The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 24

The next morning, I wake up to a cold, empty bed. I roll over quickly and sit up, looking at Cole’s side of the bed. It is very rumpled and the sheets had been shoved off to the side, as if he had been in a rush.

I listen carefully for any sound of running water in the bathroom, but there is none. Cole had left the bedroom early. How early, I can’t tell, but his scent isn’t fresh, that’s for sure. It must have been at least a couple of hours.

I slowly get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom, leaving the door open slightly, in case he comes back. I wash my face and brush my teeth quickly, eager to find Cole. I race off to the closet and pull out a Royal-Blue wraparound dress, pull it on, with great difficulty might I add, and put on a pair of black sandals. My feet have swelled up considerably, so sneakers and boots are out for the count, unfortunately.

I leave the bedroom and make my way downstairs to the kitchen, which is emitting some very delicious smells. As I round the corner, I realise that Cole is speaking to someone on the phone, his voice raised in annoyance. Thing is, I can’t understand a word he was saying.

“-Bastard that I’m not hand in her over. She is my mate and she will stay by my side, running our pack!” His voice grows deep and gruff, his Alpha voice emerging. It is then that I realise he is beyond annoyed. He is pissed as anything.

“I don’t care that she is his daughter! He could be the fucking prince of England and I wouldn’t give a fuck about what he wants! He wants to pick a fight?! Tell him to grow a pair of balls and face me,” he bellows into his phone, before pressing a button and slamming it onto the table. He huffs angrily.

“What was that all about?” His head shoots up and he turns around to face me. I raise an eyebrow in his direction and he sighs, walking over to me.

“That was Jace. Your father is demanding that you be returned to him so that you can lead Blood Earth Pack as their Luna. I refused and it seems he wants to start a war over it. Which isn’t very smart on his part because my army is twice the size of his and ten times more loyal than his best soldier,” he crouches down in front of me and strokes my stomach softly, a faint smile curving his lips upwards.

“Good morning my baby. I hope you slept well. I’m cooking some food for your mummy so that you both become strong and healthy again. Okay?” He whispers. I smile as he leans forward and presses a soft kiss on my stomach.

Suddenly there is a movement in my stomach and Cole jumps, his head shooting up to look at me. “Did the baby move? Did it kick you?”

“Yeah, it did. I think it knows you’re here Cole. It can sense it’s father,” I mumble. Cole swallows and hugs my womb. His whispers too quiet for me to hear, but his heavy breathing just audible to my ears.

This man is going to be the death of me, I think to myself.

“Cole, Cole the food is going to burn. You can do this another time. Promise.”

He presses one last kiss to my belly, stands up and kisses me lightly as well, before turning around and tending to our breakfast. I move over to sit at the table and I watch as he moves around in the kitchen, my chin resting in my palm.

“Oh I just remembered to tell you,” Cole says suddenly, spinning around and walking over to me, a giant smile plastered on his face. “Tina had her little one a while ago, it was a healthy baby boy. She’s named him Derek, after his father.”

I smile. I’m filled with happiness for her, and I feel my heart clench at what she must be feeling. Loneliness.

“That’s wonderful! I have to visit her soon. She’s been through so much. She deserves all the help she could need.”

Cole smiles and gets back to the food, leaving me to ponder over the happy, yet late news. It is then, out of all times, that I remember what we were talking about.

“Cole, what did you say to Jace about it?” Cole sighs and turns around.

“I told him that your father needs to fuck off,” he replies, shrugging nonchalantly. “There is no way that sorry excuse for a man, an Alpha and a father, is going to take away the love of my life and my child. Hell can freeze over before that happens.

Anyway, Jace is going to come here in about an hour. I need to sort all this stuff out and shitty reception isn’t helping the situation at all,” he states, turning around to turn off the fire and serve our plates. He walks around the kitchen table and places a plate in front of me and beside me. He pours a glass of orange juice for each of us and leans over to capture my lips in a deep kiss. I kiss him back with equal fervour, matching his pace until I run out of air. We pull apart and he pecks my lips softly, before turning his attention to his plate. I do the same.

He has made an omelette, the top sprinkled with cheddar cheese and cubed tomatoes. On the side is a large helping of bacon. I dig in immediately, moaning in pleasure.

