The Possessive Alpha

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Chapter 8

I wake up the next morning in my comfortable, floaty bed, and I stretch my arms over my head, trying to shield my eyes from the sunlight that’s pouring through the flimsy curtains.

I roll over, and that’s when it all comes back to me. The argument last night. How disappointed I had been with Cole for not listening to me. The weird situation in the Bathroom. I groan. Why did it all have to come back? I would have been quite happy to be totally oblivious to the damage yesterday might’ve caused to Cole and I’s budding relationahip.

I’ve noticed that, over the last couple of days, Cole has become a sort of safe spot for me. I feel comfortable around him, and he makes me smile. My heart does this weird fluttery thing when he laughs or smiles, and his eyes hold my gaze in a way that leaves me breathless. But now, I fear I may have made us take two steps back.

I quickly get up, and rush to the bathroom. The black and white checkered tiles under my feet send a small shiver up my spine, and I jump the rest of the way to stand on the mat in front of the sink. I grab the toothbrush Cole left for me the other day, and I brush my teeth, splash water on my face, and run a comb through my tangled hair, tying it up into a messy bun.

When I walk into the kitchen, the first thing I see is a half naked Cole standing in front of the stove, his back muscles rippling under his black tattoo, his sweatpants hanging low on his lean, tan hips. If I wasn’t so nervous, I’d be drooling over his body. But I can’t help but quickly do an appreciative sweep of his body with my eyes. Sue me.

“Morning Cole,” I whisper, to nervous to raise my voice. But I know he heard me because his shoulders tense, and his body posture goes stiff.

“Morning Sweetheart.”

His short reply sends more pain through me, and the fact that he still used his term of endearment for me, even when he’s mad, makes me feel all the more guilty.I sit at the barstool at the bench, and I watch his movements with fascination, his every move making me crave his touch.

He turns around from the stove, holding the frying pan in one hand and a plate on the other, and I see the signs of a troubled sleep. His blazing blue eyes have bags under them, his hair is disheveled and not so silky, proving he had been tossing and turning most of the night.

I quickly stand up and walk over to him, reaching out to stroke his cheek, but he clears his throat and moves away, turning his back to me.

I stand there and wait for him to turn around again, but when he doesn’t, I sigh and walk around his lean body, to stand in front of his body. His eyes are closed and I can see a cute wrinkle between his thick eyebrows.

“Cole,” I whisper, stroking his cheek. His eyes stay closed but his body relaxes under my touch, his heartbeat speeding up. “Can I kiss you?” I blurt suddenly.

This causes Cole’s eyes to snap open and his head to dip slightly lower, as if knowing what I wanted. My breathing picks up, my face hot.

I don’t regret my question. All this time, I’ve been holding back from any sort of pleasure he could give. Because of my past, I feel like no man would want to touch me to give me pleasure. Only pain. But I’ve slowly come to realise that Cole is different. What we have, is different.

I slowly raise up on my toes and grab hold of his broad shoulder to steady myself. Cole’s arms wrap themselves around my waist and pulls me into him. His breath comes out in short bursts, his eyes flickering between my eyes and my lips.

I subconsciously lick them under his hot scrutiny, and his eyes lock onto the small action. His head lowers a little more, and his lips almost touch mine. He waits silently, as if asking one last time for my permission.

I can’t wait any longer. I push up on my toes and connect our lips, the soft feeling of his lips causing me to pull him in closer. The sparks and hotness that erupts from our connection cause my to moan quietly, this amazing feeling making me push him back into the counter behind him.

Cole doesn’t let me take over for long. He turns us around and lifts me up onto the counter, his hands spreading my knees open and his body stepping between them. His fingers make their way into my hair, and I do the same with his hair.

When it becomes hard to breathe, I slowly start to pull away, the contact lost, and my eyes flutter open. Cole’s eyes are already watching mine. I blush under his lustful gaze.

“I love a feisty wolf Sweetheart,” he whispers into the air between us, making my breathing pick up and my lips to part slightly.

“And I love a guy who’s great in the kitcken,” I say back, pushing him to the stove, the pan long forgotten. He chuckles softly before turning and sorting out the pancakes onto a plate, drizzling syrup on top. As I watch him get Back to cooking, my fingers gently touch my lips. They feel swollen and tingly.

“Here you go Sweetheart. Enjoy,” he says, and I take a bite, the fluffiness and sweetness bursting on my tastebuds, making me moan in delight. He steps between my legs again, and grabs his own plate.

“I see you like them, my love,” he jokes, and I nod my head, my mouth stuffed to the brim. He laughs before digging in as well, his plump, pink lips covered in maple syrup. Before I can think of something else, I swallow and kiss his lips, swiping my tongue over them, getting all the syrup off, before leaning back and continuing with my food.

“What was that?” He asks, a smirk evident in his tone. I shrug, not wanting to look at him, my cheeks blazing in embarrassment. When I don’t reply, he kisses a trail to my ear, before whispering”That was hot Sweetheart.”

I shiver and devour the rest of my food, pushing him out from between my legs and I jump off the counter, walking to the sink and washing my hands. I turn and take in a deep breath.

