The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 26

One week into parenthood, and I’m as happy as ever. Cassandra is developing fast, thanks to her full Alpha bloodline. Her sight is better, her focus on objects is stronger than a normal baby.

Cole had told me that Alpha babies tend to grow faster. They put in more weight and eat more. But they still take the normal amount of time to learn to walk and talk.

When we got back from the hospital, Cole had walked us up to the nursery and watched as I rocked our baby girl to sleep. His eyes were full of love and happiness. It filled my heart with a sense of satisfaction and success. I’d made my mate happy. Given him the family he wanted so badly.

Later that night, he had gone out to the city to buy a few more things we needed. He’d retuned an hour later, absolutely nothing in his hands.

I’d been sitting on the couch, reading a romance novel, the love and challenges the two characters were tied up in taking over my brain. Cole had walked in, put the book aside and kissed me passionately. His kiss was soft, firm, lustful and loving, all in one.

Then, to my utter shock and happiness, he’d got down on one knee and looked into my eyes, pulling a black velvet box out from his jacket pocket.

“My love,” he’d said, every word forever tucked into my memories,” I know that the order of what’s meant to come is messed up between us. Meet, date, fall in love, marry, have kids. Instead, we met, we fell in love, we had a beautiful child and now, I’m asking you to marry me. I love you, Sweetheart. You helped me with my grief, you loved me, you stood by my side, gave me a family, your love. So, will you give me something? Will you give yourself to me in marriage? Will you be my wife?”

He then opened the box to show a huge diamond ring. The diamond was a circular shape, the top and sides encrusted with tiny, beautiful diamonds.

“Oh my god, Cole. It’s so pretty,” I breathed. My hands went to his face, slowly pulling his mouth to mine. His lips were soft and firm, loving and caring. I pulled away slightly, enough to whisper,” yes, I’ll marry you. Make me your wife Cole. I love you.”

He smiled, his eyes lighting up in happiness and relief, as if he thought I would reject him. Never.

“I love you too, Jade. Forever and always.”


Four months later

“OMG!!! You look fucking amazing Jade! Alpha won’t be able to take his eyes off you,” Ebony exclaims.

I laugh, looking back to the tall mirror, my reflection staring uncertainly back at me.

It is my wedding day. Today, I will become Mrs Cole Winston. I am both excited and nervous.

My wedding dress is a simple dress. I had insisted on a small, family-and-friends-only wedding. The dress is a sleeveless number, the top design lacy and delicate. The dress tightens around my middle with a thin, diamond-studded belt and extends to the floor and hugs my body, making my body look both slim and tall. Considering I had just had a baby four months ago, I look good, if I do say so myself.

“Absolutely right honey. And you makeup is perfect. So’s your hair. I’m so proud,” Gabriella squeals. She jumps up and down, causing her tight bun to loosen and slip down to the crook of her neck. Tempest growls.

“How many times am I gonna do your hair? You insist that you need to look perfect, then you stuff up all my bloody work! This is the fourth fucking time! Next time, I’ll forget about it. I’ll shove you in a closet and you can miss the entire wedding.”

Gabriella huffs. “It’s not my fault Mike can’t keep his hands off me. He said that he’s dying to rip my clothes off. He decided to mess up my hair instead,” she smirks. We all gag. She is known for giving too much information out to us. We’ve kind of learnt not to listen, but it is still a work in progress.

“Alright alright. Come here. For the love of the Moon Goddess,” Tempest huffs. I giggle. These girls are the best. After my little one. Speaking of which...

I turned around and walk over to Tina, who is cuddling my daughter and watching us with amusement shining in her eyes. Beside her on the couch, is her son, Derek. Although she had just given birth to her own child a few months before me, she still insists that she look after Cassandra today. And I’m grateful for her help. Derek, who looks like the smaller version of Adrian, is kicking his feet happily beside his mother, curiously watching Cassandra.

“I’m happy you’re not nervous, Jade. I was so nervous on my wedding day that I tripped on my heels walking up the aisle to my mate. I thought I would die of shame and embarrassment but Derek just smiled and came beside me. He took my hand and we walked together the rest of the way. He had whispered,” I’ll always be here to catch you. I promise.” I was so happy that day. I thought I was on top of the world.” She stops abruptly and sniffles. I hug her, trying not to cry. She has survived so much. Her mate had died in a rouge attack and she’d stayed strong. I admire her for that. I don’t think I’d be able to stay same if Cole died.

