The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 7

We arrive at the clinic just after ten o’clock, and it’s already buzzing with the sounds of pups, which they apparently call their babies, crying and their mothers and fathers trying to calm them down. When we walk in, hand in hand, the room falls somewhat silent, and all eyes are turned towards us.

Cole senses my discomfort and quickly pulls my down the hall, nodding at the receptionist as we walk past. When we reach Dr Jasmine’s door, he pauses for a minute to check if she’s with a patient. He nods his head and knocks twice, pushing the door open after a faint ‘come in!’ Comes from behind the wooden door.

Dr Jasmine is sitting at her desk, typing something on her computer. Her glasses are perched on the tip of her broad nose, and her blonde hair pulled into a low ponytail. She turns in her seat, and bows submissively at us.

“What can I do for you today, Alpha and Luna?” She asks, looking back up and smiling tightly at me. Her eyes seem to be red behind her spectacles and her face shows signs of tiredness and worry. I realise that this woman has a very big role in this pack, as one of the few doctors they have.

“Dr I hope you can fit in a few minutes to talk to my mate about some of the changes she might go through. Her wolf is coming faster than it should be, so I believe we should expect the changes to come soon as well,” Cole speaks up, his tone firm and commanding. I shiver, glad I’m not on the receiving end.

“Of course, Alpha. My Luna, I guess you both suspect that you are the pup of an Alpha or a Beta, is that correct?” When we nod in the affirmative, she continues. “You will experience extreme restlessness, due to the fact that your wolf is developing. You’ll also feel very very hungry at meal times, which is quite normal for all wolves. Aside from that, nothing else will really happen until your mate marks you. After you’re marked, you’ll go through heat, and you will have to connect in both human form to complete the mating process,” she explains, her gaze resting on my features, watching my emotions fly through my eyes.

I nod my head to show my understanding, and I turn to Cole, wanting to know if there was anything else. He looks at me questioningly and shakes his head, as if sensing my unspoken question. I turn to the doctor, wanting to ask her one last question.

“When will this all happen?” She looks taken aback by my voice, and tries to quickly compose herself.

“ about a week or so,” she replies. She shuffles slightly in her seat, and adds, “But, if you want to be sure about what you really are, what your lineage is, there is only one way to find out.”

There’s a low, threatening growl from nesode me and i snap my gaze to Cole. He looks about ready to rip her head off before she even speaks up again, and he goes to grab my arm, his eyes blazing with fury.

“No! She will not go back there! You will not suggest anything of the sort to my mate. We will find some other way. Right now though, doctor, we are leaving,” he hisses at her, pulling me up and into his arms. My eyebrows furrow and my Brian tries to process what just happened. But Cole isn’t slowing down and I want answers.

“Cole, wait. I want to know what she’s suggesting. What is it doctor?” My curiosity is again what makes me ask the question, and much to Cole’s dismay, she answers. He lets go of my arm reluctantly and he shifts a pace closer to me.

“To truly know for sure what you are, you have to go to the source. You need to talk to your mother and father. See which of them is an Alpha or Beta,” she replies, a smirk playing on the edges of her mouth. When she sees me looking, she’s quick to hide it with a small, friendly smile.

It was quick, but I know it was there. I turn to Cole, but he’s already staring at me, waiting for my response.

Her suggestion scares me a lot, because neither of my parents seem very approachable at the moment. My father has been but a memory of all these years, and my mother wasn’t someone I was willing to talk to at the moment. But I also wanted to find out about what I was, and if the only way was to talk to one or both of them, then that is what I have to do.

Cole saw the look in my eyes, and immediately knew what my decision was. He growls out lowly and pulls me out the room, and out the clinic. He walks with such a fast pace, that I feel as if my legs will rip off my body.

We reach his house in five minutes, and as soon as we got into the house, he blows up on me.

