The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 21

That night, it was as if love itself had become a person, and had been in the bedroom with us. Never in my life had I felt so adored and loved. So cherished and appreciated by someone. It was a feeling that I knew I would never be able to live without again.

Cole had claimed me three more times, each time as good as the last, re-marking me every time he reached his high.

Now, the sun shone brightly through the sheer curtains hanging in our bedroom. The pack house was coming to life around us, and Cole was still sleeping peacefully on my chest, his arms wrapped around my body possessively, our naked bodies creating a warm bubble around us.

I watched him sleep. His face no longer scrunched in concentration or thought. His long, almost feminine-like eyelashes casting shadows onto his sculptured cheeks. His hair falling onto his face in the sexiest way possible. The strands as long as my middle finger, in desperate need of a haircut. His perfectly shaped full lips parted slightly to let air in and out.

And suddenly his eyelids fluttered open to reveal his stunning blue eyes, the telltale gold band of an Alpha wrapped around the iris of each eye.

Recognition flashed in his eyes and a soft smile graces his lips. His arms tighten around my middle and he kisses the corner of my mouth softly.

“Good morning Sweetheart,” he mumbles, his voice still husky from sleep. He snuggles deeper into my bare chest and I smile.

“Good morning to you too Cole,” I reply. It’s impossible for me to stop smiling.

This is the perfect way to wake up. Wrapped in the arms of my love. After a night of passionate love making. God, I can get used to this.

He slowly sits up and stretches his arms above his head, his muscles bunching up and bulging in the most delicious way. I rise up slowly, letting the thin sheet drop from my chest. I lean against the back of the bed and watch him.

“So, what do we have to do today?” I ask cheerfully. Cole sighs and looks over at me. I watch as his eyes scan my torso appreciatively and his eyes slightly dilate.

“Well, I’m sure there is problems and issues to sort out. Even though last night was a night where everyone is meant to be united and in love, problems don’t just stop because of that,” he mutters. I nod in understanding.

“Alright. So, let’s get ready for the day!” I enthusiastically jump up and skip to the bathroom. I feel no pain, even after our activities last night. The perks of being a werewolf.

I close the door behind me, leaving it slightly open. I turn to the mirror, and my eyes immediately find my middle. I slowly caress my stomach, imagining it swollen with life and ready to give me my happiness.

Cole comes in behind me silently and he wraps his arms around my middle. He leans his head on my shoulder and his eyes connect with mine in the mirror.

“Six months, my love. Six months till we have a family,” he whispers. His eyes twinkle and his smile is joyful.

I turn around in his arms so that my back is pushed against the vanity table and my chest is flush against his. My eyes widen in surprise. “Six months? Don’t you mean nine?” Comes my surprised question. Cole chuckles in amusement at my confusion.

“No, I know it’s six months. Werewolves are stronger than humans. So our bodies develop faster than humans. That also results in a faster pregnancy for females.”

“Well, thank goodness for that. I wasn’t really sure if I was ready for nine months. Honestly,” I suddenly say, tracing the outlines of his darkening beard,” is there anything bad about being a werewolf? Cause it all sounds on the plus side to me,” I admit. Cole nods.

“Yeah. It might all sound awesome, but there are downsides. You just haven’t encountered them yet. For one, werewolves are a lot more carnal... savage. They don’t really regard each other’s safety as much as humans do. Probably because we aren’t as fragile as humans. Uhh...we have a bigger temper and often snap at stupid things..,” he trails off. His eyes glaze over for a minute, lost in thought.

I kiss his cheek softly and move to turn on the shower. He unwraps his arms from me unwillingly and leans against the vanity table, watching me, his arms crossed.

When the water is nice and cool, I step in. I let the water pelt my body, run down my face and between my breasts. Cole slowly moves and enters behind me, pulling my body to his.

I turn around and soak his body, rubbing and touching everywhere. He does the same, massaging my breasts and my hips.

I grab the soap and squirt a dollop onto my palm. I rub it into his tanned skin, not missing a spot. I move from his shoulders and back, to his perfectly formed chest and abs, the rock hard muscle underneath my hands so calming and wonderful. I move lower, his eyes flashing dangerously as I trace his v-line. I smirk as I intentionally swerve from his semi hard member. I crouch in front of him and continue down his strong legs. I stand back up and grin at him. But he wipes it off with a steamy kiss.

He grabs my face and angles my neck to deepen the kiss. My hands, still covered with bubbles of soap, wonder down to his private area.

I slowly grab it, causing him to moan into my mouth and break the kiss. I massage his member from the base, make my way to the top, and rub my thumb against the slit. He hisses sharply and draws in a deep breath. I smile softly as I watch him try to control himself.

“Baby,” he breathes out, gasping for air, his voice raspy. “Baby. What are you doing to me?” He whispers. He buries his head in my neck as I continue my slow movements on the most sensitive part of his body. He groans out loud. “Go faster baby. Faster.”

