The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 5

“Wh..what? No, that’s impossible. I would’ve been able to tell, or feel something right?’s not possible,” I stammer, my brain racing and trying to find a suitable and much simpler reason for what I’m feeling.

“That’s not exactly right, Sweetheart. A female wolf can go years not knowing she’s a werewolf, until she encounters her mate. And the minute they meet, all her senses will activate and slowly become a part of her,” he explains soothingly.

“Well, what now? Is there some way I can prepare for what is going to happen?” I ask him, my head still trying to grasp this newfound information.

“There is no way to prepare, Jade. But all that we know is that the process usually starts about a week after the female has met her mate. It’s been about six days since we met. Maybe we can go to the pack doctor and see if she can give any advice or help to you,” he says, glancing down at his watch. He huffs in annoyance, and a lock of his jet black hair goes flying upwards and flops back on his nose, making him slightly jump. I can’t help a grin from making its way onto my face at his obvious annoyance.

He looks up at me, and stares at my smile, his eyes widening and his pink lips parting in awe. His blazing blue eyes glaze over for a second, and he whispers,“Beautiful.”

I look down, my face turning bright red and heating up. I hear his deep, raspy chuckle and I look up, smiling in return. He stands up, his jeans tightening over his long, muscled legs.

I follow them up till I’m met with his beautiful blue eyes. I watch as they dim slightly, before returning back to normal. I’ve seen them do that a few times, but I’ve never asked about it.

“Come on. We’ll go to the pack doctor now, before she gets busy,” he says, helping me stand.

“Why do your eyes do that weird, dimmy thing?” I blurt, curiosity getting the better of me. His lips curl in amusement at my choice of words.

“I was using my mind link. Wolves can also link to each other through their minds. So, the Alpha and Luna can communicate with the whole pack, and so can a Beta, but the rest can only connect with their mates. I was just contacting the doctor to see if she was available to see you. We have to hurry though because she’s on her lunch break.”

I sigh. “Is there anything a werewolf can’t do? I mean, it all sounds pretty awesome to me. Is there like, a downside your hiding from me?”

Cole laughs. “Well, compared to the good side, there’s not much to the bad side. We get fatally injured when we come into contact with silver. Our anger and impatience is heightened, so if we get angry, expect it to escalate fast. Apart from that, I think it’s all good,” he replies, scratching his chin in thought. He gestured for me to stand.

I nod and we walk to the door. He stands behind me, not touching me, but close enough that I can feel his body heat. I can imagine what his chest looks like now, a breath of air separating us. His six pack showing through the tight, flimsy material he calls a shirt. I can smell his overwhelming scent of wood and lemon, and it clouds my head so I nearly crash into the wall outside his bedroom.

His strong, muscled arms wrap around my stomach and pull me back into his chest, making sure not to hurt my back. His minty breath flutters over my neck, causing my body to shudder in his arms at the sudden contact. I quickly pull myself away, and I walk ahead. His footsteps catching up to mine.

As we walk into the dining room, I see that there’s a bunch of people in what I presume, is the dining room. It looks like they’ve all come in for lunch. The tables are filled with food, all the chairs taken and people are shouting and laughing over the table at each other. But when they realise that their Alpha was standing at the doorway, the noise drops so all I hear is the crunching of a noisy eater or two.

Everyone is staring at me, and most of them have frowns of confusion on their faces. I shuffle my feet uncomfortably and look at the floor.

“There’s nothing to see everybody! Go back to eating!” A loud and commanding voice calls out, and the noise level again rises up, the people forgetting about the little incident. Every once in a while, they’d glance at me, but they acted as if they hadn’t seen me.

A tall, handsome man walks over to Cole and I, and I self consciously move closer to Cole. He notices this, and he steps closer as well, his side brushing against mine. For once, I don’t object against his closeness. I feel protected by him.

“Alpha, I’m sorry I wasn’t here earlier. I had to set up training for the new warriors because the Gamma wasn’t here. His mate just gave birth and he has requested a weeks leave to help her out,” he said, his tone firm and respectful, but I could see a playful look in his eyes, and I wonder what his relation is to Cole.

“Ryder, how many times do I have to tell you, call me Cole. Even though my ranking is higher than you, we’ve been friends since we were teenagers. And tell Nick he can have the leave, and tell him I hope his pup will grow strong and healthy.”

