The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 18

It’s been a week and I’ve learnt the full meaning of ‘busy.’ Ever since I became Luna for the Silver Creek Pack, Cole and Ryder have been teaching me the ropes of how to lead the pack and what decisions to make, based on what is the best choice for the pack and its members.

Right now, I’m sitting in a room of irritated and grumpy looking werewolves, including Cole, discussing the problems of the adoption process. See, in this pack, I’ve learnt that not everything is cheery and perfect. There are some children who have no parents, because of rogue attacks and other issues. These kids are taken in by some kind pack members, but they obviously can’t look after them forever. So eventually the kids are thrown out.

Then you have the couples who aren’t able to have kids. These families are desperate to be able to take in these kids, but for some reason the adoptive process, which was made before even Cole’s dad was Alpha, had been made so difficult that now, we were trying to figure out a way to make it easier. Some of the pack elders don’t want to change the process, while others do.

It is an all out losing battle right now, and Cole, who is sitting beside me, has just about had enough of it.

“...because it shouldn’t be made easy. Simple as that!” A loud, gruff voice brings me out of my thoughts. I look up to see two men leaning over the wide table, yelling and growling in each other’s faces.

“Give me one good reason why! They are kids! They deserve good homes!”

“I’ve given you enough reason FOR THE LAST THREE HOURS!”

“ENOUGH! Shut the fuck up the lot of you or I swear I will rip your tongues out of your mouths!” Cole growls out. He stands proud beside me, his fists balled up tight at his sides.

The men slowly sit back down in their seats, humbly looking down at their hands. I smile. These men are totally hopeless at accomplishing anything. For three whole hours we have been going around in circles.

I decide that a little woman’s touch can possibly help speed things along.

“Okay. As you can all see, we are all frustrated and tired from all of this, and we want to get home to our families,” I say calmly. A man scoffs loudly from the other side, and Cole growls out angrily. I ignore them. “But we need to sort this problem out. So, all those in favour of changing the process of adoption, raise your hands please.”

Out of seventeen men, excluding Cole and I, seven raise their hands. Because Cole and I are the leaders, we aren’t allowed to participate, unless there is a stalemate. Only then can the Alpha and Luna discuss and come up with a solution.

“Okay. And all those in favour of keeping the process of adoption the same, raise your hands,” I say, and I watch as the remaining ten men put their hands up. Cole beside me sucks in a breath and grabs my hand under the table. We both know what this means.

The group that wants the process changed stands up and growls angrily. Their eyes turning dark and their canines elongating. Snarls and growls were getting louder. “They are children! How can you just vote their lives out for them?! They deserve better!”

“You are all heartless assholes! Imagine if that was your kid!”

“How can you be so cruel!?”

Cole sits silently, his face a mask of unhappiness and disgust. I can see that he isn’t going to stop the men from biting their heads off so I know that it is my job.


My voice, laced with the Luna powers, has an immediate effect on the men, and they sit down faster than you could say ‘idiots.’

“Idiots,” mutters Cole beside me. I turn towards him and give him an exasperated look, which he just grins devilishly at. I roll my eyes and turn to the men before me.

“Okay now that we know who wants what, I want reasons. You,” I decide suddenly, pointing to a huge, burly man with a neatly trimmed beard.“Why do you want the process to change?”

He looks at me in disbelief. “Is that even a question? They are kids. They deserve to have loving families to look after them and to grow up comfortably. I have two pups and all I can think about now is what will happen to them if my mate and I die. This messed up system would ensure that they would grow up on the streets, begging for food and dying before they turn twenty. That’s not a life I want for my pups. What about other pups? And if there is willing couples that can’t produce pups out there that are more than happy to take them as their own, I don’t see what’s the problem.”

The man is almost crying when he finishes, and I’m shocked into silence. Everything he said is true. These kids need a life, and this process is stopping them from having one. Well, this process and the group of men who want to keep it how it is. I turn angrily to the other group of men and point at a smug-looking man, with a long, thin braid going from his hairline to his back. “You. Why do you want this system to stay the same?” I ask him coldly.