I obey his command, and I speed up my movements. His breathing turns ragged, his groans becoming huskier and huskier by the second. His hand snakes to mine, and he guides mine, showing me the exact pace and pressure he desires. Then he moves his hand to my waist and he squeezes roughly.

I follow the pace he wants, and I continue. I lean up and kiss his parted lips. He tries to kiss back, but after three seconds he sloppily breaks it and growls, his eyes glazed over and filled with lust.

I can tell when he reaches his high. His cock twitches and he shudders. His breathing escalates and he looks into my eyes.

“I’m gonna cum baby. Keep going. Keep-,” he breaks off, thrusting into my palm, and he groans loudly. I watch his features as he lets go of control, his vulnerability breaking through as he rides out his high. His warm, white liquid shoots out and covers my palm, the shower water washing it away.

“You look so sexy when you cum,” I smile. Cole chuckles into my neck and pinches my ass, causing me to jump slightly. I glare up at him playfully and slap his arm lightly.

“Funny; I could say the same about you,” he whispers into my ear.

“Alright alright. We gotta finish up in here and go attend to the pack. Although I would love to continue this as well,” I say, pulling away and washing my body quickly. He smirks and helps me out, his hands wondering down and giving me a quick rub, causing me to groan.

“Tonight baby. Tonight.”


“Alpha Winston, there was a murder last night. A young girl by the name of Anna Reed. Aged seventeen. She was found in the woods about three minutes away from the pack house. Estimated time of death: 2:40am.”

My breath caught in my throat and I choked slightly. Cole, sitting beside me, sighed in annoyance. As if he’s dealt with this before.

“Nick, how did this happen?” He asked, his eyes searching the older man’s for a reasonable answer. The older man, in his late thirties, gulped audibly. He ran a large hand through his auburn hair, his blue eyes flashing nervously.

“It appears, Alpha Winston, that she was mutilated by a werewolf in wolf form. Signs of struggle were apparent on her wrists and finger marks were visible on her face, but the death blows were given by werewolf’s claws and jaws. It is believed that a male advantage of her, then killed her,” he replied. His face was twisted and his body shifted uncomfortably. It was obvious that this incident disgusted him and made him sick. And for good reason.

I wondered who she was. Who her family was. She was so young. Her whole life ahead of her, just waiting to be filled with adventure and love and happiness. And after one fateful night, all that was taken away from her. Just like that. I shuddered at the thought.

That could’ve been me. If I’d just been in the wrong place at the wrong time, our fates would have been different and I could be the dead girl. As easy as snapping your fingers.

“Alright. I’m going to get a group of warriors to go down and check out the sight. There might be a clue or a sign of why this happened. I don’t believe that she decided to take a stroll at two in the morning,” Cole announced. I agreed. That sounded too stupid a decision for a seventeen-year-old girl.

“Yes Alpha. I’ll get the team to go down right away. If we find anything or run into any trouble, we’ll contact you as soon as possible,” Nick says, standing up and shaking hands with Cole, turns to me and bows respectfully, and leaves the room before I can say thank you.

The minute the door clicks shut, Cole sighs again, deeply and loudly, and slumps forward in his chair. I smile faintly at his distress and slowly rub his shoulder. This is too much to deal with in the morning. It wasn’t even half an hour after we got to the office before Nick, Cole’s Gamma, alerted is to this ‘midnight misshapen.’

“Jesus Christ,” he mutters under his breath. I giggle suddenly, his use of words so inappropriate. He turns slightly to face me and stares at me.

“I really don’t know how you’re laughing at a time like this. A girl was murdered, love. This is the least appropriate time to burst into a fit of laughter,” he scolds. My smile is wiped clean off my face with that comment and I huff in annoyance.

“I wasn’t laughing babe. It’s just that you looked so tired and uninterested the minute he left that-”

“Uninterested?! What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! You think that I don’t give a flying fuck about the wellbeing of my pack and its members?!” He suddenly jumps up, his chest rising and falling in his sudden anger and increase in breathing.

My eyes widen when I realise that he took it all the wrong way, and completely twisted my words against myself. My blood starts to boil. I stand up and glare right back up at him.

What the hell is his problem?!

“First of all, don’t you dare swear at me like that. I don’t deserve your disgusting language just because you feel like using it on me. Secondly, where did your crass assumptions come from?! I said one word and you blew it totally out of proportion! I didn’t mean it like that at all. All I meant was that you literally dropped like your puppeteer had dropped your strings the minute Nick left the room. You seemed tired and just...really not ready to deal with this so early in the morning,” I yell up at him, my fingers curling into fists by my sides and my nostrils flaring in anger. I can feel my cheeks burning.

Cole just looks at me warily, a stupid smirk lining his prefect lips I had worshipped only hours ago.

