we’re meant to be in and we quietly sneak into the room. Although the professor doesn’t pay us any attention, a few heads look up and curiously watch us take a seat in the back.

Since there isn’t any two spots available, we’re forced to separate. Jace unwinds his arm from around me and kisses my cheek, walking off to the row ahead. He sits down and stretches out on his chair, his long, lanky legs effectively blocking the isle.

I quickly take a seat next to Brittany, who until now, I forgot is part of the pack. She turns to me, bows her head slightly in respect, and turns back to the front. I do the same, just waiting for this lecture to end. Then I can talk with Jace.

Two minutes later the professor dismisses us and I jump up, grabbing my book bag and walking out the class with the throng of students. At some point I’m united with Jace, and we walk away from the crowd.

“Hey, I gotta use the bathroom. Go find a spot in the cafeteria and I’ll come there,” I yell over the noise. He nods, takes my bag off me and disappears into the crowd.

I weave my way and block the shoves, eventually making it to the bathroom. I enter and quickly grab a stall, locking it behind me. I do my stuff and get out, eager to get back to Jace. But then my mirror image comes face to face with a familiar-looking girl. With a sharp intake, I realise that this girl was the one who sneered at me last time in the restaurant.

“Oh hello Luna of Silver Creek Pack and daughter of Alpha Summers. Such a pleasure to finally meet you,” she gushed, her voice thick with fake enthusiasm. I try to ignore her, instead washing my hands at the basin. She doesn’t like that very much, choosing to grab my arm and spin me to her.

“Hey bitch! I’m talking to you! My name is Alice. Your dad talks a lot about you you know?”

This confuses me, but I decide to ask Jace about it. So I try to make my way around her. She growls, pissed off, and pins me against a wall. I growl back, warning her off, but she just smiles.

“Awww. The little Luna can hold her own! I bet your mate trains you, among other things. Am I right?”

I growl at her again, this time pushing her off me. She stumbles, momentarily stunned but quickly gains control. She launches herself at me and punches my right cheek, my face flying to the left. I snap, punching her face and then her stomach, bringing her to her knees.

I quickly walk out the bathroom and look for Jace, finding him sitting alone at a corner table, looking at something on his phone. As I walk up he smiles at me, but scowls when he sees the bruise I’m sure is evident on my cheek.

“Who did this to you?!” His eyes go black for a moment, before he shuts them and breaths in deeply, opening up a minute later with his normal blue gaze.

“Some bitch in the bathroom called Alice. Apparently she’s from my fathers pack.”

“Alice Webster? What the fuck is her problem?! Alpha Summers said no one was to hurt y-” he cuts himself off suddenly, eyes slowly making their way up to me.

“What do you mean? My father told you guys not to touch me? Why?” I ask him, seriously confused.

“What? Nothing. That wasn’t anything,” he says sheepishly. He nervously scratches the back of his head, bringing a hand through his curly blonde hair.

I raise an eyebrow. “I call bullshit. I’ll leave it for now, but Cole wants to speak with you later. So you either bring it up then, or I will. Okay?”

“Fine fine! Happy now mummy?” He grumbles, crossing his arms over his broad chest, frowning. The sight reminds me of a three year old child, and I fight to maintain my stern expression.

“Yes, very. Now let’s just get the rest of this day over with,” I say. I’m just praying to God that the rest of the day goes by fast.

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