He just smirks and shrugs. “Because, it’s simple. Children who come from off the streets into new couple’s lives, ruin it. These children are unstable. They have seen too much to be able to be normal, to move on from that bad part of their lives. I know of one couple. They had mated in the mating season, but the woman found out that she was barren. So they decided to adopt a young boy off the streets. His parents had shot themselves in front of him a year before. So, after going through the long, agonising process to adopt him, the boy joined their family. He was destructive, yelling and cursing them all the time, hitting the mother and ignoring the father. Eventually, the young boy killed them in their sleep. And do you know how old he was? He was five,” he finishes, his eyes glinting as he turns to look every man in the eye. I sit frozen in my chair, my ears still echoing his last words. Cole beside me seems to be frozen as well, staring blankly at the man. I have no idea of what to say in response to this information.

“That is why I think that, by making this process easier, we are just sentencing every couple to death. I don’t want that. It will reduce the pack numbers and eventually kill us off.”

I swallow thickly. What this man says could also be true. But I don’t believe that every child will be like that. They can’t be. But there is nothing I can do. They have voted. It’s final.

“I see,” Cole says, his tone as blank as his expression. “We have come to the final stage. Seeing as majority voted for the process to stay the same, then it shall stay the same. Thank you. You may all leave.”

The men stand up, one by one, filing out of the large conference room. I sigh and lean back in my seat, arching my back and stretching my arms out in front of me. I suddenly slump in my chair as what had gone down registered in my head.

I have condemned those children to a life of hardship and without love. I wonder if I will ever be able to get over it. I don’t know how Cole does this sort of thing every single day. Alone. I don’t think I’d be able to stand it.

“Sweetheart, you need to stop overthinking it. What’s done is done. There’s no changing it now,” he says softly beside me. I slowly nod my head. I’m so tired. This conversation is physically and mentally draining me.

“Cole, I just want to sleep. Please. Take me to bed,” I whisper out. Cole is quick to jump out of his chair and pull me into his strong arms, encircling my body and lifting me off the floor. Everyday, he’s made a point to carry me. Ever since the acceptance ceremony, he’s become more loving, always wanting to touch me, be near me. I’m not complaining though.

We walk slowly through the house, making our way down a flight of stairs, encountering nobody.

We enter his bedroom, which smells so much like him. It’s like the walls have absorbed his scent into it, and it just oozes it out all day, keeping the smell strong and apparent. He lays me down on the bed and stands above me, pulling his shirt off and giving it to me. I grab it and force myself to walk to the closet, stripping and leaving myself in my panties and his shirt, which comes up to just above my knees.

When I walk out, I see that he’s also discarded his pants, shoes and socks, and has already gotten into the bed, my side already prepared. I climb in and snuggle into his bare, hard chest, my comfiest pillow. He purrs quietly, and kisses my nose.

“Have you forgotten what day it is my love?” He asks. I stop and try to remember anything that could help me. When a minute goes by and I’m still silent, Cole opens his eyes, allowing me to see his beautiful blue eyes, with a gold ring around it. I smile sheepishly and nod my head. He smirks in amusement.

“My love, tomorrow night is the full moon,” he whispers into my ear. I jolt in shock and mentally calculate the dates. When I realise that he’s telling the truth, I slap my forehead.

“Shit. Are you serious? What are we going to do?” I start to panic a bit, worry piercing my heart. I don’t know how the hell I’m going to have sex with him tomorrow. I don’t think I’m ready. But apparently, that’s not the biggest and worst news Cole has to give me.

“Calm down, love. Don’t worry about tomorrow night. We have time. Just, worry about tonight. You go into heat tonight. Going into heat tonight ensures that your body is fully prepared for the mating the next night. So tonight and all day tomorrow you’ll be in heat,” he says softly, grabbing my hand and squeezing it reassuringly.

“What happened when I’m in heat?” I ask, my voice a tad bit shaky. Cole strokes my face with his other hand.

“When a female goes into heat, unmated male wolves will be able to smell her arousal. She has to be careful, because a male who isn’t her mate could try to come onto her, and instead of bringing her pleasure when touching her, he will cause her pain. But he won’t care, because his wolf will be too far gone to care. You will feel hot, and will want me to touch you. To pleasure you. This will go on until the mating passes,” he says, his eyes flitting back and forth between my eyes, assessing my expression and trying to work out exactly how I’m feeling about all this.