My daughter coos suddenly, bringing our attention back to her. She is dressed in a cute, pink dress. On her head is a pink headband, her feet covered in white socks. She looks adorable.

The door suddenly bursts open and Jason looks in, his eyes first finding Ebony, before flicking to me, bowing slightly. His black and white suit hugs his older, muscular body.

“Luna, the wedding ceremony is about to begin. You need to move to the front doors,” he says, his deep, husky voice loud and clear.

I nod, turning away as Ebony walks over to him and kisses him lovingly. Jason is the newest addition to our pack. He had been a member of the Blood Earth Pack, but had left when he was thrashed for saying a bad word about my father. He had banished Jason, leaving him a rouge. When he had heard that I was his daughter, he had come to me for help, and I’d given him a place in the pack. Shortly after, he had found his mate, Ebony. They couldn’t be happier, even though he is considerably older than her.

I walk out behind the girls, who are my bridesmaids. Tempest is my maid of honour. Tina walks slightly behind us, carrying Cassandra, another woman with her carrying Derek. Suddenly, the doors open and the music blasts through.

My eyes scan the room, spotting all the friends I have made over the months. I look around, and see Ryder, Cole’s best man, Jasper, Mike and Jason, the grooms men. Finally, my eyes stop on my mate.

His eyes are wide and full of love, watching my every move, as I slowly, almost unconsciously, make my way towards him. He looks incredibly handsome, his all-white suit making his dark hair stand out, his stubble visible from where I am standing.

He holds his arm out towards me, and I grab onto it, my legs shaking and my hands sweating. I am glad I decided on wearing my sneakers. Nobody can see, yet they are very, very comfortable.

“You look amazing my love,” he whispers in my ear. He lightly kisses my head. I smile up at him. “You look very handsome.”

The priest before us clears his throat. “Please refrain from kissing the bride until the end of the ceremony,” he rasps. I giggle and Cole blushes slightly. “Sorry.”

“Alright, let’s start the wedding. Sir, please repeat after me. I Cole Winston, take thee, Jade Summers, to become my wedded wife from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.”

Cole repeats the vow, his eyes shining and loving, never leaving my face. I smile up at him, tears threatening my eyes a second time today. Then it’s my turn. “I, Jade Summers, take thee, Cole Winston, to become my wedded husband from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.”

Cole smiles down at me, his face completely radiant. I can’t help but fall in love with him even more.

Adrian walks up, a red velvet cushion in is hands. He looks extremely handsome in his all-black suit, his wild curls escaping from behind his ears and into his face. He smiles widely and holds the cushion steady. Cole takes the simple, silver band into his hands, then holds my left hand with his free one.

The priest continues. “Cole Winston, do you take this woman to be your lawful wife?”

“I do,” Cole replies firmly. He slips the ring on my finger, resting just above my engagement ring.

“Jade Summers, do you take this man to be your lawful husband?” He asks.

“I do,” I reply, my voice soft and emotional. Cole grins and I grab the gold band, a token of our marriage, and slip it onto his finger. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer, his mouth an inch from mine, waiting for the approval of the priest.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

No sooner had the words left the priest’s mouth than Cole claims my lips, his touch urgent. Our first kiss as husband and wife. Happy yells and cheers start behind us, and I smile into the kiss

He pulls away, his smile as bright as the sun above us.

“Let’s go celebrate out marriage, my mate,” he breathes. I nod. As we walk down the aisle, hand in hand, Tina comes forward and gives Cole our daughter. She bows slightly and nods at me, smiling happily.

“Congratulations Alpha, Luna. I hope your marriage is long and filled with love and happiness.”

I hug her, whispering a small thank you in her ear. Then we continue towards the dining hall. As a family.


The reception afterwards is a happy event, filled with dancing, singing and laughing. I couldn’t be more happier.

Tina had offered to look after Cassandra for the night, explaining with a slight blush that ‘the alpha will want you all to himself.’ I had to laugh at that.

But it turns out to be true. The minute we enter our home, Cole pulls me towards him, whispering loving words and heated promises.

