The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 19

From morning, until late afternoon, Cole and I relax and laze around in his massive bed, cuddling and whispering sweet words to each other. And every time my heat becomes too much for me to bear, he satisfies my body until I’m no longer in pain.

“Cooollleee we need to get up. It’s already,” I pause, looking over my shoulder at the bedside clock, before turning to face him, brushing a stray piece of his silky hair from his face,“five thirty in the afternoon. We’ve only got about seven hours till the moon fully rises. Don’t you have pack work to take care of?” I question him. Like a child, he pretends to still be asleep, making soft snoring noises come from deep in his chest. But he has one flaw in his little game.

I know for a fact that he doesn’t snore. Ever.

“Fine. I’m going to go out and muck around with Ryder. I’m sure that he’s not busy, since he doesn’t have a mate and stuff...”

Cole is suddenly wide awake (surprise surprise) and he jumps up, grabbing me and pulling me onto his chiseled chest. I can feel the start of his voice rumble deeply in his throat.

“There is no way that I’m letting you leave this room, to be cornered and taken advantage of by unmated males. You will stay here until the mating process is finished. Understood?”

I smile inwardly. This man. He is so caring and thoughtful. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better mate. This...this was perfection right before my eyes.

“Cole, I want to know a bit about your parents. I want to know the people who brought you into this world,” I say hesitantly. I watch different emotions flicker across his face. Pain, confusion, anger. Before exhaustion.

“Why? They’re dead anyway. There’s no point in me telling you about them. It’s not as if you’ll ever see them,” he whispers sadly. I realise that I hit a soft spot, so I gently stroke his cheek, his stubble bumpy under my fingers. He seems to somewhat calm down.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause you pain. Let’s talk about something else. Or do something else. Ugh,” I rack my brain, trying to think of a game we could play. “Oh I know! Let’s play ’would you rather,” I announce. His nose scrunched up, but he nods all the same.

“Ok. I’ll start,” he says, suddenly eager to play the game. I watch him warily, wondering why he wants to play so badly all of a sudden.

" would you rather...kiss me for all eternity or eat chocolate cake nonstop for a month,” he asks. His smirk says that he already knows the answer, but it quickly fades when I don’t answer in the next ten seconds.

I think about it. I really do. Eating chocolate cake, or kissing Cole forever. When I come to a decision, I look up at Cole sheepishly. “ chocolate cake for a month,” I say. His mouth flaps open, and he openly gapes at me. That was clearly not the answer he was expecting.

“You’d rather... Eat chocolate cake for a month over kissing me forever?”

I nod. “Well..yeah. I mean, I love you and all, but chocolate cake, it’s got a special place in my heart,” I respond, placing a hand over my heart tenderly. Cole growls and frowns. I quickly move on to my question.

“Okay okay grumpy cow. My turn,” I say, bouncing on the bed as I think. Then it hits me. “Would you rather have a fake moustache permanently drawn on your face or have to pour alcohol over your open wounds for the rest of your life?”

I watch as he thinks about it for a minute, really, deeply think about it, before turning to me and shrugging. “I honestly have no idea which one would be better. Have an ugly drawing stuff up my sexy face or go through eternal pain. It’s a lose-lose situation. I’m sorry my love. I don’t choose either.”

I pout and start to protest. “But you have to! I answered your question and that was the toughest answer I have ever had to give!” I exclaim loudly. Cole looks at me doubtfully.

“But I thought you said that eating chocolate cake was more better than kissing me.”

I smile and blush in embarrassment. “Okay, so it wasn’t that hard to choose,” I say, causing Cole to scoff and roll his eyes. He scratches the stubble on his chin and he looks so appealing. My body starts to tingle for his touch again. I just stare at him and wait for him to get over it. Eventually, he stops and reshuffles himself on the bed, bending his muscular arms behind his head as a make-shift pillow. His muscles bulge out and veins pop out.

“Damn those are some sexy muscles,” I think to myself. I bite my lip as I gawked all out at his amazing body.

“Thank you love. Just know that if you choose chocolate over me again, these muscles won’t be yours anymore,” Cole teases. My heart jumps at the thought of him not being mine, and I roll on top of him, hugging his chest. I breathe in his amazingly sexy scent and sigh in contentment.

“Ok I take it back. Your muscles are better. And I would rather kiss you forever than to eat chocolate cake for a month. Because I can survive without cake, but,” I pause and raise onto my elbows to start into his eyes,” I can’t live without you.”

Cole smiles up at me. “Don’t worry Sweetheart. I’m here. Forever. And I don’t think I would’ve been able to go on without you. Growing up,” he falters, as if not sure he should tell me this,” I was so determined to become someone my future mate would be proud of. Someone who she would look at and feel so happy to be with. When my parents died, I became a teenage terror. Everyone in the pack knew of my attitude, my unwillingness to cooperate. With anything.

And because I was their Alpha, they couldn’t tell me what to do without me biting their heads off, but they couldn’t get anything done without my help. So basically, my pack became one of the lowest and worst of packs. My pack was humiliated, and I didn’t do anything about it for ages.”

Cole pauses here, his face a mixture of pain and embarrassment. I can understand why. He’s ashamed of his past behaviour. And even though I can understand and I think he had the full right to mourn his parents, I’m proud of him for accepting that he maybe took his behaviour a bit too far.