“Oh. Ok,” comes out my response. I look outside and see that the sun is almost setting. I don’t really know how to prepare for this. Maybe if I had spoken to the girls beforehand I would have had some ideas. But I’m all on my own now. I don’t know what to do.

“Cole, have you done...that before?” I ask shyly. If he hadn’t, how had they a started the process all those years? He told me that the Alpha and the Luna start it by mating first.

Cole looks taken aback slightly by my question, and his cheeks take on a slight pink tinge. “ I haven’t my love. Tomorrow...tomorrow will be new for me as well. All of this is new for me. I’ve never been around a female in heat. I don’t know what to expect.”

I smile up at him. He’s too cute when he’s embarrassed. I’ve only seen him embarrassed a few times, but I always love it when he is.

“Then how did the mating process start for all those years when you ruled alone?”

“Oh. That. Basically, the process still went on. But there was only a handful of pups made. If we mate together, the Moon Goddess will bless this year’s mating, and will give more pups, stronger, healthier ones,” he says, his eyes shining happily.

But I’m too nervous. I know the answer to my question, but if he says it out loud, it will just make it all the more real. So I keep quiet. But he sees my question through the mind link, and he breathes in sharply.

“My love, it’s true. This mating process, it will fertilize you. You will become pregnant with our child.”

I stiffen when he says this. I knew it. I thought I was prepared to hear him confirm my suspicion. But the minute it came out his mouth, I shut down and all my thoughts fly through my head at a hundred miles per hour. One thought becomes jumbled with another, and all I know for sure, is that tomorrow, I’m going to make a baby. With the man who is laying beside me, staring at me with worried eyes. Cole.

“Oh god. A baby?! How the hell am I to look after a baby, when I can’t even look after myself? I was abused as a child, abandoned by my father. I am not mother material. I can’t do it. I can’t-”

“Calm down my love. You can. You are capable of looking after a child. You do know how to look after yourself. You just sat in a room with a group of grumpy, mouthy men and held your own. You adore that pup Adrian, and he adores you back. You will be the best mother a child could have. And I promise to stand by your side and be the best father a pup could have.”

Cole’s lips capture my own and he moves his mouth gently over mine, sealing his promise. I raise my hand and grab a fistful of his hair, weaving it in between my fingers and gently tugging. He groans and rolls us over, moving on top of me. Holding my jaw and angling it higher, deepening the kiss, making me moan. He slowly drags his hand up and down my exposed thigh. His hips jerk up sudden and we both break apart, moaning and panting, as his member brushes over my barely covered core.

My body starts to heat up, and Cole raises his head, inhaling deeply, his Adam’s apple bobbing furiously as he lets out a low growl.

“Mine!” He dips his head back down and his plump lips make contact with my neck, sucking and licking a spot that has me moaning and shifting beneath him. His canines elongate and graze the spot, but shift away, making me groan in frustration. He looks up at me, his eyes bright in our suddenly dark room.

“I will save marking you for tomorrow. My love, I will make love to you tomorrow, and I will mark you as we make our child. I promise,” he says, his voice husky and deep. I’m too far gone to even blush as I listen to his promise. All I can do is look up at him and whisper out to him.

“Cole...Cole I love you.” He stares down at me, slowly grinding his lower body on my heated core, as I moan out his name again and again.

“I love you too Jade. More than anything in the world.”

I feel another jolt of heat run through my body, and I let out a light scream. It really hurts.

“My love, you are going into heat. I will go get a wet towel for you. Just give me a minute.”

The minute his skin leaves mine, the pain increases tenfold, and I scream, louder this time. Cole runs to the adjoining bathroom and appears a second later, a dripping wet towel in hand. He drapes it over my forehead, and he lays down beside me.

“ love, I can smell you. You smell so sweet,” he purrs, as he sniffs my neck. His body is shaking, trying to restrain itself from touching me. But I don’t want that. My body doesn’t want that. All I want is his skin against mine.

I sit up, the towel falling from my head and I climb on top of him, lowering myself onto his rock-hard body.

