The Possessive Alpha

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Cole’s POV

Sometimes, life might try to pull you down, but you have to find something or someone to help you back up.

That’s my mate for me. She’s a beautiful, enthusiastic, kind-hearted person, who has been through too much in her life to be so happy.

But she is, and I admire her for it everyday. Another special person in my life is Cassandra. The life that Jade and I created out of love, lust and passion. She brightens up my day whenever I’m in a bad mood. Just by smiling her gummy smile. She’s only got about four teeth now.

It’s been eight months since we took over the Blood Earth Pack, which has been renamed Golden Moon Pack. With Jace as the Alpha, there’s a strong bond between our packs, which I’m glad. And Ryder, my former Beta, is happy beside his mate’s side, with their adopted son, Caleb.

“Dadda! ”

I look up, a smile stretching across my face before I even see her.

Cassandra crawls towards me at exceptional speed, her head up, determination written all over her face. I crouch down beside her and hold out my arms, waiting for her.

“Come on Cass. Come to Dadda,” she giggles and finally makes it to me, and I stand up and swing her around in the air, her laughs mixes with mine, echoing around the living room. I suddenly smell a delicious scent and turn to my mate.

“She’s learnt to say Dadda before Mamma,” she complains, pouting slightly as she walks over. She hugs my waist and looks up at our daughter, who’s now climbing up my neck to my shoulders. I hold her, keeping her steady.

“Well what did you expect love? She’s daddy’s girl,” I reply, grinning. She rolls her eyes and walks off to the kitchen.

“Whatcha doing?” I ask, curiousity burning as I watch her pull out ingredients and a tray.

“I’m making cupcakes, for us,” she mumbles. She hustles around in the kitchen, and I sit on a barstool with Cassandra, watching her with admiration.

“What’s the occasion?” I ask. I have a feeling I should already know, but there’s no way she found out.

“Well,” she drawls, making her way over to me and stepping between my legs,” I’m pretty sure that when it’s someone’s birthday, you do something special. And since I only found out yesterday because Ryder let it slip,” she glares, and I smile sheepishly,” I haven’t had any time to do something big. So cupcakes for you it is.”

I grin. “Honestly baby, you didn’t have to do anything. You’re my present. You and Cass. This is why I didn’t tell you. Because I knew you’d try something like this.”

She shakes her head and leans forward, catching my lips with hers in a kiss and deepening it. I groan. Damn it. Not now.

“Baby, we can’t. Not now. Cass’s here. And awake. Maybe later.”

She groans in annoyance and pulls away, but not before I pull her into me again and kiss her deeply and passionately, expressing exactly how much I want her.

She smiles. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” I reply, and she goes back to the cupcakes.


“Happy birthday Babe!” Jade exclaims, kissing me soflty. I laugh and pull away.

“Thank you love,” I say, giving her a hug.

“So, you’re twenty-four now. Cole, you’re getting old. I think I can see a piece of grey hair right about-”

I cut her off, picking her up and setting her on top of me. “That’s not possible honey. There’s no way I have grey hair at twenty-four. It’s unbelievable.”

She giggles. “Believe it babe. It’s true. I can even see it from here.”

I nod, amused at her silly behaviour. “Whatever you say love.”

“Come on, eat your cupcake,” she says, gesturing to the table beside us. She’s nervously twisting a strand of her hair around a finger, her eyes watching as I pick it up and take a bite.

Flavour bursts in my mouth and I swallow, my tastebuds dancing. I look down to the cupcake and the inside is blue. What?

My head snaps up in realisation and I look at Jade. I can tell she’s nervous with her late revelation, but all I can think of is that blue colour.

“Are you serious baby? We’re really having a boy?” I whisper, my eyes searching hers. Damn I didn’t even know she was pregnant.

It had been about three months since the mating season, and she hadn’t said anything about being pregnant. I just thought that we hadn’t tried enough, being busy with Cass.

She nods, biting her lip. “I didn’t tell you because I thought you’d be unhappy. We never really dicussed how many kids we wanted, and I thought you were happy with just Cassie,” she mumbles. I shake my head in amazement.

“That’s wrong. Whatever happens, I’m ready for it. I’m not unhappy love. I’m excited. We get to raise another child. It’s another proof of our love. And about how many we want, I don’t care, as long as you’re happy.”

She smiles. “I found out yesterday about the gender. I was gonna tell you yesterday but then Ryder let it slip that today was your birthday, so I thought this could be your surprise, since I don’t have anything else.”

“It’s perfect love. You’re perfect. And I can’t wait for our son. I just hope he’s nothing like me when he’s a teenager,” I sigh, remembering how much of a pain in the ass I was.

I look up at Jade and kiss her softly. She responds immediately, her mouth opening up for me, her tongue greeting me. I sigh. This woman is gonna kill me.

The kiss becomes heated suddenly, and I roll us over, placing her beneath me. She wraps her legs around my jean-clad thighs, pulling me forward and rotating her hips slightly, driving me mad.

“Dammit Sweetheart. You’re so beautiful. And I love you. So much. You’ve given me a family, a place to call home beside you, love and happiness. I’ll forever be beside you, cherishing you. Making you happy. All day, everyday,” I whisper into her ear, kissing up and down her neck softly.

She grabs my face and pulls me back so that she can look at me. “And I love you babe. I’ll always be with you, my love increasing for you everyday. And I’ll forget all about my past, never let it bother me again, because you are my present, my future.”

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