I look at Cole and I can’t help but admire how he cares so much for his pack. He looks down at me suddenly, and says,“Let’s go. The doctor is waiting. I’ll introduce you to Ryder when we get back.”

We walk past Ryder, and I look back to see him smirk at me. I turn back and catch up to Cole, his long legs covering more ground than mine.

The pack looks very relaxed, houses scattered around the trees, and the main clearing had a group of young boys, no older than sixteen, fighting and wresting each other to the ground. There was a round of cheering, and the happy scene made me smile.

A group of wolves broke through the clearing, walking towards the pack house. They went behind it, and all came out wearing shorts. They were laughing and pushing each other around. I could see a few girls as well, and I wondered how they could be so carefree and not care about what others were seeing.

I turned to look for Cole, and curiosity keeps in when I see him talking to a tall, young woman. She seems frustrated, and her hands keep flying around. Cole’s eyes narrrow and he turns his head to the side, rubbing a hand along his face.

Cole finally turns to her again and points in the far direction, his expression stoney.

When the girl has disappeared from view, Cole makes his way to me, his eyes trained on the floor. He stops a few feet away from me and looks up sheepishly.

“Umm... that girl is Vanessa. She... she’s a tough one to deal with. Her mate had been banished from the pack and she doesn’t accept it. She’s determined to get me to change my mind, but I’m not going to. She’s causing more and more problems, and has taken it upon herself to even threaten me,” he sighs.

I know I’m meant to feel something. Sympathy maybe. Or compassion. But to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what to feel. I’ve got no clue what he means. All this wolf talk. It’s not what I’m used to.

“Oh. What... what was he banished for?” I ask timidly, wondering if I even wanted to know the answer. Cole’s lips go thin as he shakes his head.

“Treason. He gave away confidential information to a neighbouring pack. For that, he was meant to die. But I spared his life, on the condition he leaves my pack. Vanessa hasn’t left because she’s also got family here. They insist she stays, and she can’t do anything about it.”

I shudder. From what I’ve heard, wolves are ruthless when it comes to their pack and protecting it. So much so, that they would kill one of their own, for betraying their pack. I wonder if this is really a world I want to be a part of.

Cole toes the ground and looks over at me. “If you want to see the doctor today, I think we need to get there now. I’ve already asked her to cut her lunch break short on our account.” Cole’s voice isn’t demanding, but the tone is strict, and I nod my agreement.

We walk into the medical centre, and he takes me past the receptionist, who bows her head in submission. I frown at the wierd display of respect, but Cole doesn’t bat an eyelid. I guess that’s another weird custom I have to get used to.

He leads me to a door that that had a name on it. ‘Doctor Jasmine Demion’.

He knocks firmly and waits for the door to be opened by a middle aged blonde lady, who’s eyes widen in recognition, and she opens the door wider, ushering us through.

“Good afternoon Alpha. What can I do for you?” Her tone is soft and polite. Her face is round, with rosy cheeks and freckles sprinkled over the bridge of her nose. Her smile is restricted, and I get the feeling she’s not all that happy to see us. But Cole doesn’t look fazed, so I smile back at her.

“Jasmine, I want you to meet the Luna of this pack, and my mate, Jade,” he says, a hint of pride in his voice. His eyes shine as they make their way to me. I look back at him and smile, before turning to Jasmine. Her eyes widen and she bows her head towards me. I shift uncomfortably in my spot, not used to such a display of respect.

Or, any form of respect actually.

“Oh my goodness! My Luna, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m so happy to see that the pack will have a Luna. So, how can I help?”

“Well, Jade here doesn’t really know about the nature of werewolves. And I had my doubts on if she was a werewolf or not until this morning, when she started showing symptoms. So I was hoping that we could find out for sure, and you could help her out with how to deal with all this? Since you are a female and a doctor. And I also trust you to be good to my mate,” he says, his voice filled with protection over me and warnings. Jasmine’s eyes flicker over my form, and back at Cole in a second. Her smile as perfect as before.

“Of course! My Alpha, your mate is my Luna. I will do anything to help. I’m thinking that maybe we can take a blood test to see if her blood matches our type. Then we’ll know if she’s a werewolf for sure. Luna, is this okay with you?” She asks, and I frown.