But I keep quiet and let him continue without giving my opinion. Because I know he needs to get this out, as apart of his healing process. Instead, I hug his waist tighter and snuggle closer.

Cole brings his hand up and cups my face in his palm, then continues.

“It was one day, when I was having a particularly horrible day and Malcolm, my father’s Beta, needed me to cooperate on a very important deal, when I decided to go down to the river. It was kind of my... peaceful retreat. I could think and tell the work to fuck itself without anyone telling me what to sign next or who I needed to make an alliance with.

On the way back, I saw a little family playing together outside. And even though the pack was so run down, they were still happy. It was there and then I decided to change. Become someone my pack and, most importantly, my mate, could be proud of.”

Cole’s story has me captivated, and I’m nearly in tears at how much he’s changed from the trouble-making teen he has told me so much about.

I smile down at him. “I’m proud of you. You’re life wasn’t easy. Having your parents killed trying to protect you. Having to be an adult while you were still so young. I know it wasn’t easy for you. And I’m so proud of you for that. This pack is everybody’s dream. Their home. And,” I cup his cheeks, laughing lightly at how happy he looks,“a place where they don’t have to worry about anything. Because of you, and how much you love them. And I love you for that.”

Cole doesn’t let me continue, before he leans up and captures my lips with his, and rolls us over, pressing his body to mine. I can feel his love and his happiness through our kiss. His need.

I move my lips with his, like I’ve done so a thousand times before. But I feel so many emotions, and it makes our searing kiss so much more raw.

We sit up and he pulls away slowly, leaving my lips and body tingling for his addicting touch.

Cole grins boyishly. “And this is why you should have chosen me from the beginning.”

I roll my eyes. I really have to use the bathroom. I stand and pull away from Cole and walk off to the bathroom door, shutting it gently behind me. I turn around and look at myself in the mirror.

The first thing I realise is my cheeks. Rosy red. My hair tousled and in a mess on my head. My eyes have a slight shine to it, and, when I look closer, I see a silver band around my green eyes. The Luna mark. I cup my face with my warm hands and smile happily to myself. Life could not get any better for me.

I quickly finish up my business and walk over to the sink, washing my hands. I suddenly feel a heat wave crash down on me, and my knees buckle underneath me, sending me crashing to the floor. I let out a pained whimper as the heat travels to my head and effectively burns my brain.

I hear a shuffling noise become louder on the other side of the door. “Jade, are you alright in there? What’s going on?”

Cole’s worried voice has me trying to call out for help, for his touch. I whimper a bit louder. “JADE?! That’s it. I’m busting down this door!” His footsteps fade, before becoming louder and louder. The door is suddenly ripped off its hinges and flies into the shower. Cole’s eyes snap to my crumpled form on the floor and he is by my side in a flash.

He gently grabs my hand and squeezes it. The pain ebbs, not fully, but a little. I stir and try to sit up, but my sweaty body is too weak. Cole carefully picks me up and walks us into his room, setting me down on his bed. He stands above me, watching with pained eyes.

“Just hold on my love. A few more hours and it will all be over. I promise,” he whispers. I raise my hand and grab his. I guide it along my body, showing him what I want.

“Cole..Cole I want you to touch me. Touch my body again.”

Cole shifts on his feet, before leaning down to kiss me. His tongue licks over my lips, sucking on them gently. Then he thrusts his tongue into my mouth, invading my mouth and exploring it carefully, before pulling out and away.

He trails a wet line with his tongue down from my lips to my ear, my throat, which he sucks for a minute, before continuing down my neck.

He unbuttons the shirt I’m wearing and pulls it off me, throwing it somewhere over his shoulder, his eyes never leaving my chest.

His head continues downward, while his hands play and experiment with my breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples softly, making them harden and tingle for more of his touch. I feel his wet tongue inch up my thighs to between my legs, running up and down my panty-covered core.

“Oh Cole...touch me. Please,” I groan out. He breathes out slowly on my core, causing a tingling feeling to shoot up and down my body.

“I want to lick you Jade. I want feel you on my tongue,” he whispers against me and I moan loudly. God this man will be the end of me.

I nod my head over and over, too delirious to be able to form a proper answer. But Cole gets it, because my panties are suddenly ripped off and a wet, rough object rubs against me, causing me to gasp and arch my back.

I look down to only see the top of Cole’s hair, the rest of his head pressed between my legs. My hands wonder down and I grab his hair, keeping him in place as he worships my heated core, growling and mumbling incoherent words on me.

“Cole..Cole ugh..keep...keep going. Don’t stop,” comes my breathy voice. Too quiet to be heard by anyone, but loud enough for Cole to speed up his actions. He sucks and pulls with his lips and tongue, probing here and poking there. His hand comes up and he gently fondles my left breast, tweeting and pressing until I let out a low growl.

My body responds to his pleasuring by flooding his face with my cum. He groans and licks furiously, gathering up every last bit. I blush when he suddenly resurfaces, his face covered in my clear substance.

He grins and wipes himself clean. “Well, looks like I don’t need dinner tonight. I just dined on my new favourite food. My love’s cum.”

“Cole! Stop,” I laugh shyly, smacking his chest lightly. He just laughs and kisses me deeply, letting me taste myself on his tongue. Sour, yet tangy. Interesting.

A sudden howl sounds out from outside, getting louder and louder as more and more wolves pick up the sound and carry it on. Cole looks down at me and smiles.

“Let the mating season begin my love.”

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