“Cole, can we go to my moms house today? I want to get this over and done with.”

His playful demeanour is quickly replaced by a scowl, and I see what’s coming, so I jump in before he has a chance to object. “I know you don’t want to do this Cole, but I’m not taking no for an answer, and the sooner we do this, the sooner we can forget about it.”

His eyes are still cold and narrowed, but I can tell he knows I’m right, so when he nods his consent slowly, I jump up and lean forward to kiss his cheek, his dark stubble grazing my lips, making me shiver.

“I’m going to change, okay Coco?”

“What the hell is Coco?” He asked, his eyebrows drawn together in pure confusion. I blush slightly, not really ready to explain my embarrassing endeavour for a nickname for him.

“Well...I wanted a nickname for you...and I couldn’t come up with anything better...” I give up, looking down at the floor, feeling my cheeks redden as every second goes by.

“Sweetheart, no matter how desperate you are for a nickname for me, don’t ever call me that. It sounds,” he says, his nose scrunched in disgust. I can’t help but think his expression is adorable.

“But it’s a nickname for a dog, and since you are kinda one-”

“I’m going to try my best to pretend I didn’t hear that,” he growls out, his tone halfway between playful and serious. “I suggest you take your sexy ass upstairs and change, before I make you stay indoors all day for that comment. Don’t ever call me that or there will be consequences.”

I nod my head and run upstairs to change, slamming the bedroom door closed behind me. I look through my clothes for a minute and decide on a cream coloured crop top with black yoga pants. I slip on a pair of knee high brown boots and a rose gold necklace.

I leave the room, and walk over to the lounge room, sitting on the sofa, waiting for Cole to change so we can go. I can feel the nerves slowly devouring my stomach, making my stomach hurt. I don’t want to see my mother, but if I want to know for sure about what I really am, than this is the only way. Call it closure if you wish.

I hear the bedroom door opening again, signalling that Cole’s done and that we’re leaving now. I stand up, brushing my hands down my legs to get rid of the sweat on my palms. I turn around, and I freeze as Cole comes into view. Damn, I think, how does this guy get hotter every day? It should be a sin to be this hot.

His long legs are covered by black skinny jeans, and his feet are clad in black and white sport shoes. As my eyes rise, I can feel his taking me in as well. He’s wearing a red muscle tee over his muscled, tan chest , and hanging around his neck is a dog tag.

I walk over to him to see the design closer, and he waits for me, letting me play with it, turning it around and around between my fingers. There is a white wolf howling to the moon on the back, and I smile. Up close, I can smell his delicious scent, wood and lemon, and it clouds my thoughts.

“Do you like it Sweetheart?” He asks, nodding to the tag I’m still fiddling with.

I nod. “You seem very connected with your wolf. I like that.” Cole kisses my cheek and leads me out the door and to his car.

His car is a black SUV, fit to drive through the surrounding woods. The outside is a bit dusty, but inside is as clean as it can be. He opens my door for me, before going around to his side and starting the car.

We back out of the driveway, his arm wrapped around my seat, his head turned to see out the back window. Up this close, I can see the light splatter of freckles, and a small cut he’s got running down the side of his face, close to his ear. His lips are pursed in concentration, and I can’t help from kissing them lightly. His surprise is evident in his eyes.

“Sweetheart, unless you want to get into a crash, you should refrain from kissing me when I’m driving. I can’t think straight when you do that,” he says, his voice filled with lust and want. I nod, laughing lightly at the thought.

We drive for about half an hour before reaching the familiar neighbourhood I grew up in.

“The guards are already there, but they haven’t gone up to the house yet. They’re close enough to tell that she’s still home though,” he says, looking over at me, probably sensing how nervous I am. “Hey, it’s okay, love. She won’t be able to hurt you. I won’t let her. And the guards are coming in with us. They will make sure she doesn’t come near you,” he explains, reaching over to squeeze my hand in reassurance. This information somewhat calms me down.

“Cole, who’s looking after the pack if you’re out here?” I ask, just remembering that we had left the pack without a leader.

“I’ve left Ryder in charge until I return. He is my Beta, which means that he is in charge when the Alpha and Luna aren’t able to lead. If it’s just the Alpha who can’t lead, then the Luna takes his role for that time,” he replies, his eyes trained on the road in front of us, his long fingers drumming on the steering wheel while he drives.

I nod my head and watch the scenery to pass time.

We pull into the driveway, and I see that there is another car parked in the driveway, showing that Simon is home as well. Oh god, Simon. I haven’t told Cole about Simon yet. But now there’s no time. I can tell that shit will go down in that house today if Simon brings up anything he did to me. I know that what Simon did to me was horrible, but I don’t want to watch Cole kill him.

We step out of the car, and I can see the pack warriors walking over, all dressed in black, with a black leather jacket. I spot two female wolves, and they make their way over to me, bowing there heads in submission.

“Luna, we’ll make sure nobody hurts you in here,” they say, and I nod gratefully. I can see the respect they have and I look to Cole, who is standing in front of the group of buff men. A tall, young looking warrior catches my eye, and he nods his head in respect, before looking back at Cole, listening carefully to his instructions.