“There is no way I’m letting you go back to your psychotic bitch of a mother to find out something like this. Hell, your not going to her at all!” He yells at me, his face filled with rage and annoyance. But this makes me pissed off as well. As he walks into the sitting room, pulling at his long, black hair, I follow his lead and sit on the couch beside him.

“I’m sorry Cole, but I wasn’t asking you for permission! This is my life, and I get to decide for myself. Just because I was quiet and all submissive these past couple of days, does not mean that I will sit back and let you control my life for me, while I sit behind locked doors like some china doll,” I yell back, my anger flowing out of me and throwing itself onto Cole.

He looks surprised and puzzled, as if not sure how to proceed with what happened. He just shakes his head, and sighs out.

“I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to make your own desicions. I just mean that I don’t want to see you get hurt again. That’s what I’m here for,” he mumbles, stroking my cheek. His eyes are filled with affection. “To protect you. From all harm. And anything that will cause you pain and hurt.”

Cole’s words surprise me, and I can’t help but lean in and hug him. His arms automatically come around my body. In this position, I can feel my heart beating as well as his. It brings me comfort.

“Cole, if there is any way that I can find out more about myself, I have to take it. I know so little about myself. I have no idea who my mother is, apart from being my torturer for years and years. And I know absolutely nothing about my father. This, is a chance for me to find out something. And Cole,” I say, leaning back to look up at his face,” I will do it one way or another. But it would be nicer if you were supporting me. By my side.”

Cole stares at me for a while, his eyes searching mine. Then he sighs and pulls me into his chest.

“Okay, okay. You can go, but I’m coming with you. There is no way I’m letting you go on your own, only to find our your mother killed you. There’s no way I can let that happen.”

I nod my head, knowing that this decision was hard for him. But. It only makes my heart beat a little faster for him, and my face to turn a crimson red.

He stares at my face for a second, before he pulls me onto his lap, stroking my arms in a calming and soothing manner.

“We’ll go tomorrow after breakfast. I’ll make sure to call up some of my warriors and make sure they’re ready as well. I’m not taking any chances when we go,” he mutters, and I nod, understanding where he’s coming from. “In the meantime, I want you to visit Dr Jasmine at least twice a week, just to make sure that your progress goes smoothly. Okay?”

“Cole, is that really necessary? I’m fine, it will all be fine. Plus, I don’t like her. There’s something off about her, and I don’t trust her,” I say, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. I recall the way she smiled at me earlier, and I involuntarily shudder. There’s something off about her, I decide.

“What? Why? I didn’t see her do anything wrong. What’s bothering you my love?” He asks, his thick eyebrows bunching up in confusion.

“She..she just gives me the creeps. Like when she suggested that I go see my parents, she had this smirk on her face. Why would she be smirking?” I ask, turning to face him after gazing out the window.

“Sweetheart, there is no reason to be suspicious of her. I don’t know why, or if she was smirking, but I trust her. I’ve known her for my whole life. She’s done so much for this pack,” he says, a light shining in his eyes as he talks of the pack doctor. For a second, I feel anger that he isn’t listening to me and my concerns, and I decide that I need to move and keep my distance.

I slowly get up, my body feeling cold and lonely without his touch, my mind telling me to stay, and I walk up the stairs to my bedroom. When I turn to look at him, as I turn the corner, I see the hurt and confused look on his face, and I have to swallow the bile rising from my throat, and keep myself from going back down to him.

As I lay in bed, my thoughts start to roar in my head. They get louder and louder, until I can’t even hear myself breathe.

I get up and run to the bathroom, and I quickly splash some cold water on my face to cool me down. I look back up, and I see my green eyes glowing again.

He loves you.

I jump, and I spin around to look behind me. But there’s no-one there. I face the mirror again and wait for the voice. But nothing happens.

I shake my head. It was probably my mind playing tricks on me. I go back to my room and flop onto the covers, too hot to go underneath. My pyjamas are short and thin, which helps my skin cool down.

I try to fall asleep, but the one thought that is preventing my from sleeping is, does he really love me?

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