We slowly make our way upstairs, his mouth never leaving mine. “First, I’m going to make love to you, as your husband. Then I’m going to fuck you senseless,” he rasps. I shiver and look up at him, his blue eyes glowing steadily in the night.

“Make me your wife Cole.”

He turns me around and slowly pulls the dress zip down, his hot mouth following the trail. He stands back up and turns me around, kissing my lips softly before pushing me down on the bed. His smile wicked and incredibly hot.

“I love your body. So fucking hot,” he whispers, pulling off the rest of my clothes. Our breathing is increasing, heating up the room. I sit up and pull his tie off, then his jacket, until he is as bare as me.

My hands slide over his chest, lightly sprinkled over with dark hair. I look up at him and my hands explore lower, his eyes shuttering as I grab hold of his cock.

“Sweetheart don’t do that. Tonight’s all about you.”

I stroke him again, causing him to hiss. “That’s not fair. You deserve this as much as me,” I reply.

He doesn’t let me finish him off. Instead, he growls and pushes me down, one large hand splayed over my stomach. He kisses my neck, licking the mate mark. He continues down, licking and sucking my breasts until my nipples are hard and erect. His tongue slides over my stomach, going further and further down.

He kisses my sensitive spot and I cry out, but he doesn’t pay any attention to that. He continues his assault on my clit, slowly working two fingers into me.

His silhouette is glowing from the moonlight and he looks magneficent, like a god, or a king. And he is. My king.

My moans of pleasure echo around the room as Cole sits back up, smiling down at me. “That’s right Jade. Don’t hold back. I want to hear your every noise.”

He climbs on top of me and kisses me softly. I can tasted myself on his tongue and I moan. This man will be the death of me.

He slowly works his cock into me, his wide girth opening up my walls, making him groan. He slowly slides back out, before slamming back into me, a surprised yelp escaping my lips. I feel so full of him, our bodies connected in the best way possible.

His slow, loving strokes are filled with more love than I can explain. Every move has me gasping for air, his face buried in my neck. I can hear his cussing and hard breathing.

He drags it on, everytime I come close to cumming, he stops, earning a frustrated growl from me. And everytime I wrap my legs around his butt and pull him in closer, causing him to groan.

Finally, he continues on until I shatter beneath him, my cries mixed with his loud, pleasured grunts. I look up and watch him come apart above me. Seeing him vulnerable and so full of emotion pushes me further, causing me to cum again.

“Dammit baby. Your so fucking beautiful.”

He suddenly sits up and pulls me up as well, flipping me over and pushing into me from behind, pulling me up on all fours.

The feeling of his cock inside me again, so soon after my shattering orgasm, is raw, sensual and painful. But pleasure rises over all of that, and I moan, sinking into the mattress.

“I love you so much baby. You are my world,” he growls, slamming into me again, “my whole life,” and again. “You give me a reason to be happy,” he rasps, pushing into me again. His callused fingers gripping my waist tightly. His rough fucking causing me to see stars. “You gave me a family.” He twists us onto our side’s, his hard body laying behind mine. His cock is still in me, and the new position caused me to hiss and curse softly.

I realise that this is what he needs. A nice, good fuck. And I am ready for that. To give him what he needs.

I move forward, his cock sliding out of me. The empty feeling makes me move faster, eager to be full again.

I turn and push him onto his back. He sits up on his elbows and watches me with a burning gaze as I climb on top of him and slide onto his cock. He groans and his head falls back. I grind my hips slowly, pushing all the way down. He looks up at me and rasps, “Ride me.”

So I do. I put everything into my moves. My love. My hunger for his body. And he holds me, his eyes never leaving me. And as I reach my high, I tilt my head back. But he grabs my chin and growls, “Look at me baby. I want to watch you cum.”

I look into his glowing eyes, sure mine are the same, and cum. His eyes watch, as if he is transfixed and in awe of the way he makes me feel. And then he cums, and I watch as his eyebrows crease together, his lips part and his breathing quickens.

I watch his eyes close and his lips form cusses and loving words.

And when he is done, he pulls my body closer to him, chest to chest, mouth to mouth, his cock still buried in me.

“I love you Sweetheart.”

I smile, the nickname a sign of everything we have been through.

“I love you too Cole.”

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