“I take it that you are enjoying the food,” Cole inquires, smirking in amusement. I swallow and lick my lips, purposely leaving them glossy and wet.

“You have no idea,” I smirk at his expression. It is so easy to pull him in, so easy and so fun, but I innocently look down and shovel more food into my mouth.

“I love you Cole. More than anything or anyone,” he looks up at me questioningly.

“I love you more Jade.”

I smile. “I highly doubt that.”

“Oh but it’s true. Nobody has ever loved a person in this whole world more than I love you. It’s not possible.”

I look away and eat. When we both finish, I stand up and load the dishwasher, turning it on and washing my hands. Just as I go to pat my hands dry, the doorbell rings, echoing through the house.

“Wait here baby. I’ll answer the door,” Cole says. He stands up and strides off to the door, his long legs taking him out of sight in a matter of seconds.

I can hear faint mumbling coming from the front room but I continue what I am doing. Sure enough, Cole rounds the corner with Jace in tow. I turn to give my greetings.

“Whoa! Jade, you look awesome! You’re face is glowing and your belly is big and-”

“And I look like a whale? Yeah I know Jace,” I interrupt, chuckling softly. I rub my stomach protectively.

“Shit no! That’s not what I was gonna say. It’s just...this isn’t a look I’m used to seeing on you. It’s different. Good different,” he reassures me, glancing nervously at a glaring Cole. I move over to Cole and pull on his arm, guiding him into a seat. I gesture for have to do the same. He smiles gratefully and kisses my cheek, before sitting across from Cole.

“So, what is going on Jace? Cole’s told me a little about what’s going on. Where did this all come from?” I ask. Cole leans back and pulls me into his lap. I sit uncomfortably for a second before adjusting my position and leaning into his chest.

Jace takes a deep breath. “Your father is screwed. Big time. And he’s realised it. The pack can see what path he’s on. He’s selfish and unjust. He doesn’t care for the poor and orphans. All he does is drink and gamble,” Jace growls. His face twists in disgust, and my cheeks redden.

Even though I haven’t seen this man since I was little, I’m still embarrassed at his behaviour. His lack of respect and love for his pack. Despite not knowing him very well, I’m still disgusted that this man Jace is describing had something to do with bringing me into this world.

Scratch that. He had half a thing to do with it.

I blanch at the though and turn away, my blood starting to boil.

“Baby relax. This man is in no way connected to you. You’re total opposites. Now stop worrying. It’s not good for the baby.”

I roll my eyes. Cole is becoming overprotective now. Ever since he saw my baby bump.

“The baby will be fine. My worrying won’t effect it. But maybe your tight grip on my waist will...”

His arms loosen immediately and I chuckle. Poor guy. I would feel sorry for messing around with him if it wasn’t so funny.

“So, as I was saying, Alpha Summers is in deep shit and thinks that the pack would love him a little better if he had a successful heir in line. That’s why he’s adamant that you become Luna as soon as possible. He doesn’t really care that you’re already the Luna of the Silver Creek Pack. He just thinks that he can force the Blood Earth Pack’s Luna mark on you and BOOM! Hallelujah, problem solved,” Jace breathes.

“Really? Well tell that pathetic excuse of an Alpha that he can go fuck himself before I let my mate go. Cocky little bastard. I am gonna rip his-”

“COLE! Stop right now! I know that you’re pissed but so am I! And he’s my father! You’re saying that you won’t let this happen and that happen when it’s really not your choice! I mean, have you even thought about what I might want? Or what I want a say in?”

Cole and Jace stare at me in shock and confusion. Cole looks more hurt that anything though. He looks down and sighs.

“I’m sorry baby. I really am. But I can’t think for a minute what I would do if you left me and this pack. You mean the world to me, my love. And so does our baby. Then comes our pack. If you leave-” I grab his face and look into his beautiful eyes that hold so much emotion in them.

“Whoa calm down Cole. I never said I was leaving. All I am trying to point out is that you are talking as if I am not capable of having a say in any of this. That’s it. I’m not leaving. Okay?”

He nods, pressing a small, chaste kiss to my cheek, before turning to Jace with determination written all over his handsome face.

“Alright. Let’s get this shit sorted out.”

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