The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 20

Cole looks down at me as his eyes glow an unearthly shade of gold. In their reflection I see my own, but in a silver shade. The mating season has started.

I’m suddenly nervous, as I lie under Cole, knowing my fate. There’s something terrifying about knowing your destiny than not knowing. Knowing that every action you’ve done has led up to this every moment in your life.

Would I have been here had my mother not thrown me out the house? Would I have met Cole that night? Learnt about what I really am? Would I have fallen in love, and forgotten all about my abused past? These questions, I would never know the answers to, because my fate had opted for this path, and I honestly couldn’t complain.

They lead to this moment in my life, under Cole, in a loving pack that I consider more my family than my own, knowing that by the end of tonight, we would have started our child’s life.

But for some reason, I wasn’t scared of having a child anymore, and the possibilities and responsibilities that came along with one. No. Deep in my heart I knew that no matter what, Cole would always be there for me. We would learn together.

The moon shines behind him, casting a white light on him, his silhouette shaped like the body of a god. His hair tousled and smoothly falling down, tickling my face. His five-day stubble clear to me. His eyes holding love and passion. Lust and awe.

“Are you ready my love? To fully become mine?” He whispers, voice low yet firm.

I nod my head. “Make me yours Cole. Now.”

Cole smiles and swoops down to capture my lips with his. And he kisses me so passionately that my toes curl up and my hands find a way up to his hair. As he slips an arm under me, lifting my back to deepen the kiss, I pull on his hair, causing him to let out a low, husky groan that has me moaning back.

He shifts himself so that he’s lying completely above me, yet his weight never increases to the point where I can’t breathe.

He moves along my body, slowly making love to my body with his lips and tongue. By this point, after a number of times being this close to him, I don’t feel embarrassed or shy. But it feels different. More...passionate.

He gives my breasts fair and equal treatment, sucking and nibbling on them for what feels like ages, my body erupting in small volcanoes of pleasure every time he touches a sensitive spot.

After making my nipples stand to rock-hard attention, he looks up at me as he slowly moves in between my legs again, a devilish glint in his eyes, made even more so by the gold band.

He licks and sucks my sensitive bud, causing me to jump and moan his name out loud. He takes his time, keeping me in agonising suspense, pausing every time I reach my peak. And every time I growl in frustration and pull his head in closer, as if that will speed his movements along. But he just chuckles against me, the sound vibrating across my core, making it even worse.

He speeds up his pace, and suddenly he’s slowly pushing a finger into me, wriggling and pushing it further and further in.

It hurst a bit, but I grow accustomed to the invasion very quickly and I welcome the feeling of his thick, hard digit in me. He speeds up his thrusting, then slows it down, the rhythm in sync with his tongue.

I scream and whimper, calling out his name over and over as my high finally comes. He lets me ride it out on his finger, his movements never stopping as I shudder and fall apart on him.

He sits up, coming into my line of view. He slowly brings his finger up to his mouth and licks it, swallowing as he maintains eye contact the entire time. Then, he gives me his finger, and I take it into my mouth, sucking loudly. I look up at him as I swirl my tongue along the length of his finger and let go with a loud ‘pop.’

He groans and and whispers into my ear,” You drive me crazy, my love. So, so fucking crazy. For you.” Suddenly, it’s as if he can’t wait anymore, because he stands up and starts to pull off his black boxers, his hard, thick member springing out and standing proudly in front of him.

I blush hard as I observe it. The top is pink, covered in a milky-white substance. He kneels on the bed and lowers himself onto me. I can feel his member poking me on my womb, and I gulp, suddenly nervous.

He leans down and kisses me. So softly, he moves his lips on mine, as he slowly enters me, first the tip. I let out a little cry, breaking away from the kiss. Cole looks down at me with pained eyes. “I hate that I’m causing you so much pain. I promise that it’ll be over soon,” he says to me. His eyes express how much he wishes he can take the pain away, and I smile bravely for him.

I slowly push myself up as well, his member inching into me slowly. He then pushes me down and thrusts in deeply, causing me to scream lightly. He pauses above me, letting me adjust to his size, which is stretching me to no end. He kisses my cheeks, my nose, my forehead and finally my lips, distracting me from the pain in my lower region. I try to force back my tears and take large breaths, trying to calm my racing heart.

When I feel ready, the pain ebbing to a dull throb, he slowly pulls out, reentering me with a quick, loud thrust.

I moan out, the pain completely gone, and replaced with a feeling that is impossible to describe. He pulls out again, slowly, and I wrap my calves around his ass, and I pull him in again, making him groan and grind down on me.

“You’re so tight my love. I can feel your walls squeezing me. I don’t think I’ll last very long, Sweetheart. Not this first round,” his breathy words float around us as I watch his godly face contort in his pleasure.

His thrusts get faster and faster, his body moving along mine so perfectly, so smoothly. His head is bent down low, his breathing is ragged, as he keeps up his movement. His hair falls into my vision, and I grab it for support, bringing his head up to mine and giving him a short kiss that I pull away from to let out a moan. I meet him thrust for thrust, eager for every time he enters me, and grasping for more as he withdraws, only to slam back into me.

“Sweetheart, I’m not going to hold on much longer,” he whispers. I lean up and kiss him, coaxing his tongue with mine, letting him enter me however he wants. His thrusts get faster and wilder, and he nuzzles my neck as he reaches his peak.

He growls and thrusts a few more times. His canines elongate and his eyes flash gold, before he brings his teeth down on my neck. They pierce my neck, making me squirm, half in ecstasy from my orgasm and half in pain from the bite. But the bite soon turns pleasurable and I thrust my hips up, meeting Cole, begging for more and more.

He leans down on me and thrusts again, so deeply that I can feel his pelvic bone against mine, and he releases his cum. A stream of thick cum shoots inside me, and I breathe faster as he fills me up all the way.

He continues to fuck me, pounding into me with renewed strength. He whispers gruffly into my ear,” Cum for me love. Let go. Now.”

The strength of his command. His body slamming on mine as he continues his steady pace. The full feeling of his cock sliding into my dripping folds is all too much for me, and I let out a throaty moan and grab onto his arms beside me, riding out my orgasm as he continues to slowly thrust into me.

I stroke his back softly, as my neck throbs and stings. He looks up at me. “We started the mating process. Now the pack members must continue it.”

With that, he lets out a loud, husky howl, letting the rest of the pack know that their Alpha had claimed his Luna.

“Soon my love, our child will come,” he says, his eyes shining with excitement and joy.

I smile and kiss him. His swollen lips move against mine, and I’m connected to him in every way, his member still wedged deep between my legs, my legs wrapped around his tight ass.

“I love you Cole,” I whisper into his ear. He turns his head and gently licks my mark, sniffing and licking my neck.

“And I love you, future mother of my child.”

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