The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 16

Thankfully, the last few hours go by fast, thanks to the fact that Jace sits next to me in every single class. Now, the professors all know about the trouble he gets into in his classes, with his loud, bubbly character, but Jace charms them all with his Abercrombie looks. I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to get away with everything. Every-time.

As the last lesson of the day comes to and end, the professor’s loud voice tiredly dismissing us, I sigh in relief and blink. I grin at a pouting and crying Jace and chuckle.

For the last five minutes we’d challenged each other to see who’d blink the most in the last five minutes of class.

I’d decided on a strategy where I’d blink every minute. But Jace went in without any plan and had ended up blinking numerous times. When he’d realised that it wasn’t working, he just stared at me without blinking, causing his eyes to water, making them look like sparkling pools of water.

Now as I walk out the front gates with his arm draped across my shoulders, I watch as he rubs his red and watery eyes with his other hand.

“I’ll get you back Jade. Just you wait,” he mumbles into my ear. I just chuckle and look around the car park for a certain man. My man.

When my eyes land on him, my breathing quickly escalates and my pulse is loud in my eardrums.

His muscular, tan arms are on display, thanks to his muscle tee he’s wearing. The cream jeans he’s also wearing compliments his beautiful skin and his blazing blue eyes are covered by his Ray Bans. With one ankle crossed over the other, leaning against the car, he looks good enough to eat, and I’m not going to apologise for the very inappropriate innuendo there.

When we reach him, Cole takes his glasses off and scowls at Jace, pulling me to him. His lips briefly meet mine in a silent greeting, his eyes then boring into Jace’s equally blue ones when he pulls away.

“Before we move onto business, don’t ever touch my mate again, or I’ll rip your head off your shoulders by your shaggy hair. Got it?” Cole asks, and Jace nods swiftly, moving about two feet away from me. Cole just smirks and turns to me.

“How was your day, Sweetheart?” He asks, moving a strand of hair out of my face, his touch gentle yet possessive.

I smile up at him and reply,“It was fine. I got to hang out with Jace the whole day and annoy teachers. A perfect day.”

“Oh, so I’ve got a bad girl as a mate huh?” He asks, his eyes glinting with both pride and love. I giggle and pinch his toned stomach, making him jump slightly.

“Yeah, I guess you do.” He just rolls his beautiful eyes and turns to Jace, who is awkwardly trying to look somewhere else.

“So, I hope you know why I wanted to talk to you Jace,” Cole says, his tone changing from the playful one from just moments before. Jace looks over at him and nods.

“I do. Alpha Summers isn’t causing any trouble. He tried to make an alliance with the Winter Snow Pack, but the Alpha of the pack didn’t go through ’cause of Alpha Summers unstable family relationship, as well as his mistreatment to his own pack members. And it seems to be the reason for most of his failed alliances. So..uh..he kind of wants to get in touch with Jade, and he asked me to do it,” he replies, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

My eyes widen, and I snap my gaze over to Cole, who looks as if he’s about to explode. His face is growing red, and I might’ve laughed, if we were in different circumstances.

“Who the fuck does he think he is?! He’s not coming within a five mile radius of my mate!”

His eyes are slowly turning black, and I start to worry that the people walking past will notice. So I quickly wrap my arms around his waist and pull him to me, our chests colliding.

His arms were quick to fold around my waist, slinging low in my back. He shoves his head into the crook of my neck, inhaling deeply and exhaling loudly. i can hear him muttering loving words into my ear, and I smile, just happy to hold him and let him calm down.

After about a minute, his beautiful face reappears, and I kiss him softly.

“It’s okay Cole. He’s not going to take me away. I’ll make sure of that,” I assure him, and he nods. He turns back to Jace and says,“You tell your Alpha that he’s not getting his hands on my mate. Tell him that he’ll be ripped apart with my bare hands if I even catch a whiff of his sorry ass.”

His threat kind of gives me shivers, the ruthlessness in his voice chilling me to the bone. I’m sort of surprised because I’ve only seen this side of him once before, when he was dealing with my mum and Simon. But now that I’ve seen it again, I’m starting to wonder if it’s a normal occurrence.

“Cole,” I say suddenly, “it’s okay. But there is one more thing that Jace promised to tell you. Remember Jace?” I say, eyeballing him meaningfully.

He visibly gulps and takes a step back, looking as if he’s about to shit his pants.

“Oh yeah! Uh, see...there’s a reason Alpha Summers is making sure none of us hurt her and wants to get in touch with your mate...” He says, trailing off, his last words flying in the wind.

Cole stiffens and pulls me to him. “What is it? Tell me, or so help me I will throw you across this parking lot!” His voice strong, loud and clear. His Alpha voice.

“Alpha summers wants Jade to take over as Luna of the Blood Earth Pack.”

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