“How is a blood test going to prove if I’m a werewolf or not? Normal doctors do them all the time, and yet they haven’t discovered werewolves through blood tests,” I question.

“Well, not to sound cocky, Luna, but those doctors aren’t looking for the right thing. We know what makes up our werewolf gene, and therefore are able to search for it in a blood sample.” Jasmine turns away and starts to prep for the blood test.

I sit on the chair, and Cole sits on the one next to it. As Dr Jasmine prepares the needle, Cole senses my nervousness and whispers,“You don’t like needles?”

I nod and he rests his hand on my armrest. I watch as his fingers flex open and closed, and I realise right there that my ‘no-touching’ rule isn’t really fair on him. And it wasn’t really working on me. I was craving his touch. Ever since he helped me down the stairs earlier, I’d been thinking about his touch. Plus, I trusted him. Well, as much as I could right now. I know we only met two days ago, but the way he’s giving me space. How he is caring for my every need.

I reach out, and place my hand on top of his. He turns his head so fast I can nearly feel the whiplash he must’ve gotten. But it doesn’t show on his face. The only thing was surprise. I smile timidly at him, and he grins in return, his white, perfect teeth showing themselves. He turns our hands and entwines our fingers, his large palm engulfing mine.

The warmth emitting from our touch has my stomach fluttering, my heartbeat picking up and my breathing become ragged. From what I can see, Cole is under similar effect, which somewhat comforts me. I’m not the only one craving this touch.

Dr Jasmine turns and sees our hands entwined. She cleares her throat and looks at me.“Luna, please stretch out your arm.”

I do as she asks, and look away as the needle sinks itself into my vein. I stare at the wall behind her head, trying to think of anything but the needle in my arm right now. It’s a few seconds later when she announces,“All done.”

We wait for her to store it away, and she walks over to her desk, sitting in her swivel chair and turning to face us. She peels off the gloves and throws them into the dustbin beside her.

“My Luna, the tests should finish later in the day. I’ll contact the Alpha when I have the results. Now, I would recommend you to just take it easy. You will be experiencing different feelings in your body, so don’t get distressed. You can talk to me whenever you need some help or if you have a question. Was that all?”

I nod, and manage to whisper a quiet ‘thank you’ to her, to which she smiled warmly and shook my hand. She ushered us out, and bowed as she closed the door.

Our hands still entwined, Cole and I walked down the pathway to a different location. I can feel the curiosity climbing its way up again, but I stay quiet, until we reach a huge mansion. The white exterior catches my eye, and I gape up at it in awe.

The huge white building is structured, so that it curves around the front of the house, a huge driveway leading up to a garage door on the side. The house has tall, glass, tinted windows, the glass double doors set in the middle of two windows.

“Do you like it?” Cole asks, leading me up the driveway. I internally shake my head, clearing my head from my amazement.

I nod my head wordlessly, speechless for the moment, and watch as he unlocks the front door. He looks back at me, grins, and walks in, pulling me in with him.

The inside is a lot different from the outside. It’s modern, without being too lifeless. There are potted plants in the corners and feature walls, displaying paintings and photos of nature and different people.

I walk around the house with Cole, and when we finally walk into the sitting room, I ask him,“Where are we?”

“This, Sweetheart, is my house. I live here. Although, very rarely. I usually stay at the pack house. But I want that to change now. Would you like to stay here with me, my love?” His eyes are wide with hope. I freeze. How can I move in with a total stranger? Sure, he is my mate, but he’s still a stranger. I’ve only known him for six days.

“I-I dont know. I barely know you. I cant move in with a stranger,” I whisper. Cole nods in understanding, but the hope hasn’t left his eyes yet.

“I know. I totally get what you mean. But, I promise you’ll be safe. If there’s anyone you shouldn’t be afraid of, it’s me. I will protect you with my life. And,” he jumps, before I can interrupt,” if it’s me you’re afraid of, you don’t need to be around me. I will give you your own room, and you can make yourself at home. It’s just... I thought you’d be more comfortable here, than with a bunch of people at the pack house.”

Well, I can’t argue with that logic. If there’s anything worse than sharing a house with Cole, it’s sharing a house with a million other strangers. So I reluctantly nod my head.