“Sure babe. Are you sure that it just wasn’t the fact that your head isn’t totally in the game right now? I mean, I completely understand. Last night must have been too much for you,” he remarks snidely. His eyes shine with something dangerous. Something I don’t care to find out about.

“Oh! Really?! You know what?! I don’t have to put up with this bullshit. I really don’t. So I’m going to go now, and you can come looking for me when you’re ready to apologise for your childish behaviour,” I all but snarl up at him.

I spin around and march to the door, my fists itching to connect with his face. But I retrain myself. It’s better for me and for him that way. But his last comment nudges me in that direction.

“Don’t worry babe. You’ll come looking for me long before that. Now that you’ve got a taste, I doubt you could ever leave.”

I freeze in my tracks.

What is wrong with him?! If this is what sex does to him, I doubt that I wanna try it ever again.

I shake my head and wordlessly walk out his office, slamming the door behind me. As I walk down the hallway, my thoughts spin round and round my head. I don’t know if she sensed my anger and came out to play, but Tensa suddenly put in her two-pence-worth of advice. Which didn’t really help my current emotions.

“Something’s wrong with our mate! He doesn’t act like this EVER! You got to find out what it is,” she howls at me. I roll my eyes at her dramatics.

“Oh I know what the problem is. Our mate, has finally let his big-ass ego get the better of him. Either that or he has a blood clot in his cock from our ‘activities’ last night and it’s making him irritable,” I reply, the sarcasm in my thoughts so thick I could slice through it with an imaginary knife.

“Oh! Come on Jade. He’s just pissed off at you because he thought you were saying that he doesn’t care about his pack. You know how protective he is of them,” she tries to reason. But I just huff stubbornly.

“Well, he didn’t have to be a dick about it. He made it sound as if I don’t have a heart and I find stories and incidents of murdered girls amusing. And whose side are you on anyway?” I question her, genuinely curious.

“I’m obviously on your side Jade. I just think you’re being a tad bit unrealistic. I just think you just need to calm down. Both of you. So how about we go for a run? You could use the distraction and I could use the stretch,” Tensa suggests. I ponder over it for a minute and decide that it’s worth it. The Lord knows that a run in the woods has an amazing effect on calming my nerves.

I speed-walk to Cole’s room and go straight to the closet. The room smells like wood and lavender and sex, giving away our last night activities. I quickly grab a pair of cut-off white jeans and a black tank top, and walk straight out of the room again. As soon as I step out of the room, I bump into someone, yelping out as I fell to the floor clumsily.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Luna!” Comes a familiar voice. I shake my head slightly and look up to meet a familiar face. Hazel brown eyes stare back at me and thin, colourless lips stretch into a thin line. Dr Jasmine. Wonderful.

“’s okay,” I reply, pushing myself up into my feet again, gathering up my clothes and meeting her gaze. She meets mine for a few seconds before she drops hers to the ground, a sign of submission.

I watch carefully as her hands fiddle with her coat, her eyes darting to and fro, her upper lip collecting sweat.

Hmmm...she’s hiding something.

“Are you okay?” I ask, trying to remain calm and polite.

The Doctor looks up at me, sporting a startled expression, as if I’ve jumped out of a dark, spooky corner and yelled ‘boo!’ in her face.

“Y-y-yeah! E-everything’s fine! I just...uh... I had a prescription to deliver to Cole! He uh...he ordered something be brought in from the chemist and I decided to drop it off,” she announces. I stare at her, unamused.


“Oh! And what was that prescription he ordered? He didn’t tell me about any prescription,” I say innocently. I watch her struggle for a few more seconds, before sighing, sick and tired of her lies.

I push her backwards, until her back is plastered against the opposite wall. She yelps in surprise and looks at me with fearful eyes.

“Alright lady. I’ve dealt with enough shit today to last me a lifetime, and it’s not even twelve in the afternoon. So, I’m going to ask you once. What the heck do you want from my mate?!” I growl angrily into her ear. She shudders and tries to create a distance between us. But I push against her harder, blocking any path of escape.

“I-I was delivering a prescription?” She whispers out. She is shivering and shaking so violently that her answer comes out more as a question than an excuse. I snarl in frustration.

“How about we settle this outside? Hmmm? I’m sure that a boring, lying bitch like you could definitely use the exercise right?” I say, smirking at her. Her glasses start to slip down her face, and her blonde hair comes out of its tie, falling into her face. Her eyes widen at my threat, and she tries to struggle out of my grip.

“Leave me alone Jade! You have no business poking your nose where it doesn’t belong,” she spat suddenly. My eyes widen in surprise at her sudden rudeness and strength. Her eyes flicker to behind me for a second, before she smirks.

“Goodbye Luna. I’m sure we’ll meet again someday,” she says. My brain has just enough time to register her words, before a needle is poked into my arm, and I’m falling unconscious.

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