“Don’t you guys have to go listen as well?” I ask the girls, but they shake their heads.

“No Luna, Alpha already told us that our only job is to make sure nobody in that house comes close to you.”

I nod my head, and ask them shyly what their names are. The one on the right is named Tempest. She’s got short blonde hair, which curls around her pierced ears. Her green eyes blaze with something I can’t decipher, until I look back at the guys, where she’s looking, and I see the same guy as before, staring back at her. I realise that he must be her mate.

The other girl is named Ebony, her name suiting her hair, which she’s wearing in a loose ponytail. Her brown eyes are warm, making me feel instantly comfortable with her.

Cole calls us over, and he wraps his arm around my waist, looking at all the warriors in front of us. I do a quick count, and there’s ten all together.

We walk to the door, Cole presses the button next to the door, making a chiming noise come from the other side. We hear a patter of light footsteps, and the door swings open. When my mother sees the group of people on the porch, she looks baffled, before she catches sight of me, her lips curling into a sneer, before she tries to slam the door in our faces. But a pack member steps forward and wedges his foot into the gap, shoving the door open, making my mother stumble back from the force.

Five of the men come in with Cole, Tempest, Ebony and I, and the rest stand around the front door, ready for Cole to give them a signal. Two of the guys grab my mother and shove her into the armchair, standing on either side of her. The rest surround the living room, and the girls stand on either side of me.

“Hello Synthia. I don’t think we’ve met,” says Cole, his voice gone to the full extent of its Alpha command. “My name is Cole Winston, son of the late Grace and Lincoln Winston. Alpha of the Silver Creek Pack.”

My mother looks like she’s about to faint, and I would’ve felt sorry for her, if I had actually cared for her in the first place. She looks over at me quickly, before looking up at the towering figure of Cole’s.

“’s a pleasure meet you Alph..Alpha Winston,” she says, trying to keep the fear and worry out of her voice.

“Yes, I’m sure the pleasure is all yours. Now, do you have any idea why I might be here,” he gestures around the room,“with your daughter?” He asks, nodding his head in my direction, looping his thumbs through his front two belt loops, rocking on his heels, waiting for her answer.

“I..I don’t know Alpha Winston,” she whispers, sensing, like all of us, Cole’s impatience.

“Well, before we proceed,“he suddenly raises his deep, commanding voice,“I WOULD LIKE WHOEVER IS UPSTAIRS TO COME DOWN HERE NOW!”

We wait for a minute, but nothing happens. Cole sighs, and nods to two of the guys outside to go upstairs. Their heavy footsteps pound the staircase as they jog up, and we hear a bit of shuffling, and down they come, throwing Simon down the stairs before them. The guys quickly push him onto the chair besides my mother, and Cole is frowning, probably wondering who he is.

“So, who might you be?” He asks, his voice not giving away his confusion.

Simon looks up and fear is evident on his disgusting face. “S..Simon, Alpha. Simon Gold.”

“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR NAME! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!” Cole’s sudden shout makes all of us jump. His canines are out, and I can tell Damien is out. Simons face is priceless. But there isn’t surprise. That makes me confused.

I realise that I need to go calm Cole down, before he rips their heads off. I walk slowly to him, wrapping my arm around his bicep, pulling him a few feet backwards.

He looks over at me, and his eyes and teeth go back to normal. He shoots me a grateful look, before wiping it off and looking back at Simon.

But Simon isn’t looking at him anymore. He’s looking at me, a smirk spreading his disgusting lips wider.

“Ahh lil’ Jade. So you’ve found your mate? Congratulations!” His tone is mocking, and I know exactly what he’s going to do next.

“MATE?! What are you talking about?!” My mothers frantic voice breaks him off, and we all look at her, her eyes flickering between Cole and me.

“Oh yes! I forgot to say, Mrs Summers. This is my mate, Jade Summers,” he replies, a smirk evident in his tone, and I nearly smile at how shocked my mother is at this piece of news.

“Yes, mother. Cole is my mate. I found him the night you threw me out. And so far, it’s been the best night of my life. It was the day I finally became free of you,” I growl in disgust and anger. Cole wraps his arm around my waist and packs my cheek lightly. My mother chokes at the sight.

Simon just laughs. I shiver when he decides to speak. I know that the fight I was dreading, is coming now. All because Simon couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut.

“Oh Alpha. Her lips taste devine, don’t they? I should know, I speak from experience,” he laughs, as if he’s sharing a joke with an old pal.

Cole freezes, his face halfway between anger and confusion.

“What are you talking about?” He growls out, stepping closer, bending down to look him in the eye. But this doesn’t faze Simon, who grins up at him, showing off his foul, yellow teeth.

“Well, she didn’t tell you? Oh, I guess I will then. You see, your mate isn’t as pure as you’d hope. She’s given me her first for everythin’. I had her first kiss, and, well, I was the one who took her virginity.”

He stops, looking at me. He smirks, looking me up and down, licking his lips.

“I raped her. Every single day.”

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