He grins, and reaches for my hand, but stops, and let’s his own drop to his side awkwardly.

I quickly move to sit right beside him, leaving no room between us. I look over at him and sigh. “I’m sorry for telling you not to touch me. It’s just, everytime someone’s wanted to touch me in the past, most of them have used it to hurt me. And I have been scared to let you come near me, because I don’t want you to be like that. I’m sorry.”

Cole scoots over and lays a gentle hand on my knee. The sparks and fear jump in my chest, and I try to force them down, and let him have his moment. “I told you already, Jade. You have nothing to be sorry about. I understand why you did what you did. But if I can, let me ask you to try and give me a chance. To prove that I’m not someone who will hurt you. Please,” his eyes shine as I stare into them. The passion and hope in them makes me feel brave.

“Okay. Okay, but we have to take it slow. Got it?” I nearly laugh at the wide smile Cole’s face is sporting. “Yes! Slow, got it. Umm... is holding your hand considered slow?”

I laugh this time. I reach for his hand and entwined our fingers again. “Yes. Only holding hands though. Okay?”

Cole nods his head and stands, pulling me to my feet as well. “I’ll show you where your room is. And then we can settle in.”

We walk up the grand staircase, to the top floor. There’s five doors leading off the corridor, and we pass the first one. “That’s my office. We’ll check that out later. This one,” Cole waves to the second door,” is my bedroom. And this one,” he reaches for the door handle opposite his door,” is your bedroom.”

Cole holds the door open for me, and I move past him, taking in the room. It’s painted a lovely cream colour, the four-poster bed pushed against the wall to the right. In front of me, is two doors leading out to a balcony. There is a bathroom and a closet leading off from two separate doors to the left.

I turn to Cole and smile wide. “Thank you! This is truly amazing. Ugh I love it so much.” Cole chuckles as I run to the bed and jump onto it, sinking into the plush covers. I sigh in content.

“If there is anything you want to change, let me know. The painting, the bed. Whatever you want. And,” he steps a little closer,” I’ve ordered for some clothes to be brought to the house tomorrow morning. They are all the size of the clothes you are wearing now. Just in different designs and of course, for different occasions.”

I gape up at him. “Cole, you didn’t need to go through all that trouble. But, thank you. Really, I appreciate it.” And I do. He’s the first person to actually do this much for me. And I will forever be in debt to him. Suddenly, our little moment is cut of my the rude sound of my stomach rumbling. I blush as it gets a little louder.

Cole chuckles lightly and hold out a hesitant hand to me. “I’ll cook some dinner. How do you feel about spaghetti bolognese?”

I jump up and grab hid hand, Cole’s smile increasing at my gesture. I grin. “It’s my favourite! Can I help?” I watch as he raises an eyebrow in amusement and nods his head. I pull him towards the door and down the stairs. Cole takes the lead form there, and leads us into he stylish kitchen. I open and close different cupboards until I find a pot and I put it on the stove. He quickly moves to my side, and helps out, pulling out a chopping board and getting out the vegetables.

I slowly swing myself from side to side as I wait for the water to boil. When I hear a low growl from behind me, I spin around and yelp out when I see Cole’s eyes.

They’re blazing blue, the bluest I’ve ever seen. His eyes are trained on my body, and I cowed into a corner as he stalks towards me.

“Cole! Cole, stop it!” My terrified voice seems to freeze him in his tracks, and Cole’s eyes turn back to normal. When he lays eyes on my body, he gulps.

“Sweetheart, I’m so so sorry. I-I let Damien out. It was an accident. I promise. Please forgive me,” he pleads. His hands reach out to me, but I pull back.

“Who is Damien? Your eyes...they changed shade. It... It was kind of scary.”

Cole sighs. “Damien is my wolf. He got excited and wanted to say hello. Of course, he can only communicate with your wolf, who isn’t yet here yet. I’m sorry he scared you. Please, please forgive me, Jade.”

I scan his face. He’s telling the truth. I think. The pleading in his voice is strong and his eyes are filled with apologies.

“Fine. I guess I just got a little frightened. But that’s not your fault. Let’s just get back to making the food. I’m starving.”

And we do. Cole drops the topic after that, but I have a feeling he isn’t completely over it. But we make the dinner and he doesn’t bring it up again for the night.

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