I sigh as our bodies touch, the pain slowly ebbing away. Cole looks up at me, and pulls my hips up his body, so that my legs are on either side of his hips. My core is directly above his member, and I can feel it slightly twitching under me. I close my eyes and let my body respond to him.

The pain, having been satisfied with our closeness before, returns again, and I shift on his body. Cole let’s out a grunt.

“My love, stop moving on me, or I will lose control. You have no idea of the effect you are having on my right now,” he croaks out, his eyes pleading.

“But I want you. I want you to touch me Cole..”

With that, I rock my hips on him, causing us both to groan. He slowly flutters his eyes closed, and when he opens them again, they are black.

He flips us over, and he kisses me deeply. I return it, matching his fast pace. “I want you. I’m going to pleasure you. I’m going to worship your body.”

When I try to sit up and kiss him, he pushes me gently into the bed, grabbing both my hands in one of his and pinning them above my head, so I have no way of touching him. I growl lowly in frustration, to which he smirks and kisses me softly, pulling away when I try to lean up and deepen it. Tease.

His eyes suddenly turn serious as he looks down at me. “Sweetheart, I want to make you happy. Can I do what I want with your body?”

His question slightly frightens me, but as I stare up at his handsome face, his eyes which glow with love and hope and passion for me, I realise that I have no reason to fear this man. He would die before letting anything bad happen to me, especially through his power.

I smile up at him and nod my head slowly, never breaking eye contact. His perfect lips curve into a devilish smile and he leans down, kissing my lips lovingly. He moves down my body, leaving a hot trail of kisses and warm breath down my neck. As he moves past my ear, I hear him whispering loving words over and over, before he moves along my chest.

When he gets to the valley between my breasts, he lifts my shirt’s hem and looks up at me, his eyes begging a silent question. I nod at him, eager for him to continue his addicting work on my body. His long, rough fingers graze my flat stomach as he pulls my shirt up and over my head, his hands repositioning themselves all over my body, allowing my hands to immediately move to his bare, tan chest. His eyes stare down at my bare chest, free of my bra.

“Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful,“he whispers to himself. I have no idea what he says as I’m too far gone in bliss, but his sexy voice makes me moan underneath him.

He seems to snap back into it as he hears the noise, and he slowly lowers his head, his lips closing over my left nipple. He sucks it softly, swirling his tongue around and around it, making my breathing become ragged, my mind blurring.

“Cole. Cole keep doing that. Keep going..,” comes my breathy voice. I arch my back upwards, bringing my chest closer to his mouth. He pushes my body down with his hand, before bringing it up to play with my other nipple. He keeps going for what feels like forever, before giving a final flick and lick and kissing down my abdomen. He kisses my belly button, which causes me to giggle, his cool breath tickling my skin.

“I’m not done my love. That was only the beginning,” he says. I watch with wide eyes as he slowly pulls down my blue panties, his eyes never leaving mine. His hands push them down, and off my feet. His eyes flicker downwards, and he growls appreciatively.

“Your body is so beautiful. I will worship you like the goddess you are,” he says. I notice that his tone becomes slightly rougher in moments of passion, and I guess it’s his accent he hasn’t fully gotten rid of. It’s as if he is so lost in the moment that he unconsciously starts to go back to his mother tongue.

His fingers rub my core, circling and moving around swiftly. His eyes flicker up to my again. He watches as my eyes droop and flutter every time he hits a sensitive spot. As I moan and cry out his name as he gives me the best treatment a woman could ask for.

“Let it out my love. Cum for me.” His hot accent, his skilful fingers, his loving words. It becomes too much for me. I arch my back, as a thousand tingles and sparks start from my core and fly up and around my body, my lips opening, my voice stuttering and stammering over his name, a moan following it.

“CO-oh God Cole!” My orgasm shatters my body, my mind fracturing into millions of different pieces. He moves up my sweaty body, and kisses me deeply.

“I love you my love. So much,” he whispers. He gently shifts us so that I lay against his chest, and wraps his arms protectively around my waist.

I sigh in happiness and complete contentment. “I love you too, Cole. More than anything in the world.”

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